Ghostface Killah – Fishscale

Ghostface Killah - FishscaleAfter the intro the first song is a tune and a half which is named “Shakey Dog” UK Producer Lewis Parker creates a beat from voice sampling and dominant horns as Ghost paints a picture of a robbery. A very good way to begin the album and continues with “Kilo” where the production is very minimal to be generous with just funky guitars, again vocal sampling and outburst of horns. Though as the album progresses a lot of the beats are like this. Maybe Ghost wanted it to have a vibe of the boom bap sound. “R.A.G.U”’s Delfonic sampling from legend Pete Rock sort of reminds me of classic Wu. J dilla creates both brilliant simple beats with the bass heavy “Whip me with a strap” where Ghostface describes his mum raising him. Even the posse cut “Dogs of war” made by Pete rock works. Most of them work but two dont as they come off boring. Both of them happen to be by MF Doom.“Clipse of Doom” even though I like the freaky sounding of it (sort of supervillain sounding) but he should have flipped the beat a bit more, and“Jellyfish” the organ, even though these sound different from what’s on the market in this day and age, you can’t help but to hit the skip button.

Saying all of that not all the beats are simplistic as some of them are some of the most complicated beats I ever heard for a hip hop album. MF Doom creates the album banger with “9 Milli Bro’s”featuring the whole Wu Tang Clan! When I first heard this beat on the Nastradoomus album I loved it and even more now the greatest group lay their vocals on it. Another favourite of mine also by MF Doom is “Underwater”. MF Doom creates a beat which first gives you the atmosphere of someone searching underwater while Ghost creative as possible talks about an underwater adventure. Just Blaze’s“The Champ”also shows more complicated producing. With pianos, horns and more Ghost brags he is the champ with his lyrics and for once it is a worthy title match.

This album is great and different from most mainstream hip-hop with singles like “Be Easy” and “Back like that”.Ghost is still lyrically gifted with flows and personality. For this reason this album gets a 4/5

Recommendation: Buy this album

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