Class of 3000 – Music Volume One

Class of 3000 - Music Volume One1. Class Of 3000 Theme Song (Sunny Bridges, Philly Phil, Kim, Kam, Madison, Li’l D, Eddie and Tamika)

This is really different, as there’s really no rapping, and it’s mostly just a short introduction to the show. I like it, and Andre 3000 produces a really nice, jazz-heavy beat. This whole album is about Andre’s production and the originality of the characters. I dug this, actually, and you have to listen to it in a different context, since this isn’t geared for the gangsta rap lovin’, mixtape listening fans. Good.

2. Life Without Music (Sunny Bridges, Philly Phil Kim, Kam, Madison, Li’l D, Eddie and Tamika)

Andre 3000 produces a very nice, piano beat. This is pretty much the characters talking about how shallow life would be without music. Andre does some singing, and the choir kicks in. Well, this was different, and I actually liked it, oddly enough. Nice humor. Good.

3. Throwdown (Sunny Bridges, Philly Phil, Kim, Kam, Madison, Li’l D, Eddie and Tamika)

Andre’s production is all over the place here, and it just doesn’t sound good, at all. Andre does some singing here, and it just can’t save this really sloppy beat. Yeah, this wasn’t very good, and it’s a shame, since there was some nice effort put into the singing. Wack.

4. Oh Peanut (Sunny Bridges, Eddie, Li’l D, and Madison)

Nice bouncy beat, very clap-happy and it transitions into a really nice jazz-heavy tone. Yeah, this sounds pretty good, with the horns. The singing is pretty simple, and it’s mostly “Oh, Peanut, we love you, baby!” Some of the characters rap about how useful the peanut is, and I like the originality of it all. This is definitely different, and it works. It’s not just different for the sake of being different; it actually has a message, and as simple as it is, it works. Good.

5. We Want Your Soul (Li’l D)

Dark beat, very organ heavy. Andre raps about how people would do whatever to get famous, even if it means selling your soul. The piano kicks in, and it makes the track sound really good. I liked this. Good.

6. Banana Zoo (Sunny Bridges, Philly Phil, Kim, Kam, Madison, Li’l D, Eddie and Tamika)

Bouncy piano beat, and it sounds really good. A nice, party-type track with nice singing, and the characters talking about a funky gorilla. No, I’m not making this up, and it’s actually good because it’s so original. Good stuff. Good.

7. A Richer Shade Of Blue (Sunny Bridges, Li’l D, and Eddie)

Jazz-heavy type track, with a message about how even rich people can have the blues. Definitely something different, with the characters talking about their cultures. Andre was trying for something original, and he definitely scored it here. Good.

8. Fight The Blob (Sunny Bridges)

Very horn-heavy type track, and the message is about fighting a blob with music. Andre does a shot, simple-style rap, and it works. Good track, actually. Good.

9. UFO Ninja (Sunny Bridges and Li’l D)

I’m convinced that Andre is a huge Digital Underground fan, because this sounds like something they’d make, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. This beat is definitely odd, and I can’t really describe it, maybe a drum-heavy Asian-style beat. There’s some odd singing, and that’s about it. I liked this. Good.

10. Kim Kam Jam (Kim and Kam)

Pretty nice, bouncy piano beat. That’s pretty much the whole song, with the characters talking. This worked, and listening to a good-sounding piano jam is always fun. Good.

11. Luna Love (Professor Luna, Sunny Bridges and Madison)

Latin-style beat, with some comedy mixed in. Nice, catchy singing, and with Andre, you can always count on that. This was catchy. Good.

12. The Crayon Song (Sunny Bridges)

Disco-style beat, and it’s really fun sounding. Andre does a really good job singing and making this track nothing but fun. Rap fans can be stuck up, and that’s a shame, since this whole album is about having fun, especially this track. Really nice stuff from Andre, and probably the best track on the album. Good.

13. My Mentor

Nice jazz track. Nothing but nice sounding horns, and a nice sounding piano. The whole track consists of this, and that, of course, is great. No lyrics, just great music. Good.

14. Cool Kitty (Sunny Bridges, Tamika, Mackenzie and Kaylie)

Nice, 50’s-style, beach beat. The characters talk about being cool, and this is something different, and while I’m not really into it, I think others would dig it. To me, this is a nice beat, mixed in with semi-annoying characters. Average.

All in all, I’m going to give this a “Good” rating. Andre 3000 definitely tried to do something different, and it worked. This is pretty much a kid’s album, but adults would dig it, too. It’s pretty much a jazz track, mixed in with some fun characters from the show “Class Of 3000.” I’d give it a listen if I were you, because there are some really nice tracks.

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