Chamillionaire – Mixtape Messiah 3

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 3In the wake of his sophomore album (“Ultimate Victory”), Chamillionaire has decided to release the third installment in his popular mixtape series for free.The mixtape boasts 22 tracks, featuring Chamillionaire rapping over a number of new instrumentals, while addressing haters and those doubting him.


1.) Get Ya Burners Out

This opening track is an undeniable banger in every aspect. Over a very dark instrumental, Chamillionaire croons the hook, and even has some choice words for 50 Cent (who has recently quoted in saying that Chamillionaire doesn’t sell records). Great track, featuring Cham aggressively rapping, while calmly performing the hook.

2.) Money Already Made

Speaking of 50 Cent, Chamillionaire cleverly takes his new single “I Get Money” and flips it to “Money Already Made”. While many rappers are finding themselves on remixes of this track (Cassidy, etc.), it’s clear that Chamillionaire pulls it off best. An impecable flow, complimented by Cham’s punchlines (“Earing as bright as the top of a yellow candle/Try to grab that, you get hit with the metal handle”). Great song.

3.) Get On My Level

Once again, Chamillionaire’s ability to take your favorite song, and make it that much better, is painfully obvious. Fabolous’s “Make Me Better” gets the treatment here, as Cham works the beat, telling haters to ‘get on his level.’ Slabs, candy paint, and money are the main theme here, making for another good track, with Cham showcasing his ability to shine.

4.) Living Good

A more uptempo track, Chamillionaire addresses the doubters with a series of punchlines (“Shouldn’t want to hate on me, you could trust you don’t want that/Cause I used to the punch clock, now I just punch cats”), making for another good track. Although the hook is simple, Cham’s delivery once again is as hard as ever.

5.) It’s Just Pain

After the previous track, Cham mellows out and reworks the “Renegade” beat, crafting a deep track; possibly fit for one of his albums. Although the track clocks in at just over two and a half minutes, Chamillionaire’s delivery is once again flawless, making for one of the album’s best songs.

6.) The Call

This “song” features Chamillionaire literally calling God, letting him know all the drama that comes with rap game. It ends with God hanging up on him, and Cham back on the grind.

7.) Nothin But Lies

Kanye West’s new single is the next instrumental to be destroyed by Chamillionaire. Punchlines and clever lines are once again present (“If I lost 10 million, I’d shrivel into a baller”), and the hook is once again written very well, with Cham remixing the song better than the original.

8.) Ima Playa Fasho

My personal favorite on the album (mixtape), this song features Chamillionaire spittin’ over UGK’s “International Players Anthem”. Cham starts off the track paying homage to Outkast’s ‘Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik”, complete with a very strong hook. His hookwriting skills haven’t faultered at all, with this track being the prime example. Definatley a great track, and proves why Chamillionaire should be mentioned in top 5 in the game (currently).

9.) Roy Woods Jr. (Skit)

Pointless skit (mixape filler) clocking in at a staggering 2 minutes. Skip it.

10.) Failures Not An Option

T.I.’s “Big Shit Poppin” gets the work here, with Chamillionaire cleverly reworking the hook. His flow is once again on point, as he discusses the hustle that got him to the top in the first place. Although the song is fairly short, it is a mixtape track, and should be looked at as just that. Good song.

11.) Got A Lot Of Options

Next up is Trick Daddy’s “Tuck Ya Ice”, and Chamillionaire once again provides another great remake. This track features Cham briefly abandoning his aggressive flow, to croon the beat with his Houston swag. While not the most noticable track on the album, this is a cut above anything released this year. The hook is also performed exceptionally well here.

12.) See It In My Eyes

This track is Houston all the way through. Over sluggish, southern production, Chamillionaire’s punchlines are in top form (“I drop a mixtape and they party like it’s they b-day/They disc jockin, so Ima call ’em DJ’s”). Great track for the southern heads, featuring another great hook, and old school sample blended perfectly with the beat.

13.) Don’t Hurt Em Hammer

A multilayered chorus is provided, as Cham expresses his problems with the rap game. Over a bouncing instrumental, Cham creatively describes his love for hip hop, but how most are trying to exploit and make a quick buck off it. Hip hop in it’s purest form.

14.) Roy Woods Jr. (Skit)

Another skit revolving around this guy wanting his “Hammer’s Greatest Hits” CD. Skip it.

15.) It’s On

Chances are if you’re up to date with hip hop, you’ll recognize this beat. “Wipe Me Down” gets the Chamillionaire treatment (here remade as “It’s On”) and doesn’t dissapoint in the least. If you originally hated this track because of Lil Boosie, you’ll love it now. Chamillionaire’s flow is impecable, and his punchlines are on point. Not dissapointing in the least, with Chamillionaire continuing to prove why he deserves to be mentioned with the best.

16.) You A Dummy

To give Lil Wayne a run for his money is one thing; but outrapping him on his own beat is another. Chamillionaire does just that, and with ease. Detailing how he went from rags to riches, Cham uses this track to shout out everybody he’s cool with, and his sudden rise to the top. Yet another great song, with Chamillionaire’s hook writing skills shining again.

17.) Chamillionaire Speaks

Continuing from the last song, Chamillionaire takes the time to shoutout all the haters that doubted him in the past. Nothing but an interlude, although it’s entertaining.

18.) Mo Scrilla

Young Jeezy’s “Go Getta” is the instrumental provided, and while Cham shines throughout the song; it’s one song that doesn’t stand out. The hook is great, but Lil Wayne’s remake is clearly better. Only listen if you can’t get enough of Chamillionaire’s crooning.

19.) The Crowd Goes Wild

Great track from start to finish. Polishing up David Banner’s “9mm”, Cham cleverly flips the whole concept of the original, and dedicates this one to his recent success, and how everybody wants to or should want to, get a feature from the best rapper in the game – Chamillionaire.

20.) Makes Me Stronger

This instrumental is a tough one. Kanye West’s “Stronger” features an odd choice for a sample, but works it perfectly. Chamillionaire, fortunatley for his audience, does too (if not better). Showing that no one beat is too ‘out there’ for him to use, Cham keeps the hook simple, and gives his listeners something to think about (“If hip hop is dead, then I say…/That I escaped Deathrow like I’m Dre”). Great track, and will suprise most.

21.) Chamillionaire Speaks

Picking up from the last album, Chamillionaire drops some more knowledge, re-assuring critics that Houston’s reign is nowhere close to being over. Good interlude.

22.) Rain feat. Famous

The only song featuring a guest rapper, this track is possibly the only dissapointment on the mixtape. Chamillionaire flawlessy provides the hook, but Famous is nothing special on the mic.

So, before Chamillionaire drops “Ultimate Victory”, he shows his dedication to his fans by dropping this summer gem to keep them content for the next two months. Unfortunately, also, for the state of hip hop, this release is (questionably) the best mixtape release of 2007. Keeping it simple, and staying true to your roots, have catapaulted Chamillionaire into the spotlight; and rightfully so. Hopefully “Ultimate Victory” will live up to the high expectations this mixtape has set.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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