Xzibit – Restless

Xzibit - RestlessFront 2 Back – The first song was produced by the Rocwilder, and damn it’s a great start to the album. The beat is relatively fast and heavy, but guaranteed to get you hooked into the album. Xzibit comes off great in this track. If they would have paid slightly more attention to the chorus this song might have been nothing short of perfect. 9/10

Been A Long Time – Battle Cat produced this, I was hoping it would come out a bit faster than this to keep the momentum rolling from the song before it. Instead you have a somewhat slow beat that Xzibit doesn’t seem able to fully flow to. Don’t get me wrong, the beat is still great. Nate Dogg simply rips it with his vocals in the chorus and is the highlight of the song. 9/10

U Know – Finally, the first Dre produced track of the album, and damn you can’t ask for any more. The beat is mainly a piano along with drums on a nice somewhat fast beat. Xzibit is decent on this track and then, surprisingly, Dre drops an amazing verse in the end. The chorus should have been different though, it simply didn’t follow the flow of the beat or verses. 8/10

X – Another Dre beat, you should know this song. Xzibit’s flow in this song is nothing short of perfect. This song is basically an introduction to anyone that doesn’t know X. Snoop’s speech in the end was unnecessary but doesn’t harm the song in any way. 10/10

Alkaholik – I don’t know what to say about this track, all my friends claim it’s the best on the album, but I don’t really find it that great. The song is produced by Erick Sermon who is also featured along with J-Ro and Tash. Xzibit has a good verse to start it off, Erick wasn’t all that great and neither was J-Ro, however Tash was decent. The chorus is sort of addictive and simple. 6/10

Kenny Parker Show 2001 – Xzibit attempted a bit of production with this track. It’s a good remake of the Kenny Parker Show. The beat is nice and addictive. Xzibit’s flow over it is great and he seems very full of himself, “Yo it’s me, down with D-R-E, X to tha Z rocks any party”. KRS One has occasional shout outs in the song. 8/10

D.N.A. (Drugs-N-Alkahol) – The first real appearance of Big Snoop Dogg on the album. The beat is pretty good and produced by Rick Rock. Xzibit’s verse in the beginning is nice and on a medium speed. After a chorus which was actually a bit annoying, Snoop drops a verse with a really sweet flow like only he does. 8.5/10

Double Time – Produced by Erick Sermon, and I really wasn’t feelin this song. Both the beat and the verses got very repetitive and annoying. Further more, the chorus was too simple and repeating the same thing for too long. This song could have been left out of the album. 4/10

Don’t Approach Me – This song was produced by Eminem, and you can see that he learnt from Dre. The beat for this song is very simple, but seems to be very filling and perfect for the sound of both Xzibit and Eminem. The chorus is also amazing. 10/10

Rims & Tirez – Soopafly produced this, and unlike his normal production, this sucks. The chorus was just lame and completely not of the quality of this album. All the verses sounded slow and forced rather than following the beat which is probably impossible on the beat. Another disappointment was Kokane’s chorus, usually he sounds unique on each song with his odd voice in a good way, but not here. 3/10

*****in’ You Right – Well, its Xzibit, what can you expect? A song saying “I’m just *****in all these hoes to get experience to know how to ***** you in the best way possible honey, I swear”. Once again the beat is produced by Soopafly and this time he didn’t screw it up. Xzibit has a fast flow in this song and the chorus is just bangin. 8/10

Best Of Things – The third Dre produced beat of the album, and possibly one of the best. Xzibit’s flow is medium in this song, but drops some amazing verses. The chorus is Xzibit experimenting with his voice attempting to somewhat sing with a soft voice that did not turn out that great, but was still nice over this beat. My favorite track on the album.10/10

Get Your Walk On – Produced by Mel-Man and Battle Cat, and damn its great. The song starts off right away with a fast beat and Xzibit drops fast verses but seems to stop for a second between each line or something like that. The past two songs have been simply amazing. 10/10

Sorry I’m Away So Much – The only DJ Quik produced track for the album, and that’s a shame. This song is great, Xzibit seems able to flow over the beat without any problem, too bad that Quik didn’t make more beats for this album. Suga Free also drops a real tight verse. 9/10

Loud & Clear – A perfect way to end the album. This Battle Cat production has a dark feeling to it. Once again Xzibit starts instantly rapping with the beat and drops another great verse. Everybody has good drops on this song and the chorus is simply perfect. A real good way to finish off the album. 10/10


Overall the album is consistent with the exception of two or three songs. I’d recommend you get this album, another great mark of Xzibit’s career. Overall this gets a 8/10 or 4 out of 5.

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