Willmatic – Sneak Preview

Willmatic - Sneak PreviewBorned in Bronx, NY, Willmatic chose to move to Cali back in 93 to pursue his goal to be a major rap act. Willmatic have been working with some big names in the industry, such as Ice T and the Syndicate crew, Trekan the Governer, Body Snatchas, The Silent Ones and he is now an active member of The Last Kind. Willmatic’s journey in Hip Hop has led him to perform in many locations across the United States as well as overseas in Korea and Japan. His Recent efforts in Hip Hop music has lead him to solo project called ”Sneak Preview” – an EP with six songs. I think it’ll be interesting to hear how influenced a NY rapper moving to LA will be from the both styles. Mega Lawce produced all tracks.


1. Intro

The intro seems to be taken from an interview. Willmatic’s talking about how he like the old late 80’s hiphop and how it’s inspiring him.

2. Surround surveillance

The album starts of with a nice, east coast inspired beat with Willmatic rapping about how you need to keep everyone and everything under surveillance since people and situations change. I really like Will’s flow on this one and he’s clearly outshining the beats even tho they’re nice too.

3. Boogie nights

Boogie nights is probably meant to be a party track considering the lyrics, but I wouldn’t say it’s a club banger. I’d say it’s more of a slow jam. Don’t get me wrong tho, I like the track. I’d rather bump it at home chilling than in the club tho. Willmatic’s once again lacing out real tight lyrics.

4. U and I

“U and I” is a love song. It’s very smooth and I’m definitely feeling it. The hook’s real catchy and Willmatic’s doing his thing over the tight beat. This is my favourite track so far.

5. Certifited assassins feat. Blackout & Doctor Hu

“Certifited assassins” is the only track with guests on it. Blackout and Doctor Hu are both doing nice verses that fits in with the style of the album perfectly. WIllmatic is once again spitting nice, battle-like, lyrics on the very tight east coast influenced beat.

6. Tru story (Ave)

The album’s finishing off with a track about things that has happened in Willmatic’s life. The beat’s real dark and that represent the things Will’s talking about well. I’d also say that this is the only West Coast influenced production. Very tight track.


“Sneak Preview” is a real tight album, but considering it only has 5 tracks the name itself speak for itself. This is a Sneak Preview of what we can expect from Willmatic in the future. I’m looking forward to hearing a full length album from him, but until that’s released this album will server as proof of what Willmatic can do on the mic – drop heat. I grade this album 3 out of 5. If it had 15 tracks with the same quality as these 5, I’d rate it higher.

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