Ugly Duckling – Fresh Mode

Ugly Duckling - Fresh Mode1. Fresh Mode

Great way to start off this EP. Young Einstein produces a really good beat, very sample heavy with a lot of scratches. Andy C & Dizzie Dustin to the rapping and they do a great job. Andy C is a guy who I can relate to, the guy raps about stuff he knows about and doesn’t rap about redundant subjects. Just a great track to bump. DOPE!

2. Now Who’s Laughin’

Great beat by Young Einstein, nice bouncy piano vibe to it(With heavy scratches). Dizzie & Andy trade some verses and again they rip the track, the thing about Ugly Duckling is that they have fun when they rap and don’t try to impress the masses with idiotic punchlines and over crowded guests. This track is good stuff. Good

3. Get On This

Great relaxing beat by Einstein, this is a slower track and this is where Ugly Duckling shines. Dizzie starts it off with a great verse about the trials and tribulations of being in a group. Andy with the next verse with a great verse, man these guys are overlooked, they are damn near flawless on the mic and make some great music. I like the chorus as it’s heavy on the scratching. Some more goodness from the UD crew. DOPE!

4. Einstein’s Takin’ Off

This is where Einstein shines, this is a track about his production and his scratching. The beat is really good, sounds like an old school 70’s sitcom. Dizzie & Andy rap about Einstein and how great he is. One of my favorite tracks on the EP. DOPE!

5. Everybody C’Mon

This track sounds like something J5 would rap over. Really good beat here by Einstein, has a dope organ thrown in there. Dizzie & Andy show some great chemistry together. Just a fun track you can play at a party. Good

6. Do You Know What I’m Sayin’

Great piano beat here, nice drums as well. Andy shines on this track. Man these guys are really good, they just flow over the beat naturally, nothing is forced here. Another classic UD track. DOPE!

7. Everything’s Alright

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!!! I love the beat here, it’s a mixture of relaxation and darkness, just a really well done track. Dizzie raps about the trials of the world and how the end of the world is almost here and that he’s prepared. I love the chorus, just sampling goodness. Andy has the second verse and outshines Dustin, I like how Andy twists up the Nas line(On Live From The BBQ). I also like how Andy shows no shame praising Jesus. Dizzie & Andy trade some verses here and there for the third portion. You have to hear this track, probably one of my favorite Hip Hop songs. DOPE!

8. We’re Here

Nice bass heavy beat, has a funkish feel to it. Dustin has a mindblowingly great first verse. These guys are like The Beastie Boys but a lot cleaner….not that that’s a bad thing, in fact I applaud them for not cursing in their rhymes. Andy C does a great job on this track as well. Great way to end the track. Good


All in all I’m going to give this a DOPE! rating. Probably the best EP I have ever heard(Hip Hop wise). This was a really well done EP and should be heard by everyone. BUY IT!!!!