Ubnawkshis – The Tour Of Johnny Taurus

Ubnawkshis - The Tour Of Johnny Taurus1. The Tour Of Johnny Taurus

Deadbeatz produces a really great beat, it’s bouncy and has an eerie feel, I can’t really describe it, it’s very different but really good. Obnoxus raps well over this track, Ubnawkshis are a great group from Las Vegas, I consider them the “Pink Floyd Of Rap”, because they have a different sound, a very smart technical sound. The chorus consists of rough abrasive sounds and great singing. Obnoxus uses various multi’s and just rips the track. Great track. DOPE!

2. Crak The Kurtinz

Great beat by Brother Ben, has a folkish sound to it, nice guitars used. I dig the singing here, it’s very different but maintains that great sound. Obnoxus has a very abrasive flow here, really matches the beat, nice Beatles line Obnoxus delivers. The chorus consists of singing the chorus, simple but very good. Another great track. DOPE!

3, Medissin

Deadbeatz produces a bouncy track, has a trippy feel to it. Obnoxus’ flow here is insane, has an ODB vibe to it, very dope sounding. Great track. DOPE!

4. It’z Cold And I’m Alone

I like this track titles, they are a lot better than “Thug Walkin” or something equally stupid. I like the British type sounding on this track and a great piano beat to it. Short track but really different and great at the same time. Good

5. Gumdrop Gill O Teen

Great piano beat by Brother Ben & Deadbeatz. I dig the British vibe here and it even has some dope Willy Wonka movie samples. Obnoxus really shines here, great track. DOPE!

6. Dat B Me

Deadbeatz produces a happy sounding beat, sounds really good and matches Obnoxus’ abrasive flow, man this is different but really good. I like the voice samples throughout the track. Peep this track, one of my favorites on this album. DOPE1

7. Turn The Page

Very dark beat by Deadbeatz, has an eerie feel to it. Obnoxus of course rips it here, man these guys need a big record deal, they are much better than a lot of these corny sounding idiots all over TV. This is real music here not that fake Casio crap. Dope track! DOPE!

8. Sheengol Shangol

Brother Ben produces a really good beat, mixes Hip Hop with old 70’s Rock Music, very dope sounding. This is my favorite track on the album. Obnoxus raps about his anger, very dope, he sounds really good over this beat. HEAR THIS TRACK! DOPE!

9. The Only Thing I Could Write

Brother Ben produces a really fast paced beat here, and Obnoxus rapid spits on this track, really good track that would easily get anyone hyped. DOPE!

10. Rize Again

Great beat by Deadbeatz & Tim Carthen, has a great Hendrix 70-ish guitar vibe to it. Great singing by Tim Carthen. Obnoxus slows down his flow here and he does a really good job. Great way to end the album.


All in all this gets a DOPE! rating. No hyperbole here, this album is really good! Ubnawkshis once again make a great album, there is a reason why they’re called the “Pink Floyd Of Rap”. Go to www.Ubnawkshis.com and GET THIS ALBUM NOW!