The Pack – Skateboards 2 Scrapers

The Pack - Skateboards 2 Scrapers1. Vans
This is different, and that’s not a bad thing at all. The beat is fingers snapping, with a drum added in the background. Simple, yet catchy. See, music doesn’t have to be complicated. The Pack rap about their love of Vans(The shoes), and honestly, this subject matter is something that needs to happen more. Nice starting track. Good.

2. I’m Shinin’
This is more of a party track, complete with bouncy beat. It’s catchy, but it’s a track that has a short shelf life. I honestly just don’t care for the chorus, and find it a bit annoying. Bad singing is one thing, but bad singing filled with cliche’s is a whole new level of annoying. Yea, this was just sort of there. Average.

3. Ride My Bike
If you can’t understand what this title means, then you must be naive. It’s catchy, with a nice whistle type beat, and a good pace. The Pack really don’t try to make the song meaning a secret. Good party track. Good.

4. Candy
The Pack take a page out of 2 Live Crew’s book here. Fast paced party track, that has sexual content. Nothing complicated, and a nice little homage to 2 Live Crew. Nothing terrible, but nothing really good. Average.

5. Oh Go
Bouncy beat, with some party vibes thrown in. Again, there is nothing complicated here, and it’s an unapologetic party track. That’s not really bad thing, because contrary to the popular belief, music needs these sort of tracks. I mean, would you play Anticon or Aesop Rock at a party? I didn’t think so. Good.

6. Freaky Bopper
Another bouncy beat here, but it has a sort of old school Atari feel to it, and that’s not a good thing. I mean, I appreciate that the Pack are basically saying “We do party music. That is what we do. You don’t like it? Then go listen to something else”, but at the same time, these tracks sort of get a little old after a while. This was pretty tedious, and not very good. Wack

7. Vans Remix(Feat Too Short & Mistah F.A.B.)
I like the beginning, and found it a nice dedication to Mac Dre. This is so much better than the original, because F.A.B. & Too Short get to add their own twist. Really fun track. Good

All in all I’m giving this a Good rating. Was it mind blowing? Absolutely not. Was it fun? Absolutely. You know, music can be fun, and doesn’t have to always have a deep message. The Pack are a group that just go all out in the fun mode, and make tracks that are suited for parties. If you don’t like that, then buy an Enya album, and shut up.