Tech N9ne – Vintage Tech

Tech N9ne - Vintage Tech1. Lost Lair Of B’zle


2. Monster

Wow, this is pretty good. Don Juan produces a pretty good horn sounding beat. Tech takes this semi standard beat and rips it to shreds. Tech is probably the most talented rapper out, but never gets his props. Mostly due to idiots who can’t comprehend a rapper rapping about various subjects and not the standard punchline rap that gets touted as great. Before this track even played, you had Tech describing this track and what it was going to be on. This track was going to be on the Oz soundtrack, but it never got put on there. I find it funny how they don’t put this track on the soundtrack but put Fiend & Magic’s awful track on there. Monster is really good. Good

3. S.H.E.(Seductive Human Erotica)

Not one of Tech’s best tracks. In fact, this is actually pretty average. Tech does a good job rapping and all, but man the beat is just annoying and all over the place. Tech raps about blowing money on strippers and the like. Man, that beat is just an atrocity. Average(For Tech’s work)

4. Save Yourself(Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

This is Krizz singing and it’s actually pretty good. it’s about a minute and basically a skit. I’m not rating this.

5. Now It’s On(Feat Lejo)

This is one of Tech’s best tracks. Great beat, great flows, great lyrics, and it’s paced perfectly. Lejo & Tech trade some short verses. Lejo is a rapper I need to listen to more, I’m always impressed when I listen to him rap. The chorus is really good and very simple. See, music doesn’t have to be complicated. If you haven’t heard this, then you need to. DOPE!

6. Be Jealous

Another one of Tech’s best tracks. Great piano type beat mixed in with other styles. Tech really shines on this track and proves that he was(And still is actually) the most overlooked rapper out. Great chorus here, very simple and again very effective. It gets the point across. You don’t need to be “high” to understand the concept. It hits you right from the beginning. Again, if you haven’t heard this, then you need to. DOPE!

7. Red Necro

An old track as Tech says in the beginning. Really good track that is about racism. Tech does a great job storytelling here, one of Tech’s strong suits is his storytelling. Very descriptive and very emotional. Good track. Good

8. The Grench(Feat Boy Big & Big Krizz Kaliko)

This was on the Absolute Power DVD. I’m glad they put this on the cd as it’s really good. Nice synth kicks in during the beginning, but then it turns into a drum heavy beat. Good singing from both Krizz & Boy Big. Krizz is one of the most overlooked hook men out there. He hasn’t become tiresome like Nate Dogg has. Good track. Good

9. I’m A Playa(Remix)(Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

I actually like this better than the original. The beat is a more relaxed drum & bass heavy style with a nice synth kicking in during the chorus. Good stuff. Good

10. Trapped In A Psycho’s Body

This is the original version with the Donna Summer’s lyrics still in(They were backwards on the AP version). I really like this track a lot. Very original and shows Tech’s creative side. Great track. DOPE!

11. Freaky

I like this track. A really good track about all the ladies out there. Tech talks about going to a drive in show and all that stuff. Funny track with a catchy beat(By Don Juan). Good catchy track with humorous lyrics. Good

12. My Own Hell

Really good track that has Tech rap about all the politics he had to deal with and what he went though in the music business and what happened in his personal life. Really good personal track. Tech again shows his storytelling skills and paints a dark picture about his journey. Good track. Good

13. Victory

Very horn heavy beat. Really an upbeat bouncy type track. I’m glad this was also put on this album as it stood out among the other tracks on the Absolute Power DVD. Krizz Kaliko sings a great hook. Tech raps about touring and hitting people with powerful music. This is a track to play while you’re cruising around in your ride. Good

14. Mitchell Bade

(Feat Bakarii)-This is what started it all. This is the track that made me a Tech fan, so naturally I’m going to give this the highest rating possible. A classic track here with a great piano heavy beat by Don Juan. You need to hear this track. DOPE!

15. Strange

Laid back track to just chill to. QD3 produced the beat and Tech just rips it here. He flows really well over this beat and actually enhances the beat by using several different voice tones. The chorus has some girl singing on it and she does a good job. Great track. DOPE!

16. Snake Ya(Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

This was on the Beef Soundtrack and instead of cutting and pasting my review of the track, I’ll just re-review this. I really like the beat here, nice Arabian style to it. It’s a mix of a club song and a diss track. Good mixture here. Tech starts things off with a great verse. Krizz with the second verse and he shows that he can rap. Tech with the last verse and he just rips the track here with venemous lyrics. This track is a grower as it gets better with every listen. Good

17. Shocked(Feat Kutt Calhoun)

Another horn heavy track. I really like these kind of tracks because they fit Tech’s style perfectly. Tech rips the first verse to pieces. Tech uses multiple voice styles here. The chorus is really simple but it works. Kutt with the second verse and man he does a great job. Kutt is another overlooked rapper who needs to be heard. His B.L.E.V.E. album is really good and should be heard. Tech with the last verse and it’s really good. Great track. Good

18. Outro


All in all this track gets a Good rating. This was a great compilation of old tracks and unheard tracks. You really need to pick this up and listen to Tech grow as a rapper.

Tech N9ne – Anghellic

Tech N9ne - AnghellicTech N9ne is a recent favorite of mine. The man is strange and slightly twisted, his style is different and good, he raps fast, he’s sick in an Eminem type of way…he’s great. Tecca Nina is a favorite underground artist hailing from–gasp–Kansas City. One would think (and many have said), how can a good artist come from Kansas City? Well, listen and learn.


1) Devil Boy 

A hard snare laced with a piano, Tech spits on people calling him “the devil” with sick verses and a suitably haunting chorus; true to his style, it’s hellish and a little goofy at the same time, something like one of those Disney songs that are supposed to be ‘scary.’ Good way to open the album, sets the flavor perfect. (Great)

2) Hellevator 

A short interlude with a deep-voiced demon/satan welcoming us to hell.

3) Tormented

More demonic, Tech trades rhymes with a deep-voiced, chanting-style “demon” voice over a hard-beat track with violins. (Great)

4) Stamina

Very short; Tech spits AK bullets over a “beat” that sounds like a typewriter typing really fast. (Good)

5) Sinister Tech 

Tech spits another of his strange flows over a creeping piano beat. The beat is a bit sloppy and the high-pitched laugh in the background gets annoying, but it’s good if you like Tecca’s weirder stuff. (Poor)

6) Psycho Messages 

A skit about a psycho stalker ***** (like most of Alicia Silverstone’s movies) leaving messages on Tech’s machine. Leads into the next track.

7) Psycho *****

Over a high, actiony beat Tech rhymes good shit (some fast, some slow) about stalker *****es. (Great)

8) Real Killer 

Tech spits a story about having to kill his babies (abortion) over a creepin, piano-laced beat, with a chanting chorus. (Good)

9) Cursed 

Starts slow, Tech spits about his life on a low piano beat. After a few seconds the drum gets harder and the violin heavier and he starts rappin about sex and women. More strange, true to Tech. (Great)

10) Suicide Letters 

Tech gets a deep bass beat counterbalanced with a high string beat and rhymes some suicide letters he wrote for real, when he was deeply depressed, in rhyme form–and great lyrics at that. Deep shit. (Excellent)

11) Purgatory 

A short clip explaining purgatory.

12) It’s Alive 

YES! My favorite track on the album–favorite Tecca track period–Nina comes with real energy, alternating slow and fast flows over a great rock/rap piano beat. Spits about repping Kansas City. LOVIN this track; love the line “people makin jokes sayin we off to see the wizard/but me and dorothy and toto’s on yo ass when you visit.” (Excellent)

13) Einstein 

An old vampire movie-style organ with a cut clip of a man saying ‘Einstein’ make the beat interesting, and Tech spits well on it. (Great)

14) Breathe

Tech spits as fast as the tempo, with a great flow, on a quick, creepin-piano beat. (Excellent)

15) Who You Came to See 

Opposite of the last track, N9ne spits it slowish (about himself, of course). The beat is almost G-funk, the piano bouncier than usual, with better verses than usual. (Excellent)

16) Wake Up Call 

Tech wakes up to a phone call, supposed to get to the airport soon. A lot like the clip at the beginning of Biggie’s ‘Going Back to Cali.’

17) This Ring

A track about marriage & divorce, with a halloweenish disjointed string beat accompanied by a howling whistle. The verses are good, tho the beat seems a little overdone. Still, Nina’s great lyrics carry it. (Great)

18) God Complex 

Unfortunately, since I downloaded this album, I don’t have this track. And since I d/l’d it from a site on recommendation from someone on here, don’t yell at me! Yell at them!

19) F.T.I.

Also known as ***** the industry. Tech and 5 other MCs spit over a horn-laced beat, about how the industry sucks. The verses are tight; not on Tech’s level, but are up there. (Good)

20) Going Bad 

Tech on an emotional, whistly beat about..uh..going bad, losing his soul in the madness. He’s good as usual…I like the woman on the chorus. (Great)

21) Heaven 

Tech speaks on heaven, says he’s blessed.

22) Twisted

An oddly light track, I guess Tech wanted to end the album on a hopeful note, cuz that’s what the cut sounds like. Nina spits on how strange he is, and the lady in the chorus gives him reassurances. (Good)


My Rating: 4/5

Probably Tech’s best album to date. It’s surprisingly personal, and it definitely shows his skill and his eccentricities. At some points it almost seems like he’s trying too hard to do the creepy thing, as everyone expects, when it’s really not necessary (This Ring), but other times it’s definitely authentic (Suicide Letters). However it does see him rolling rapidly toward a classic album, polishing himself off.

My Recommendation: Get this if you’re a hardcore Tech N9ne fan, or you’ve heard him before and really like his style.