Redhead Steve – Red Rum

Redhead Steve - Red RumArtist: Red Head Steve
Title: Red Rum
Year Released: 2004


1. “RedRum” 

Just a short intro, tight beat, Redrum being repeated over & over N/R

2. “At Tha Door” 

Starts off with a little talking, Then Red Head Steve comes in spitting real fast with some tight ass flows, great beat gets your head moving, Red Head Steve does a tight hook, very tight overall great way to start off the album

3. “We Some Killaz” (feat. Lock N Load) 

Another tight beat, Red Head Steve starts off with some tight lyrics talking about killin, he spits pretty quick on this track, Red Head does the hook great hook, Red spits another tight verse and the hook, Lock N Load spits last and has a great flow he spits his verse fast, tight song overall

4. “On A Mission” (Remix) 

Red Head Steve’s comes with more of those sicc lyrics, great beat, Steve does the hook again and its perfect, good remix, great song overall

5. “Keep It Crackin” (feat. Half-Sane, T-Nutty) 

Starts off with T-Nutty talking, good beat, Red Head Steve spits first and another tight ass verse , Steve does the hook and its tight, Half-Sane is next to spit and he comes with a pretty good verse, T-Nutty spits last, he rips up this track, another tight song one of my favorite on this album

6. “Operation Getback” (Half-Sane, Young Vicious) 

Another tight beat, Red Head starts off with a tight hook, Half-Sane is first and has a great verse, Young Vicious is second and has a tight flow to, Red Head spits last another sicc flow spits with quickness again, good song overall

7. “Game Locked” 

Good Beat, Starts off with the hook by Steve again, Steve flows two tight verses another good track overall

8. “Smash Down” (feat. 151)

Track starts off with some talking by 151, tight ass beat, Red Head Steve starts off with a great verse, Steve does another tight hook, 151 is second to and has a tight ass verse I’m feeling it, Steve comes back for the third verse and its straight fire, this song gets me hyped TIGHT song overall one of my favorites

9. “Get Punked” (feat. Clockwork)

Clockwork starts off with the hook its pretty good, Steve spits first and he start flowing like crazy, Clockwork is next and has a nice verse, a good beat here, another solid track

10. “Til The Day I Die” (feat. Mo-X, Lil G)

Starts off with Steve talking about Seattle, an alright beat on this song, Steve starts off with another good verse, Steve does another good hook, Mo-X is next and has a alright verse not feeling it that much, Lil G is last to spit and has a pretty good verse, ends with the hook, good song overall

11. “Hard Times” (feat. Skuntdunanna)

Starts off with a little skit, ends with Steve killin some guy, good beat, Steve does the hook, another good hook, Steve is first and does a little slower flow, but still tight, he talks about hard times good verse, Skutduanna is next and has a decent verse, Steve does another verse and its tight again, probably would been a better solo track but its still tight

12. “Beyond Hurt” (feat. Young Bop, Half-Sane) 

Young Bop starts off with some talking, Red Head Steve starts it off with a tight verse, Steve does another tight hook, Young Bop is next and spits with the quickness a tight ass verse, Half-Sane spits third and has a good verse, Steve comes back with another tight verse I’m feeling it more than his first one, great beat, a tight song overall

13. “Killaz 4 Tha Payroll” (feat. Mak One, Greedy B.D., Half-Sane)

Starts with Steve doing the hook, Steve flows first with a tight verse, Mak One is next a has a decent verse, Greedy B.D. is next with a tight verse he comes with a different style, Half-Sane is last and has a good verse, good beat on this track, i’m feeling Red Head Steve the most on this track, another solid track

14. “Invincible Man” (feat. Half-Sane, H-Bomb) 

Tight beat on this one, Steve does the hook, Half-Sane is first to flow and has a good verse, Steve spits second and has a great verse, H-Bomb spits last and comes with a cool verse, another tight song

15. “In Tha Wind” 

Good beat, Starts out with a tight hook by Steve, Steve comes with some great lyrics on this track, he flows a little slower than usual, definetly another one of the best one on this album

16. “Unsaved Rats”

Starts off with a phone call, Steve comes in with some hard murderous lyrics, Steve does a good hook, a pretty good beat, a tight song overall

17. “True Blue Killaz” (feat. Prozax, Lock N Load) 

Starts off with some talking, Prozax has the first verse and comes and comes with some gangsta lyrics, Steve does the hook talking about true blue killaz, Lock N Load is next to and has a great gangsta verse, Steve is last and has a tight verse, tight laid back beat, tight song overall i’m feeling this one

18. “Ain’t No Tellin”

Start off with some lady doing the hook its pretty good, Steve comes hard on this track with a laid back style some sicc lyrics here, good beat, ends with some singing, another solid track to end this TIGHT ass album


Overall this is a tight ass album 18 tracks of straight fire, I was feeling every track on this album, Red Head Steve comes with some tight ass flows, he spits real fast on some of the songs, tight beats and features, if you don’t got this you need it simple as that don’t sleep on this album one of the BEST of 2004, you have to check this one out