Q-Unique – Vengeance Is Mine

Q-Unique - Vengeance Is Mine1. The Resume

Q-Unique produced the beat and it’s pretty good, has a mid nineties East Coast feel to it. Q-Unique just rips it here, Q is one of those rappers who can “wow” you with one verse. Short track but it got the job done. Good

2. Diamond In The Ruff

Ju Ju from the Beatnuts produced the track and it’s really good. It’s a very serious beat, has some horns in it. Q-Unique raps about the streets and the struggle, really good lyrics and a good chorus as well. Good track. Good

3. One Shot

Context produced the beat and it has an “Eye Of The Tiger” type feel to it. Q-Unique flows well over this track. Just a good track to listen to in the ride, volume up to the max and blasting it so everyone can hear it. Good

4. The Set Up

Necro produced the track and it’s really good, has a sad feel to it. Q-Unique raps about hard times, this isn’t just one of those “Times was hard growing up in the ghetto” tracks, this is more personal. Great track. Good

5. Nature Of The Beast

S. Groove produced the beat and it has a dark feel to it, really gloomy. Q-Unique just rips it here, man it’s a shame that he’s being overlooked. I don’t really like the chorus on this track but I do like the scratches. Overall a good track. Good

6. Me, That’s Who

Ju Ju produced the beat and it’s got a bouncy feel to it, sort of has a Westcoast feel to it. Q-Unique rips it(Of course, he’s Q-Unique! The guy could rip a Casio beat). Good track. Good

7. H To The C(Feat Swel 79 & E-Dot)

Phase One produced the beat and it’s pretty good, it’s hard hitting. Swel 79 starts it off with a reggae type flow, decent stuff but a little annoying. Q-Unique is next and rips it. E-Dot(Uncle Howie artist) is last and does a pretty job. The chorus is a little annoying. Good track. Good

8. The Ugly Place

Necro produced the beat and it’s really good, has an East Coast flow but has some bounce to it. Q-Unique of course rips it, the guy just sounds natural over Necro beats, Q raps about everything from politicians to *****es on this track. Great track. DOPE!

9. Better You Than Me

Nice piano beat by Q-Unique. Q takes it slower on this track. Track is really good, it doesn’t have that sappy feel to it, it has a genuine feel to it. I do not however like the chorus, really doesn’t belong. Good track. Good

10. Canarsie Artie’s Revenge(Feat Goretex, Ill Bill, & Necro)

DOPE!!!! The beat by Necro is really good(Great piano beat). This is the sequel to “Canarsie Artie’s Brigade” off “What’s Wrong With Bill?”. Q starts it off with a great verse about Canarsie. Goretex with the next verse and man he rips it, Goretex is overlooked. Speaking of overlooked, Ill Bill is next and rips it. Necro has the last verse and it’s a semi humorous verse about Michael Jordan in karate pants and crack rocks in beards, still a hard verse by Necro. This track needs to be heard. DOPE!

11. Father’s Day

Great beat by Necro, has a darkish feel to it, sinister organ type beat. Q-Unique raps about how messed up his father was, really good track, really good lyrics as well. DOPE!

12. Psychological Warfare

Necro produces the beats and DJ Eclipse does the cuts. The beat has a nice Mariachi type beat to it, great horns. Q-Unique rips it, man he is really overlooked, people really need to talk about him more. Great track, has a political feel to it, very revolutionary. DOPE!

13. Fashion Victims

Great beat by Q-Unique, it has a 1950’s feel to it, just amazing. Q-Unique raps about stealing clothes, really good concept here, he has a line about stealing ghosts sheets which is just really witty, you know internet kids should be quoting lines from this song. Great track, really clever. DOPE!

14. Stone Cold

Good piano beat from Q-Unique. Good track, Q-Unique rips it but I do not like the chorus, it’s a little annoying but Q is on point here, really vicious flow and great lyrics. Good track. Good

15. This Thing Of Ours(Feat Ill Bill)

Ill Bill joins Q on this track, Q also produces the beat which is really good, nice usage of singing. Ill Bill starts it off with a really good verse. Q & Bill do the chorus, really well I might add. Q with the next verse and of course it’s great. Ill Bill with the next verse and again Bill rips it. Q with the last verse and yes of course Q rips it(yes I know I repeated myself). Great track. Good


All in all I give this album a Good rating. Really good album, one of the best in 2004. Q-Unique amazed me here, the guy is just a great rapper with a great flow and great(And witty) rhymes. Cop this album and support the Arsonists, Uncle Howie, & Psycho Logical.