Phil The Agony – Aromatic

Phil The Agony - Aromatic1. Aromatic Intro/The Opera(Feat Mitchy Slick)

Xzibit does a short intro and then The Opera kicks in, pretty good track with Phil doing the first verse(And rapping horribly off key) and then Mitchy outshining him on the second verse and then Phil with the third verse which is much better than his laughable first verse. Good stuff. Good

2. Steady Smoking Announcment


3. Summertime

Hi-Tek produced the beat and it’s really dope, it has a mixture of Soul and bouncy West Coast to it. Phil comes pretty dope on this track. One of the ebst tracks of 2004 actually. DOPE!

4. Everything

Long starting that just goes on forever but once Phil starts rapping it gets better. Good track. Good

5. Another Steady Smoking Announcement

Skit and I still don’t care.

6. Promises

Beat has sped up song samples which I think is dope. Track otherwise is sloppy and just all over the place. Average

7. Thousand Words(Feat Raekwon & Self Scientific)

Dope beat, can’t really describe it but it’s dope. Raekwon starts it off with a good verse. Chorus sucks. Phil rips it as well. Good

8. I Can’t Believe(Feat Xzibit & Krondon)

Beat has a soul vibe to it, very dope stuff. Phil starts it off with a good verse, then Xzibit with a dope verse, then Krondon with an average verse eh I expected more from him because of the hype he’s getting, first time hearing him and nothing great. They all repeat the pattern with good verses. Good

9. For The City(Feat Talib Kweli)

I dig the starting with the girl singing. The beat is all soul!!!! Which is dope. Kweli starts it off with a good verse, he sounds pissed for some reason. Phil with a very good verse. Great track. Good

10. Gun Churrrch

We go from good to terrible. This is like a 40 second terrible track to a 2 minute even more terrible skit. What the hell? Wack

11. Pat Jenkins(Feat Planet Asia)

Fast paced boring beat. Phil starts it off with a good verse, then Planet Asia with a decent verse. This was a boring track. Averge

12. Easy

Terrible beginning that will kill any track and the beat is awful as well. Just because Tash can do party tracks doesn’t mean you can. Train Wreck

13. Will Blast

Stupid short skit.

14. Long Time Ago

Nice beat here with song samples, this seems to be a running trend on this album. Phil raps about the basics: sipping henny, playing women, and partying. Wow what diversity. Average


Was it that hard to put these bonus tracks on different tracks? Why must the listener fast forward through all the crap just to get to this? Song sucks. Wack.

*Clear The Lane(Feat Defari)

Another hidden track and it’s decent, the beat is different and I dig it plus Defari is dopeness. Good

*Watch Out

Really good track, now why couldn’t they put this as a seperate track? This is one of the best tracks on the album and it’s a hidden track and you have to fast forward through 15 minutes, is there logic anymore? Good

*Blunted(Feat DJ Revolution(Snippet Bonus Track))

Another good track, Phil owns it on here. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating, this has its flaws just like any other album but it’s also a pretty good album with a DOPE! track. Cop if you’re a Likwit Crew fan.