Mike Jones – Who Is Mike Jones?

Mike Jones - Who Is Mike Jones?1. Intro

2. Back Then

I’m sure you all have heard this track. This is the second single and the beat is actually pretty good, it has some eerie sounding organs. The chorus is simple yet effective and Mike Jones isn’t too bad on the track. Good enough. Good

3. Flossin'(Feat Big Mac)

Slower paced beat. Wow the singing here is awful, I mean really bad, remember Mo B Dick from those Master P tracks? This is a lot worse than that. Mike Jones is worthless here. Train Wreck

4. Still Tippin'(Feat Slim Thug And Paul Wall)

The first single and I still like this track. The beat is different sounding, I can’t really describe it, but it’s pretty good. Slim Thug starts things off with a decent verse. Mike Jones with an okay-ish verse. Paul Wall ends things with an average verse. Why are people praising Paul Wall? The guy is painfully average and he carries around a wrestling belt. Good track. Good

5. Got It Sewed Up (Remix)

This is the best track on the whole album. DJ Paul & Juicy J produce the beat and it’s really good, it’s nothing special but it fits the track. Mike Jones is not a great rapper or anything but he’s decent enough to not stink up a track. Good stuff. Good

6. Scandalous Hoes(Feat Lil’ Bran)

Soft beat here and it’s not that good. This track is about….well the title says it all and it gets even more cliche’ as the track progesses. Terrible track. Wack

7. Screw Dat

Semi slowed down beat here, I don’t get this kind of rap, it’s just awful and Mike Jones once again proves he cannot carry a track. Skip this. Wack

8. Turning Lane

Faster paced beat here, it’s pretty basic but it’s not that bad. I’ve heard this piano sample before. Mike Jones does a decent job here, not really lyrics wise but flow wise. The “WHO?” catchphrase is played out and them adding it to the track annoys me. Average

9. Laws Patrolling(Feat C.J. Mellow And Lil’ Bran)

I like the beat, it has an old school Texas feel to it and has some dope organs added in. Everyone does a good job on this track. Good

10. 5 Years From Now(Feat Lil’ Bran)

I see Mike Jones as a flash in the pan in 5 years, but really that’s just my opinion. Decent slower paced beat and semi tolerable singing. I don’t know why they let tone deaf people sing but, is it some kind of sick joke? Anyway this track is really sappy, but hey it’s nothing awful. Average

11. Cuttin’ (Remix)

I like the organ sounding beat, it’s got a hint of bounce to it as well. Annoying beginning but it gets better. Good track. Good

12. What Ya Know About…(Feat Paul Wall & Killa Kyle)

Terrible track here, with an awful beat that sounds like it was done by a toddler on a Casio. You know I just don’t care about either of the features. Wack

13. Know What I’m Sayin'(Feat Bun B & Lil Keke)

Really good track here, it sounds like a carnival. Bun-B does a pretty good job here, he seems to be the only one who can rap on this track. Good enough. Good

14. Type Of N**Ga U Need(Feat Brighteyes)

Mike Jones says “This is for the ladies” then he yells “WHO? MIKE JONES! WHO? MIKE JONES!”, classy. This is a sappy lovefest track that lacks anything good or original. Wack

15. Grandma

A track dedicated to his grandma. I applaud him for making a track like this but the beat is terrible and what is with the “MIKE JONES…WHO?” stuff? This is a track about your grandma, not some gimmicked club track, there was no need for that. This was pretty terrible actually. Wack


All in all this gets an Average rating. There were some good tracks that were catchy, nothing mindblowing here. This was your by the numbers mainstream Texas album. The south just keeps getting worse and worse. Avoid this.