Main Source – Breaking Atoms

Main Source - Breaking AtomsAlbum: Breaking Atoms Artist: Main Source Label: Wild Pitch Year: 1989
This is one of those unheard of brilliant pieces of music. From start to finish, it’s full of high standards. The trio from Main Pitch may seem a little out-dated, a little nerdy. There cover definitely implies that. Maybe they are nerds. Rappers who have studied that rap game. They definitely have intelligent lyrics. The members of this group; Large Professor, Sir Scratch and K-Cut make up quite a great collaboration.


Snake Eyes 

A great beginning to the album. Main Source immediately show that they have skills. It’s a really nice, laid back track. But this track is only the beginning to a jewel of an album
“Rolling dice can help you or hurt you; your virtue Is known when you quit cause you’ve hit your cash curfew”

Just Hangin’ Out 

Main Source is really laid back on this track. Lazy delivery and sluggish lyrics. Relaxing and smooth. This is proof that Main Source can effectively switch up their style. A chilled out track.
“I’m mainly known for the rough raps but kids steal my lyrics like hubcaps”

Lookin’ At The Front Door 

Another great track. One of the best songs on the album. Main Source raps above satisfaction with some great lyrics. It also has some great production from the Large Professor. A classic track.
“We fight every night now that’s not kosher I reminisce with bliss of when we was closer”

Large Professor

A great track. The Professor raps at a faster pace on this track. He basically raps about himself. He showcases his lyrical talent as well as his great delivery. He’s not just a great producer…
“I’ll advance to your backside foot and put Nine prints and diss a meantimes where the sun don’t shine”

Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball 

A political track. It’s basically a simile to real life. Main Source raps knowledge. This track’s lyrical strength is far superior to most of the other tracks. A great track.
“[blam] Aww shit another young brother hit I better go over my man’s crib and get the pump”

Scratch & Kut 

A simple, instrumental track. Just a track to show-off the skills of a DJ. A good DJ track which is constantly switching up.

Peace Is Not A Word To Play 

Main Source is much more aggressive on this track. The most politically charged track on the album. Its lyrically on a high point. They drop wisdom on this dope track.
“Peace!) Piece of what? You can’t mean P E A C E”

Vamos A Rapiar 

A great track. Some nice, solid rapping. It’s a basic, simple track but extremely good. Smooth and refined as though it had been run through a filter. It also contains some high-quality lyrics.
“Rappers can dance sing and shake their thing at the same time But can’t rhyme”

He Got So Much Soul (He Don’t Need No Music)

A great song. Basically about Main Source. They rap about how great they are and how they really don’t need the music but they still do it anyways. A pumped up track
“Man I had soul since I was negative three months old When it came to getting down I was bold”

Live At The BBQ 

A classic track. Nas begins completely ripping up the track. It was his first introduction to the rap game. He spits extremely hard. Next it’s Main Source’s turn. They have a lot to live up to after the young MC but they manage extremely well. Easily the best track on the album
“Street’s disciple my raps are trifle I shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle”

Watch Roger Do His Thing

This is a narrative tale about someone named Roger. About his life, about his thoughts and about his surroundings. It’s a great track. Main Source proves that diversity is their strong point.
“We all know Roger Roger lives in Queens Brooklyn Manhattan the Bronx and he fiends”

Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball [Mix] 

Basically identical to the original track. The only difference is the beat is switched up. It has more bounce to it.
“[blam] Aww shit another young brother hit I better go over my man’s crib and get the pump”


This is a slept on classic. That’s all there is to it. The album is flawless. Jam-packed with classic cuts. This debut is an astounding one. Main Source is simply incredible. Only real hip-hop heads can really appreciate this. Maybe it was too advanced for it’s time, maybe it didn’t receive enough promotion, maybe there was to much competition; all are excuses. Nothing excuses the fact that this gem has been undercover far too long. All three members hold their own to put together a brilliant album. It’s Like That Y’all