Mac Dre – Do You Remember?

Mac Dre - Do You Remember?This was a highly anticipated project that promised to offer some new work from one of the best rapper producer combos to work together. Sadly all we could get was new music with polished old verses. While going into this album at first I was very skeptical but soon learned why I valued the work of Khayree and Mac Dre.


1. Another Dose

Basically an intro track of an great instrumental from the legendary Khayree. You can really tell that he has become even more comfortable using all the equipment he picked up while signed to Atlantic. For music rating alone 4/5

2. Livin That Life

The first foray of remixing an already good track and let me tell you Khayree really does it justice. The lyrics are on point and seemed like they were made just for this beat even though they weren’t. Tracks like this make me wonder how people can say Mac Dre never had serious tracks or could never tell a story. Easy 4/5

3. Gift 2 Gab

this was the second attempt to redo a good track and let’s just say the music is good the lyrics are cool and all the added sound drops are done well. So saying that you know I don’t like it. I prefer the original but this is still a nice piece of this concept type album. 3/5

4. How I got this Name

WOW the musical work put in this one seems amazingly simple but listen carefully and you might be amazed to find that a few of the instruments were actually played on this one. This was a great track for Khayree. The lyrics can’t help and take you back. Classic MD track.5/5

5. Should Of Been Mo

This is one of those tracks that inspired a lot of other wannabe’s tracks about teaching young kids in the ghetto about making the right decisions. The first verse was the inspiration for another of these tracks maybe you heard of it “Brenda’s got a baby”. Anyways the production is tight of course and the break down for the last verse is amazingly on point and doesn’t seem garbled. 4/5

6. My Folks

Man this is a track that could easily be enjoyed by all. How many rap songs could you say you could enjoy with you pops and son???? Not many the Lyrics are the same from the original but the change in the beats shows so very clearly that Mac Dre was simply talented to make the best vocals that had rhythm like no other. You could listen to both the original and this one and never figure which are which. Great track. 5/5

7. Who Can It Be

Sometimes no matter how great the producer some tracks need to be just left alone as the original is far superior or it’s a landmark. This is one of them. Khayree does do a good job with the track but unless you are a new fan this is just not a good remix. 2/5

8. Back 2 My Mission

Great use of finding how to update the beat and still capture the essence of the lyrics. Khayree again finds the magic and makes the music that is universally dope with scratches and horns all in the right places. Lyrics tell another story and offer the most important thing a rapper must do and that is get his audience visualize his lyrics. Another great mix-up of beats. Great track 5/5

9. Times R Getting Crazy

The lyrics for this track could easily be put over any track and would still get the point across. This track has an amazing laid back feel that is great for soaking up the importance of the messages. The only thing that could date this tracks are the few times when the year is dropped. When you hear that ’91 drop you feel like you are back in that time with the dookie braids and picket signs for all kinds of political reasons. The verse “who in the crew will be here in ’92” is too eerie as recent events have occurred. Still a solid track. 4/5

10. Feelin Like That Nigga

This was always one of my favorite tracks and I never could get a solid copy of it. Thank God Khayree added this one. The story told on this one is so vivid that even a def retard could visualize the story through his lyrics. So what does Khayree do to compliment this??? He adds one dope ass beat that seems simple but if you dissect his tracks you see the mastery in it. Great track easy score for this one. 5/5

11. California Livin’

This is another track that should just not be touched for the simple fact it was perfect as it was. This for those who can remember was the first real song that gave the California lifestyle all the love it deserved. Does Khayree do a good job on the music?? Of course but it just wasn’t needed. 3/5


Overall this is possible the best remix album ever of any one artist work. What was so good about it was that one part of the artist was there to redo it right. Think of Dr. Dre remixing classic Snoop tracks. No one could do it but him. I would have of course loved an new Khayree produced album and since his passing this is prolly the best we can ever get. Having said that, this is a solid pick up for anybody’s collection. Even if you hate everything else Mac Dre has done no one would look at you differently for owning this one.