Keitarock – Let’z Get It Crack’n

Keitarock - Let'z Get It Crack'n1. In da hood we trust (feat. Gonzoe)

The album starts off with a nice track with a female rapper on it. Keita Rock’s is starting off the first verse with a nice drop and then the female rapper kick in with some nice shit. In the third verse Keita Rock’s dissing Snoop some while saying he’s a General. The beat is nice and the hook is really cool. I have no idea where Gonzoe was supposed to be on this track unless that’s him on the hook.

2. I’m on oneâ! (feat. Bruce Wane)

This is a cool track with nice production and Bruce Wane is a cool rapper. You can tell Keita Rock isn’t really a rapper tho. He’s still doing good for not being an experienced rapper. Beat is kinda slow – speed it up.

3. Be my lady (feat. Young Hogs & Me-Me)

This is more like it. The production on this isn’t as slow, and it’s a lot tighter than on the past 2 tracks. Young Hogs and Me-Me is spitting some good shit and Keita’s doing his part good too. The hook is off the hook! 😉

4. Can’t f#@ck wit this (feat. Low-Lifes)

Another tight beat. P.S. Dog produced it and he also produced the first track on the cd. Low-Lifes seem to be a good group. I didn’t really hear a lot from them before but they seem cool. The hook is cool too, but what’s making this track special is the neat beat.

5. I know! (feat. Suga Free & Jaz’mina)

“I knowâ!” is probably my favourite track of this album so far. Suga Free’s coming out tight like he usually do, and the production is amazing. The beat isn’t special but the way they mixed it is really cool. Jaz’mina is a good female rapper. Keita Rock’s coming out hard too.

6. Represent’n (faet. De Ja Vu)

When I first heard this track I enjoyed the beat, but after listening to it a second time I’m thinking the song is kinda wack. The beat is ok but the lyrics are weak. Keita Rock’s saying he’s gonna kill the haters etc.

7. Straight from the streetz (feat. Bruce Wane)

Bruce Wayne’s opening up this track nicely to a cool, kind of mellow, beat. If anyone got this cd, please tell me if Keita Rock is on this song at all. Maybe I’m crazy but I don’t think he’s on it at all. It’s a very nice track tho.

8. Fast Life (feat. Dre’sta da gangsta)

Dre’sta is one of the rappers that rarely come out wack. This is no exception, because Dre’sta is doing a great job and saves the track. The production’s cool too. It’s a Dj Quik kinda beat with a nice piano roll over it. Kenny KcCloud produced itâ!One question thoâ! did Keita Rock stop appearing on his own album??? This sounds like a solo-track to me. If Keita Rock’s on it he’s just doing the hook with Dre’sta or something.

9. Let’z Get It Crackin’ (feat. Malikaih)

This is an other of those slow jams Keita Rock seems to like. Malikaih’s a good rapper with a raw flow. They could have chosen him to be featured on another, more raw song, but that’s up to them to decide. Keita Rock’s showing that he doesn’t have much of a flow.

10. That’z big (feat. Mista Cavi)

Nice beat, but wack verses and wack chorus. Too bad on Mista Cavi since I know he can do better than this. Skip this track.

11. Hit’cha upside yo’ head (feat. Tha Young Hogs)

Another Kenny McCloud production. This time he dropped his Quik kind of style and brought in some other west coast hard hitting kinda beats. I’m sorry to say tho: He should’ve done them for an other rapper. Keita Rock should stick to being an A&R. The track’s getting a few levels better after his verse is done and Tha Young Hogs do their thing.

12. Where da hoodstas at? (feat. Gonzoe)

I don’t know much about the producer Kenny McCloud, but I’d like to know more about him and his works! This beat is blazin and he’s probably the one holding this album up to a average level since Keita Rock isn’t doing it. We all know Gonzoe can make some tight shit, and he’s doing it again on this track. Keita Rocks lyrics are cool on this one too, actually.

13. Ouch! (feat. CJ Mack)

CJ Mack is featured on this song and he also produced it. The production’s kind of slow, and it’s tight! CJ Mack’s dissing some people, like Hittman. He’s saying Hittman probably won’t be droppedâ! He was right. Keita Rock’s dissing Snoop, Xzibit and some other people. He’s naming a lot of West Coast rappers and saying if they’re cool or if they’re a fake. It’s a good diss track.

14. L.A. Crime bosses (feat. Mista Cavi & Me-Me)

From what I heard, this was the single off the album. I doubt it got a lot of airplay but I don’t think they expected it to either. It’s a nice track tho and once again Kenny McCloud produced a tight beat. I can see why it wasn’t a super-hit tho. This album belong on an underground level and so does the single.
I like this album. The production was good – especially the tracks produced by Kenny McCloud. The one thing they coulda done to make the album better was to remove Keita Rock from some verses and put others on it. That way it’d be a compilation. It’s almost a compilation as it is!

I’m being honest: Keita Rock isn’t a rapper. He was an A&R on Death Row. I gotta give him props for trying tho. I’ll rate this album 2.5 out of 5.