Huey – Notebook Paper

Huey - Notebook Paper1. Intro/Notebook Paper
Pretty much a standard intro, but Huey tries to make it different by……rambling. Well, that isn’t different, is it? Now we get a party style beat, almost like LiL Jon, but drunk on moonshine. Huey isn’t bad here, as he flows well over the beat. This track is a little weird, in that it’s a mix of party and gangsta. I sort of liked this, and appreciate the effort displayed by Huey. Even though he didn’t have many quotable lines, he still tried his hardest to salvage this ugly beat. Average (Leaning towards good).

2. Bout Dat
Okay, this beat sounds like a bunch of farting and whistles. This style was pretty much perfected by LiL Jon, and was ruined by Scott Storch, who was pumping out these kind of beats in a shameless manner. Huey makes it simple, but simple isn’t always bad. You know, this is a good track to play in a car, I mean, who would play someone like Aesop Rock in their ride? That’s like Bill Gates throwing up gang signs. Okay, I’m getting off track. I actually liked this track, as Huey flowed well over the beat. Good.

3. Aye
Here’s the problem with this cd so far: Every beat sounds the same. This isn’t good, as it makes everything flow together in a sloppy manner. Huey pretty much raps about becoming a rapper, and he isn’t afraid to say he’s awesome. I don’t know if I agree with that, but Huey’s shameless attempt at being gangsta is amusing. Average.

4. Pop, Lock & Drop It
We went from LiL Jon to Three Six Mafia here. The constant “Pop, lock & drop it” from the female is horrible. Absolutely horrible. This is like Juicy J & DJ Paul sniffed glue, and decided to produce. This isn’t good at all. Wack.

5. Closet Full Of Clothes ( Feat Kydd Trell)
Honestly, it’s like the beat never changed. This is pretty much the same freakin’ beat that was on the last track, but with added Scott Storchness. I sort of liked Kydd here, as he understands how to make a feature memorable…sort of. I sort of wish Kydd Trell took over Huey’s spot as lead rapper. This was pretty “meh.” Average.

6. 2 Nite
The beat sounds like something you’d hear from La Bouche. Huey is pretty good at flowing to the beat. He uses a nice rapid tone, but he’s not sloppy at all. He’s more Twista and less random awful rapper on a Young Droop cd. Good enough. Good.

7. Tell Me This (G-5) (Feat Memphitz)
This is like a Young Jeezy track, and I sort of like that. Huey isn’t afraid to copy one’s style, and, in a way, that’s sort of good. I mean, most rappers try to carefully pick and choose who they copy from, but Huey is wide open with it. Good.

8. Money Ova (Featuring Diamond & Yo Gotti)
Diamond is absolutely awful, and trying to rap with 2 decent rappers is stupid. I mean, don’t expose someone who is copying La Chat. Huey’s a Missouri guy, so I dig some of his stuff, and he understands that you have to be polished. Pretty average stuff, actually. Average.

9. My Zone
Corny horns are used, well, it’s sort of like early 90’s sounding. I was expecting a “Saved By The Bell” reference, but no go. Huey tries to salvage this craptastic beat, but he fails. Oh, Huey, why must you try to be motivated? Wack.

10. When I Hustle (Feat Lloyd)
I sort of like this, as the beat is a weird mixture of DJ Quik and a Ne-Yo love ballad. Lloyd is a pretty decent hook guy, much better than a bored Nate Dogg, who is perhaps the most overrated hook guy ever. Huey is pretty decent here, and knows how to flow over a beat like this. This was good. Good.

11. Luv N Ya Life (Asia Cruise)
What exactly was this trying to prove? I mean, Asia is pretty okay on the hook, but the beat is like an old Cash Money dance track mixed with R. Kelly. Huey can’t figure out how to rap over this, so he pretty much copies his style from the previous track. This was…not very good. Wack.

12. Nobody Loves The Hood
Cue the sappy piano, and the R. Kelly wannabe hook guy. This is about the most corn syruppy thing I have heard so far on this album. You know what’s the deal, Huey raps about how hard it is in the hood. Heard it, don’t care. Wack.

13. Glad 2 B Alive (Feat T-Pain)
Not a bad beat, sort of sounds like something you’d hear on an old Hoy Boy$ track, but mixed with some new flavor. Decent enough rapping, and I like the singing, even if it’s sort of all over the place. Good (I appreciate the effort).

14. Pop, Lock & Drop It (Feat Bow Wow & T-Pain)
I liked this much better than the original, in fact, I might say that this might be the best track on the album, as they were shameless in copying something you’d hear on a current E-40 track. Well, the chorus freakin’ sucks, so I take back the best track on the album. Good.


All in all, I’m going to give this an “Average” rating. Huey is definitely a guy who is not bad, but the beats were a dime a dozen. This was like a LiL Jon parody album. You might want to stay away from this, as you’ve probably already heard the same stuff on the radio.