GP – THE BEAST Is Finally Released

GP - THE BEAST Is Finally ReleasedGP’s not a very famous rapper. After doing 10 years in the pen he came out and appeared on the Death Row release “Too gangsta 4 radio”, and on the Suga Free Mausberg Connected CD. GP’s making sure that we know this on his album cover… He’s also wearing a Death Row chain, and that seemed weird to me considering he’s not on Death Row. In the booklet of this album he’s explaining why he’s wearing it tho… out of respect for Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur… Apparently Suge Knight gave it to him. GP released one album before this one named “Finally”. I haven’t heard it tho.

From the previous tracks I heard from GP, the only thing I know is that he sounds like a rawer version of DMX or Ja Rule.

1 Intro

2. Back 2 back heat

GP sounds kinda like DMX or Ja Rule, minus the singing. GP come out raw on this track even though the production is too slow for him. The chorus is almost the same as on “The Coff” from “Too gangsta 4 radio”. I still think this is a cool song.

3. What type of nigga U-B (feat. Lil Darrelle & Mally Mall)

When this album came out, Lil Darrelle and Mally Mall has both released their solo albums on “Just on GP Records”. These artists sound really good to me, especially Lill Darrelle. GP’s raw as usual and the beat is a little bit more up-tempo than the last one. Overall a good track.

4. Can’t get enough (feat. Keak Da Sneak)

“Can’t get enough” has a really neat beat and the hook is tight and very catchy. Keak Da Sneak is overshining GP, who is kind of wack on this track. It’s still the best song this far.

5. The Beast (feat. L.A Strange) (Titled as “Who don’t know”)

This track got an intro and it’s funny. They’re talking about GP on Death Row and someone says; “We don’t need GP and Suge Knight to hook up!”. The song itself is a slow jam and I can’t help but thinking about DMX when listening to it. GP’s doing one of those track DMX always do – talking to/about god and how some people shouldn’t have died. I also can’t help but thinking that GP is raw. It seems impossible for GP to come out like a softie. Overall a nice production by Kreep, who also produced the 2 previous tracks. The album says this is “Who don’t know”, but it’s clearly “The Beast”.

6. Who don’t know (feat. Skee 64oz) (Titled as “The Beast”)

They talk that shit, but they don’t walk that shit. They ain’t gangsta. This is the message and GP’s stressing that he’s worked with Death Row and some other shit he says that everyone knows, i.e he worked with Quik. GP seems to be a lil off beat on this one, but it’s got a cool beat and a tight hook so overall it’s still an average track. Too bad they *****ed up the tracklisting on the cover.

7. The hustle inside of me (feat. Sunny B)

Big Hollis produced this. He also produced the GP track on Too gangsta 4 radio called “The Coff”. It’s the same beat but mixed. They removed some sounds and added others. GP’s got new verses and a new hook tho and it’s a cool track overall. GP’s raw as ***** and I like that.

8. Skit (But titled as “Bad seed” on the cover)

9. Bad seed (feat. JJ of the Capital Boyz) (Titled as “Skit” on the cover)

GP’s gonna be the first to make them bleed. The track is about how hard GP and JJ are… They’re doing it over a really soft production tho and that’s taking the edge off it. It’s a nice track but not one of my favourites.

10. Sneaky (feat. Lil Darrelle, Doe & Mally Mall)

Mally Mall starts off this track with a tight verse to poor production, and then GP kicks in with a tight chorus. The production’s getting better and better as the track is playing and that, together with tight guests, saves the track. GP seems mad as ***** and he’s coming out raw like he always do.

11. Gangstad out (feat. Gangsta)

The intro for this track is a clip of George Bush saying “Fellow Americans… it’s time… let’s roll!” and GP’s saying that he’s trying to be gangsta, laughing at him. The intro’s also the best part of this song because the rest is wack. The production might be good, and GP might be coming out good, but together they suck. It also seems weird that a rapper named himself “Gangsta”.

12. The letter

An other track where GP’s saying how he’s fresh out the pen. Not one of my favourite tracks. It’s a skipper.

13. Like that (feat. Da-Da, Zo & Bra)

Just as I was getting tired of this album, this track kicks in. With tight production from Da-Da, who is also rapping on the track, this is a banger. Da-Da, Zo, Bra and GP are all coming out very tight here. This is definitely a banger and by far the best track on this album this far!!! This is the kinda shit I want!!!

14. Pimp bones (feat. Skee 64oz & B-Bay)

Damn, I was hoping for another track like “Like that”, but this track is kind of wack. “Pimp bones” is about how GP is a pimp and a gangsta. I don’t like this one at all. The only highlight is the last verse by GP. It’s cool.

15. I blow wit (feat. Lil Darrelle)
Keep rollin up fatties! I think you can guess what this one is about… yep, smoking. The beat is up-tempo and it’s cool, but the production overall is not above average. It’s an average track.

16. Finally etc

This is more of a skit than a full song. The track is 2,37 long and the intro for it is about 1,30. It’s about how GP’s escaping from prison to look for whoever set him up. If I understand him right, this is a snippit from his first album. I haven’t heard it and just like he’s saying… I better get it if I wanna hear the full track.

This album sold 6000 copies and that might seem very little, but keep in mind that GP is independent and 99% of the albums sold was probably in Los Angeles only.

Overall, I liked this album. It was very good for being a totally independent release. GP’s coming out very raw and I like that. I DID kinda get tired of him, tho. A lot of the tracks sounded the same and when I got to nr 12 I was tired of it. Nr 13 was “Like that” and that cheered me up. It’s a very tight track and my favourite track on this album. Production on the album wasn’t what I had hoped for, so that’s gonna lower the grade. If GP will ever hook up with a major record company I’ll be the first to cop his album.

I’ll grade this album 3 out of 5, which is a good grade for an underground release like this.