Ganksta NIP – The South Park Psycho

Ganksta NIP - The South Park PsychoGanksta NIP – The South Park Psycho
Year Released 1992


1. Intro

Just an Intro He introduces himself as “the craziest mutha*****in rapper on earth” and he gives a few shout out, he shouts out rap-a-lot too

2. Horror Movie Rap

This track starts off this crazy album, Ganksta NIP start it off with a nursery rhyme type hook then he starts flowing with some crazy lyrics “after twelve o’clock my blood turns hot pink” “A thousand dead cut-up elephants in my luggage” , good beat on this track, track ends with the same hook as the beginning, great way to start the album, one of the best tracks on the album

3. Get Out of the Game (feat. Dope E)

Starts of with Dope E doing the hook and its good, an oldschool type beat, Ganksta NIP comes in with some more of the crazy lyrics talking about the dope game “A nigga snitched, he *****ed my connection, they found parts of his daddy’s head in every direction” Dope E does the third verse good flow Nip does another short verse after Dope E, great track here

4. Rough Brothers from South Park (feat. Point Blank, Dope E, K-Rino)

Good Beat, Starts off with Ganksta Nip doing some talking, K-Rino has the first flow and its tight as ***** “rocked the mic till it was on the ground bleeding saying oh shit” Dope E comes next he has a good verse, Point Blank is next with a cool flow, Ganksta Nip is last and he spits more of those crazy lyrics he comes real hard here, Triple 6 does a little scratching at the end, sicc track overall

5. Black Godfather 

Good oldschool beat here with a little sampling, Ganksta Nip comes in with some more hard ass lyrics he talks about being the Godfather, the hook is a bunch of sampling another some talking at the end great track here

6. Psycho

Tight ass oldschool beat here im feeling this one, Ganksta Nip comes in with more crazy lyrics “I’m fittin to kick ass, Breast feed new born babies with unleaded gas” the hook is sampling has an ice-t sample in it tight hook, this is one of my favorites on this album can say anything else about this one just bump it loud

7. Action Speaks Louder Than Words (feat. Scarface, Willie D, Seagram) 

This tracks starts off with a phone call, the hook is tight here, Scarface is first and comes with a tight flow im feeling it, Ganksta Nip spits second and he comes real hard on this one, Willie D is next with a hard flow, Seagram from the 69th Curbs is last to spit and has a real tight verse im feeling it,good beat, a tight ass track overall good features on this one

8. Ganksta Mac

Starts off with Ganksta Nip talking, He flows about being a mac, a good oldschool, Nip flows with some more hard lyrics he talks about getting paid, a decent hook on this one, but this is a good track overall

9. Smokin’ Amp

Track starts off with Ganksta Nip & Triple Six smoking, then ganksta nip comes in with more hard lyrics “I kept hitting now my brains on fire I felt like stuffing mother*****ers in a dryer” no hook here just Triple Six & Ganksta Nip doing some talking Nip does three verses, a decent beat here, a crazy track here

10. Disgusting

Ganksta Nip flows about crazy shit his lyrics are what the track title says “disgusting”, a decent beat on here, he does some talking no hook, a decent track here probably my least favorite on the album

11. H-Town

Ganksta Nip does some talking, he comes hard again talking about houston some good lyrics here, a pretty good beat, the hook is more sampling a good track here

12. Slaughter

Starts off with some talking, Ganksta Nip comes in with some crazy lyrics he talks about killing crooked cops on this track, he comes real angry on this track, the hook is sampling again, another good track

13. Paranoid

Good beat on this track, Ganksta Nip flows with some more sicc ass lyrics on this track, the hook is some sampling a good track overall

14. Damned Shame

Starts off with some talking, good beat here, Ganksta Nip comes in talking about how it is growing up in south park, he switches his style a little bit here he doesnt have those crazy lyrics on this track,but its a good switch no this song, the hook is a little talking with some sampling a good track a good way to end this crazy album


Overall This is a classic southern album, definitly one of the hardest albums ever to come out, alot of tight songs on here and oldschool beats, good features, Ganksta Nip comes with those crazy insane lyrics on this album, this album is out of print but if you see this one definitly pick it up, ive seen it going on ebay for $100.