Fabolous – Ghetto Fabolous

61s6KTE2wEL._SL500_AA300__PJautoripBadge,BottomRight,4,-40_OU11__Fabolous was found by Dj Clue and now he’s on Desert Storm. I didn’t expect much of this album.

1. Click & Spark
Dj Clue’s annoying screaming voice starts off the cd. That’s a big minus. The track itself has a nice production tho and Fabolous is coming out tight with his laid back flow.

2. Keepin it gangsta
This song has a nice production, and a catchy hook. Fab’s verses are tight too.

3. Young’n
You can hear this is a Neptunes production. To be sure I checked the booklet and just as I thought, The Neptunes produced this track. Very good production. Fabolous is dropping his laid back rhymes as usual. If you like that, this is the track for you!

4. Get Right
I don’t realy like the production on this one, but I can imagine that others do. The hook is very catchy tho and that makes it an average track.

5. Ride for this feat. Ja Rule
Nice production again. Fabolous is not dropping his best verses, but they’re ok. Ja Rule is pretty much just singing the hook.

6. One day
Nice slow jam. This is a very relaxing song. I like it.

7. Trade it all feat. Jagged Edge
This is for the ladies. I know the ladies like this. Not one of my favourites tho.

8. Right now & later on
Timbaland production. I didn’t like the production on this one at first but it’s getting better after a while. Fabolous come out tight on this one.

9. Take you home feat. Lil Mo
F.A, B.O and Lil Mo. Nice Fabolous verses and nice hook by Lil Mo. Not one of my favourite tracks tho.

10. Get smart
Nice production again and Fab’s also doing his job.

11. Can’t deny it feat. Nate Dogg
Bringing in Nate Dogg on a track usually means it’s gonna be a big hit, and just like Fabolous probably planned, this was. And I can’t deny it, it’s a tight song.

12. Ma’ be easy
Weird production but it’s ok. I don’t like this track tho. Next.

13. We don’t give a
Skip this track. It’s wack.

14. The bad guy feat. Pain in da ass
Fabolous rap about how everybody see him as a bad guy when he’s realy not. The production is ok.

15. Gotta be thug (Hidden)
This track samples the Terminator melody, and it’s really neat. Fabolous come out tight, too.

16. F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S (Hidden)
Nice track to finish off the album. F.A, B.O, L.O, U.S. is getting money.

This album has a very good production. With hit producers like Neptunes and Timbaland, and in-house producers Clue and Duro the production of this album is definitely the strong side of it. Fabolous sounds like Mase, if you ask some, but I wouldn’t realy agree on that. Yes, they both got a laid back style, but that’s also the only thing they got in common. Fabolous lyrical skills are underrated. This is a tight debut album and everyone who enjoys tight production should definitely get this. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.