Esham – Closed Casket

Esham - Closed CasketArtist: Esham
Title: Closed Casket
Year Released: 1994


1. The Eulogy 

Just an intro to the album, has a preacher talking, tight beat though

2. The Wicketshit Will Never Die 

Tight beat, Esham comes with some wicket flows on this track, no hook just has some samples, Esham spits some more wicket lyrics tight song overall

3. My Homie Got Shot 

Starts off with some samples, Esham comes with some more good lyrics, a little story telling lyrics, a tight beat, the hook is some sampling, Esham comes with another tight verse, end with a bunch of sampling leading into the next song, overall a classic Esham song

4. Mental Stress 

Starts off with samples, Esham comes in with the Hook good hook, another good beat, Esham comes with some tight lyrics on here, “I’m fitting to go nuts like a almond joy” Esham comes with a few more verse with some more tight lyrics, track ends up with some samples, a really tight track, another classic Esham track

5. Can’t Take It Wit Cha 

Another Tight beat, Start off with the hook talking about you can’t take anything with you when you die, good hook, Esham comes in with some good lyrics, talking about its not all about hoes, money, “I Don’t Give a ***** what you got/cause it don’t mean shit if your ass get’s shot, Esham comes with 2 other tight verses, ends with Esham doing some talking, tight track overall

6. Brainwashed 

Very Tight Beat on this track, Esham does the hook, good hook very catchy, Esham first verse is pretty good, Esham next verse is short but good, he comes back and spits another short verse tight better than the first two, ends with the hook, Great track overall

7. Drive U2 Suicide 

Starts off with some Beastie Boys Samples and other samples, great beat, Esham comes with a tight first verse, the hook is just a bunch of sample with esham saying “Let Me Drive You To Suicide”, He does another short verse but its good, ends with a another short verse, good song overall

8. Chatty Ass Nigga (feat. NATAS) 

Starts off with some talking, Mastamind start out with the first verse I’m feeling his verse, a decent hook, another good beat, T-N-T is next to flow and comes with a pretty good verse, Esham is next and comes with the best verse out of everyone, ends with the hook, overall another good song

9. Slug Froma 45 

Starts of with a news clip, Then Esham comes in, a hard beat with some guitars, tight beat, Esham comes with some hard lyrics on this track, tight hook,Esham spits another great verse, Comes back after the hook and spits another short verse, end with the hook, another classic Esham song

10. Was It Sum’n I Said 

good beat, this is a really short track, Esham just flows through it, pretty good song but short

11. Flatline 

another tight beat, starts off with the hook, Esham comes in spitting some wicket lyrics, Esham comes with another verse after the hook, Comes with another tight verse a tight track overall

12. I Don’t Owe U Shit 

Esham does some talking, the beat kicks in another good beat, with some samples, Esham flows with some good lyrics talking about he doesnt owe anyone shit,” Just like Bobbit cuttin off dicks in the mix/***** them tricks like in them flix” the hook has a snoop dogg sample, end’s with some samples,a good song overall

13. Therapy 

Start off with Esham’s Brother doing some talking,real tight beat, no hook just some talking by Esham’s Brother, Esham spits three tight verses tight lyrics my favorite song on the album

14. Make Me Wanna Holla 

Starts off with Esham doing some talking, he tells everyone what Esham stands for “Esham stands for East Side Hoes And Money” tight beat, a more laid back track but its still tight, i like the hook its got a prince & snoop dogg sample tight track overall

15. Would You Die 4 Me 

start off with some jamacian talking, good beat, Esham comes in talking about hoes, a decent hook just some sampling, Esham does three verse that are pretty good, a decent track compared to the others

16. 2 Dollahoe 

a alright beat on this track, Esham comes with some more flows about *****ing hoes, the hook is alright, Esham comes with another verse talking about hoes, its a decent track overall

17. 24/7 

Another good beat, laid back beat, Esham comes with three real tight verses, some tight lyrics on this track, a good hook, I’m feeling this track alot another classic Esham song

18. Diggin On Da D-L 

Another laid back track, good beat, Esham flows about getting some hoes, the hook is decent, Esham comes with two other verses, pretty tight lyrics a good laid back track

19. Premature Ejaculation 

A good beat, another laid back track, he talks about how he’s “Man I ain’t nothin’ but a nut/A premature ejaculation” the hook is alright, he comes with two other verses, a pretty good song overall

20. I’ll Be Glad When You Dead 

A weird sounding beat sounds distorted, Esham comes with some more wicket lyrics on this track, “Now I need some therapy, psychic connection/Dead bodies give me an erection” The hook is alright, come with some more wicket lyrics after the hook, a good track overall

21. Closed Casket 

Another distorted sounding beat, good hook with some sampling, Esham comes with some hard flows on this track a good way to end this tight ass album, a good song overall


Final Rating: Classic

Overall this is probably Esham best album, alot of tight beats and samples, Esham is probably a better producer than MC but his lyrics and flow on this album are top notch,You can listen this all the way through, If you don’t got this album definitly go and get it.