Lil Jon & East Side Boyz – Crunk Juice

Lil Jon & East Side Boyz - Crunk JuiceI’m going to keep this review short but sweet when describing these beats I can’t really go into much detail as the other ones I have done as they all are pretty similar as they follow the Crunk formula which more or likely you have came across to on one song or another as last summer it was practically everywhere due to the soundtrack of Need for speed. Get low was a world known hit and Lil’ jon had created his style of Crunk. Crunk sounds like the mix of hip hop and the noise Animal from the muppets would create. Crunk is the new sound from the south which gets you hyped up for everything with their powerful beats and simple, abusive yet catchy lyrics which are shouted at you.“Get Crunk” really introduces what getting crunk really is. You really feel the chimes of the xylophone and the hard hitting drum loop. Once again “What U Gon’ Do” has the same feel beat wise as it sounds like Jon has changed the xylophone for a whistle kind of one. Again it is filled with abusive lyrics about confronting people in clubs. Even though this is probably not club friendly song I see it being played in clubs. As I saw “Real Nigga Roll Call” featuring legendary Ice cube I was thinking of some high class lyrics about whose real and who’s not but even cube lamely rhymes around the word nigga and maybe a little shot at Cypress Hill. The beat is more different then the ones before so it has you mashing your head and approving the change. “Da Blow” is another little gem which is a little different from most of the album. The beat is quite haunting due to its chimes and high tempo drums. Over this they make a very simple description of Drugs which why they chop and screw it on the sampling which scratches and stutters.“Contracts” is the pimping song which appears on every wannabe gangsta album. Again the beat is very repetitive and Trillville doesn’t really provide dope lyrics but entertaining ones. The average lyricism and repetitive beat isn’t the worse thing about this song as the singing is awfully done at the hook. The next two songs have a nice rockish feel with the rock guitar loops. “White Meat” which you can guess by the name what it is exactly about but Eightball and MJG lays some dope verses for this album. The next song has Rick Ruben producing while Lil’ Jon just shouts and for once he doesn’t seem 100% out of place as his voice seems to match “Stop *****in’ Wit Me”. Lil’ Jon seems to break away from the aggressive crunk sound and produce 2 very slow mellow beat from a piano loop. Usher and Ludacris try to recreate the smash hit of “Yeah” with this love song “Lovers And Friends”. It won’t make such a splash but it a good refreshing change. While that is refreshing “One night stand” is not at all. I hate the topic and I don’t really like the beat either.

After an Hilarious skit from Dave Chappelle “Aww Skeet Skeet” has a sort of sing-a-long feel like when an “When I say Skeet you say Aww” type of feeling. “In Da club” we have Ludacris and R-Kelly paying homage to the nightlife and most probably this will be in the clubs. After “*****es Ain’t S**t” which is another wannabe appeal track we have“Stick That Thang Out (Skeezer)” which is terrible as it sounds like computer game music. Then we have the best song and that is “Grand Finale” for once we have nice lyrics and nice beats put together. Jadakiss, T.I., Nas and Cube spitting some dope battle type of lyrics. You get two free bonus CDs one a DVD and another one jam packed with remixes. Most you most likely to heard but none really worth to comment about except the remix of Lean back. It has better lyrics but a worse beat. I really enjoyed Eminem’s part “Oh baby I don’t dance not that I can’t there’s just a pistol in my pants”

In all this album gets a nice 3 out of 5. There wasn’t much lyrical skill but what do you expect from a Lil Jon album??? The beats are head nodding but can get very repetitive and like No limit unless you a fan then you’ll probably wont be able to tell the difference behind most of them that’s why I had difficulties explaining them while listening which you’ll see the awful style and descriptions I have used unlike my better ones like Busta It’s Aint Safe no more and many more. Crunk is a nice little south movement if you ask me. Also one thing which you’ll find a flaw normally in albums is the skit are enjoyable as most are supplied by Chris Rock which are funny and then we have the little Dave Chappelle skit.

Recommendation: Buy this album if you like crunk but if not don’t buy this easy as that!