Drag-On – Hell And Back

Drag-On - Hell And Back1. Intro

Just an intro.

2. Feel My Pain

Great way to start off the album, first Drag-On gets *****y with his lyrics, then he switches up to being angry and saying that he’s been gone for 3 years and people thought they’d left him for dead but HE’S BACK! The beat is produced bu Tuneheadz and it’s pretty basic but Drag-On carries it. Good

3. Bang Bang Boom(Feat Swizz)

Eh this is a party track and I don’t really like it. Swizz produced one of the most boring basic beats ever, man whatever happened to the old “World War 3” type Swizz? The chorus is really annoying as Swizz can’t even do that properly. Wack

4. Bronx Skit(Feat Okre Boy, Bar, Haze & neo)

Pointless stupid skit.

5. Respect My Gangsta(Feat Styles P)

Lox finest Styles raps with Drag-On and this is a hard hitting song, the beat pounds and Styles starts it off with a very dope verse. Mr. Devine produced this track and I’ve never heard of him but this is a good beat, nothing fancy just a hard hitting beat. Drag-On rips the shit to pieces, why do people overlook this guy? He’s very charismatic and has flows & lyrics for days. Good

6. Tell Your Friends(Feat Jadakiss)

Weird Matrix type futuristic beat with a mix of Arabian flavor to it. Drag-On spits some good lines and some true lines. I don’t really care for the chorus, it’s not bad or anything but it’s just very simple. Jadakiss is…well Jadakiss, always spits hot shit and this is no different. Good

7. Put Your Drinks Down

This was the single to the album, decent club track but this isn’t what Drag-On is suited for. Average

8. Hector The Killer MC Skit(Feat Capone)

Just a skit and a stupid one at that.

9. Trouble(Feat Fiend)

OH YEEEEEEAAA!!! DOPE! This is one of the best tracks on the album. This has a killer hard Southern beat. Fiend only does the chorus but he does a good one at that, the kids doing the chorus gets annoying but it fits the song. Drag-On just rips the track. Drag-On and Fiend work so well together, I’d love to hear a duo album from them. DOPE!

10. I’m A Ryder(Feat Baby & TQ)

To me this track is really dope. Black Key produces a nice bouncy beat. Drag-On adapts really well to the beat and TW sings such a great chorus, TQ is so *****in dope. Baby even drops a decent verse(For his standards). DOPE!

11. Let’s Get Crazy(Feat DMX)

Real basic beat here, but Drag-On & DMX carry it well. Just pure lyrics here. Good

12. Busta Skit(Feat Capone)

Sounds like a Busta diss here, just a skit.

13. U Had Me(Feat Eve)

Nice bouncy type beat, I love the chorus. This is another guilty pleasure of mine, the song is a definite radio hit. Drag-On comes tight, and Eve…well eh she’s decent on this track. Good

14. Holla At Ya Boy

DOPE! Nice beat and it samples “It’s Too Late” by Carole King & Toni Stern. Drag-On just flows so well on this track, it even has a touch of West to it. DOPE!

15. My First Child

Great track, Drag-On raps about his kid and he sounds so happy to rap about him. This is some great songwriting here. Drag-On raps about being a father and how it just changed his life. The chorus is decent but the singing gets annoying, but that doesn’t stop it from being a great track. Good

16. It’s A Party

DOPE! My favorite track on the album. You’d think this was an actual party track from the beginning but then it turns into a grimey dark song with a dark organ beat. Drag-On just rips it giving dark lyrics and adding more to this track. DOPE!

17. Life Is Short

DOPE! Another very dark track with a dope guitar type beat. I love the chorus and Drag-On just rips it. DOPE!

18. U Had Me(2)(Feat Eve & Aja Smoth)

Nice bouncy Southern type beat. Just a dope track and a nice way to end the album. The chorus is good as well. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating. So far(It’s only Feb though) this is the album of the year. Drag-On is back and he made a more solid album overall. Cop this album, but make sure you cop Opposite Of H2O as well.