Cablez – The Movement

Cablez - The MovementMob Life Records was a Record-label from New Jersey. Their first release was a mix-tape called “The Chosen Ones Vol. 1” this however was their first full-length solo album from one of their artists. The Cablez album was produced by Mob Life’s in-house producer Hela Tight and is joined on this album by guest rappers like JT The Bigga Figga, Edi of the Outlaws, Spice 1, Fue, Q.U, and many more.


01) Intro feat Mutulu Shakur (produced by Hella Tight) 

This album is starting of with a powerful intro. The great Mutulu Shakur (The father of Tupac Shakur) is speaking about Tha Movement over a tight eerie beat. It’s a perfect way to start the album with.

02) Gotta be a way (produced by Hella Tight) 

Cablez is asking us if there’s a way… I don’t know about that but I do know that there’s no way anyone’s NOT feeling this track.. It’s a banger for sure. It’s a perfect way to start the album. Hella Tight came through with a beat that’s catchy, raw, dark, and tight. Of course Cablez’s dropping impressive verses. The hook is simple yet catchy. However the best thing about this song is that it got a meaning behind it. Listen carefully to the lyrics and you will know what I mean.

03) Message from Edi 

Edi is dropping a quick message just to let us know that’s he’s down with Cablez/Moblife.

04) Bustaz feat Edi (produced by Edi) 

It took me a while to like this track. First of all I don’t like Edi that much and this beat is average. The only thing I liked at first was the hook and Cablez verse. I like this track more after a while but I still consider it to be average.

05) Jus wanna get away (produced by Hella Tight) 

When I have a hard time at work, or when my girl and I don’t get along I play this song. Because this is something everyone can relate to, don’t believe me check this part of the hook.
“Time and time just wanna get away sit back and chill just for a *****ing day”.
Not only that the beat is blazing too, with drums and horns in the background that makes this beat original and very good. Just Like the hook Cablez lyrics makes sense and that’s very rare now days in rap.

06) Message from Hassachi Ryda 

Hassachi Ryda is dropping a message and let us now that he’s down with the movement.

07) Hold me down feat Hassachi Ryda (produced by Hella Tight) 

The subject matter on “Hold me down” is about friendship and loyalty. It’s basically about if you got my back I got yours. It’s good that Cablez is dropping songs that mean something instead of the usual “bling bling” bullshit. Once again the beat is banging and Cablez is doing his thing on the M-I-C. I was also surprised by Hassachi Ryda who’s dropping a tight hard verse. Based on that performance I can easily say that he got a career ahead of him in the future.

08) We here now feat Fue (produced by Hella Tight) 

On this song another artist from Moblife is featured. He goes by the name of “Fue” and impresses me with his verse. He’s definitely something to watch out for in the future. Cablez and Fue are lazed with a tight beat that they shine trough. This is one of the better tracks on this album.

09) Freak it (produced by Hella Tight) 

“Freak it” is a club banger for sure! I can see this song blow up with the right promotion. This beat is something people could shake and bounce too all night long. The hook is simple yet catchy. His Lyrics on this song aren’t too special but they shouldn’t be either since this is a track aimed for the club.

10) Message from JT The Bigga Figga 

JT talks about how Moblife will take over in 04.

11) Nuthin` like that Moblife feat JT The Bigga Figga (produced by Hella Tight) 

East meets west in this tight song. Whenever JT makes an appearance it can’t be nothing but good. He brings a lot of energy to this track with his great flow/lyrics. In fact his verse is so good that he outshines Cablez tight verse. The beat fits them perfect too, since it’s got a banging mob sound. Similar to older bay area beats.

12) U don’t want no problemz feat Q.U. (produced by Hella Tight) 

On this track another Mob Life artist Q.U. is making an appearance. I must say that he and Cablez impressed me on this track. They switch verses back and forth and it works perfect due to their chemistry. The beat is well done with drums and piano noise in the background. The hook is good too, could have been better tho.

13) Message from Napoleon

Napoleon former member of the Outlawz drops a message. He also lets us know that he represent for Mob Life.

14) Tha life that we live feat Napoleon, Muszamil, Nzingha Shakur (produced by Hella Tight) 

This was the first single of the album. Although the track is very good I wouldn’t release it as a single. It’s not the normal fake Rap-RnB/club track that works wonder in the mainstream area. Instead it’s an emotion filled track that’s very deep. That’s good no doubt to bad the average people don’t wanna hear tracks like this no more on the radio. Well back to the track. The hook is nicely done with a female singing heartfelt lyric that really catches your ear. The featured guest does their work too by dropping good verses one by one. I was kinda disappointed in Napoleons verse tho. I heard him spit way better before. Cablez is shining on this track too and shows us that he’s good at spitting lyrics with meaning behind them. Tight track!

15) Whatchu gon´ do (produced by Hella Tight) 

On this track Cablez takes it to the street. This is a “ride or die” track. He is basically asking what you gonna do when it’s your time to go. The hook is simple and not very original. The beat is ok. This track is kind of short tho. All in all I don’t like this track so much I usually skip it.

16) Message from Assasin

“Assasin” a bay area rapper lets us know that Mob Life gets love in California.

17) Tha life I lead feat Assasin & Arsinist (produced by Hella Tight)

On this track I’m feeling the beat. Unfortunately I don’t like Assasin that much. He kinda ruins the track with his boring appearance. Arsinist however is laying down a tight verse and Cablez too. The hook is decent and works well with the beat. Ok track.

18) Message from Muszamil 

I’m not sure but I think that Muszamil is Napoleons brother. Anyway he’s dropping a message to Elijah the C.E.O of Mob Life Records and letting him know that he’s down 100%.

19) Survival of the streets feat Muszamil (produced by Hella Tight) 

After a few up-tempo tracks producer Hella Tight slow it down a bit. This track got a laid-back beat that’s very well done. The lyrics are very serious and are about the streets, this track reminds me of Mobb Deep’s classic track “Survival of the fittest”. While this is not as good as that track its still banging and one of the best of this album.

20) Dirty world (produced by Hella Tight) 

This song is easily the best on this album! I can’t stop listen to this track. The crazy part of it was that they weren’t going to put this song on the album (thank god they change their minds) the track starts with a sample that might sound weird at first but once the beat kicks in it makes sense. Cablez is easily performing his best lyrical performance on this track and the hook is crazy. I got nothing bad to say about this song. In fact it’s so good that even my girl who hates “Rap” loves this track. I hope they release this song as a single.

21) Who gon´ ***** wit´ us? feat Fue and Sonny Garcia (produced by Hella Tight) 

When fellow Mob Life artists comes together for a track expect a hot one. Not only are they doing a dope job with their lyrics, the beat is also banging (once again Hella makes it tight like his name). The hook is nicely done by them all. I like how they manage to rep for them self and Moblife on this track. Tight track!

22) Mutulu Shakur Outro (produced by Hella Tight) 

Mutulu Shakur is speaking the real on this outro.

23) Bonus track feat Spice 1, Assasin. San Quinn, Q.U. (Produced by Assasin)

On the last track Assasin is making a hard gangsta beat. He impresses me with this beat it’s very good (didn’t know he had it in him).With an all star line up like this I’m sure you won’t be disappointed either. This song is a tight track and a very Good way to end this album.



Well there you have it the first review of Cablez first solo album. If you are a fan of bullshit “bling bling” and RnB love tracks stay away from this album. The subject matter of this album is about the “Streets life” Cablez and producer Hella Tight did a great job with this album and I recommend it to everyone that likes gangsta rap or reality rap. The only flaws on this album were the skits and that it was too many guests. I would like to hear more solo tracks from Cablez but maybe next time I will…

I give this album a strong 4/5