C-Dubb – Ground Zero Vol 1

C-Dubb - Ground Zero Vol 11. Rider Muzik

Nice Westcoast feel, I dig C-Dubb’s style, it’s unique and he’s fluid with his flow so he’s not tripping over his words and he uses some dope wordplay. Great way to start off the album. Good

2. ***** em All

Nice bouncy-ish beat, it even has a hint of South to it. C-Dubb gives some “***** you’s” to the fake artists out there and all the shady people. C-Dubb doesn’t hold back either, I like this track. Good

3. Futuristik

Pretty good track, not one of my favorites but it gets the job done. Nice futuristic sounding beat and C-Dubb does a good job. Good

4. Ground Zero

Slower paced beat but with a bouncy piano beat thrown in, it’s pretty good. What I like about C-Dubb is that he’s brutally honest, the guy is straight forward and just speaks his mind. The chorus is simple but it’s really good. Great track. Good

5. Worldwide

Again what I like about this album is there are no guests, so you get a real solo album from a real solo artist. To me that’s what it should be about, I’m sick of buying a “solo” album and seeing 20 guests stacked to the top. Again this track is good, and C-Dubb flows well over it. Good

6. Sellin Game

Starts off slow and releaxed then it kicks it, really dope sounding beat here with a mixture of different styles. C-Dubb has a lot of charisma, he’s not just sleep walking through tracks, he’s actually taking the time to deliver dope lyrics. This sort of has an Asian feel to it, but mixed with that Westcoast sound. Really good track here. DOPE!

7. Let You Go

This beat has a party vibe to it, sounds really good. This is a drinking song, so when you go out and get sloshed, make sure you bump this track loud. In a way this also has a meaning, see C-Dubb wants to stop drinking but he just can’t let it go. Good track. Good

8. Finally

Pretty good track, I look at the title and hear the track and I also think “Finally someone knows how to make a good record”. Good

9. Keep It Mobb

Mobbish style beat here, with a slower paced dark feel to it. C-Dubb rips this track to pieces. Great stuff here. Good

10. Here We go Again

Pretty good faster paced track here. Once again C-Dubb shines. Good

11. Strugglin

We’ve all struggled, so we all can relate to this type of track. Good stuff. Good

12. The Formula

Really good beat, nice and bouncy yet with a hint of smoothness. C-Dubb once again shows why he’s a solo artist. A feature? I think not, he doesn’t need a guest rapper. Good

13. Lost Soul

Bouncy Westcoast beat here, sounds sort of like an old school E-40 beat. C-Dubb raps about what makes him smile and that’s performing and booze, well atleast he’s honest, he could be saying flowers blooming make him happy but ***** that, this is C-DUBB! He gives you the honest truth. Good

14. Flamez

Good lyrical track here, C-Dubb has already proven himself to be a great lyricist and this just seals the deal. Good

15. Outro



All in all this gets a Good rating. Now this is what an album should be like, a real solo with ZERO guests. C-Dubb understood this concept and he made it work. Make sure you go to Cdbaby.com & Paystylemusic.com and support D-Dubb, C-Dubb, & E-Moe. BUY IT!