Brotha Lynch Hung Presents: Now Eat, The Album

Brotha Lynch Hung Presents: Now Eat, The Album1. The Corpse Came To Dinner(Brotha Lynch Hung)

We start things out on a positive note. Great track here. Lynch just verbally destroy’s some choad named M’Sane. Brotha Lynch shows some great intensity on this track and the beat is really good. Great track. DOPE!

2. In The Tuck(Nit The Pit)

I’ve never heard of this guy, but he’s awful. What’s with the yelling? I can hear you just fine. Not a good track. Wack

3. Fucc A Struggle(Cos)

COS is such an overlooked rapper. He is the best lyricist in the Siccmade camp. Great symphony style beat, but it has hints of sadness to it. COS does a great job on this track as usual. Good stuff. Good

4. Doing Bad(E-Moe)

Nice piano beat here. E-Moe does a good job here, he can flow really well. Good track. Good

5. Rilla Man(D-Dubb)

Great track here. D-Dubb brings the 70’s soul on this track. Great singing as usual from the Dubb Meister. Just pure dopeness. DOPE!

6. Concrete Jungle(Doomsday)

These guys are from my hometown(Las Vegas) so they get automatic props. Nice piano beat here. Pit does a good job here, yes I know he sounds like Pac, but he’s really dope. Eklypse rules it as well with the raspy evil type flow. Good stuff. Good

7. I’m That Nigga(T Nutty)

DOPE! A star is born here. This is the best track on the album and it shows that T-Nutty has the talent to become something big in this rap business. This track is filled with fun lyrics and just all around charisma. DOPE!

8. Sins(Balance)

Dull track here. I find Balance to be really boring on the mic. This track just does nothing for me. Wack

9. Don’t Be My Pleasure(First Degree The D.E.)

This was on “Damn That DE”, I don’t see why it’s on here, oh well. DE does a good job here, funny lines are scattered throughout the track, especially the part where DE explains the blood on his lips(He was eating up coo chicken strips you see). Good track. Good

10. Mo Shit(Young Droop Feat First Degree The DE)

DOPE! Dark beat here with someone saying “1-8-7” all throughout, just eerie and really put together well. Young Droop just rips this track to pieces, another star is born, if only he weren’t so lazy. The DE sings the chorus and does a good job. DOPE!

11. Im A Hustle(Hollowtip, Mic-C & Young Shande)

Average track here. Hollowtip does a good job but Mic-C is just average and quite boring. This is the true definition of “Filler”. Average

12. Siccmade Rider(Dubb-Sak)

Good track here, nothing really mindblowing, just a dope eerie Siccmade style beat and Dubb-Sak doing a good job with the lyrics. Good

13. Jealous *****es(Zagg)

Nice dark beat here, really hard hitting as well. Zagg is a pretty good female rapper, nothing really mindblowing but good enough. Good

14. It’s Da Mista Nigga(Phonk Beta & Shagg)

This beat sounds like “Remember Me?” off the “Marshall Mathers LP”. Phonk has a very unique flow, I dig it but I can see where someone wouldn’t like it. Good track. Good

15. Court Dogg Gon’ball(Court Dogg)

What an awful track. Court Dogg is an awful rapper, what a Bone biter, you people think Chi Town bites bone? Well listen to this choad. Wack track. Wack

16. It’s Going Down(Lowdown)

Speaking of wack, who the hell is this guy? And why does he get his own track? This guy sounds like C-Loc but much worse and he tries to sing. Ugh, crap be gone from my ears! Train Wreck

17. Deep(Halfbreed)

Halfbreed were some horrorcore group that all the horrorcore fans praised. I don’t see what’s so good about them, I mean they’re not awful or anything, but they aren’t good either. This track has a decent beat and that’s about it. Average

18. Last Call(Loki)

Loki tells a pretty funny joke in the beginning. Good track here, not amazing or anything but it’s a nice way to end this soundtrack. Good

All in all this gets a Good rating. If you’re into Siccmade and Northern California rap then you should cop this.

Brotha Lynch Hung – 24 Deep

Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep24 Deep was the first record that Sacramento rapper Brotha Lynch Hung released. The ep was released in 1993


1. Thought They Knew (Intro) 

Lynch talking, just an intro

2. 24 Deep

Tight oldschool track with a classic sample from Robert Clouse’s movie Enter The Dragon. Lynch flows really hard with some insane lyrics, nothing more to say about this track.

3. Had 2 Gat Ya

This track samples Zapp’s funk anthem “More Bounce to the Ounce” and it has a real old school feeling to it. The beat sounds really mad and I can’t figure out anything more suitable for a Lynch track then this crazy beat.

4. The Next Hoe (Insert)

Just a girl calling a radio station speaking about Lynch.

5. Lose a Hoe, Gain a Hoe

I don’t care what the booklet says because this track must have been produced by the devil. This one might not be the most intellectual track made by Lynch, but this is a real pimp-anthem, all about them hoes.

6. Back Fade

Introduced by the devil, the Ripgut Cannibal gets the track started with the siccness; “Marinating niggas skin like a thick slab of roast beef”. I am feeling this track to the fullest.

7. Jackin’ 4 Joints

A fast tempo beat and a hyped up Brotha Lynch Hung that displays his lyrical skills. The song is quite short but this is as old school as it gets. Jackpot ounce to the bounce!

8. Walkin’ 2 My Funeral

This track features singer Mia Bruce on the chorus and a rapper called T.m. Shades. The only track on the album with a mellow/laid back type of beat. Perfect song to end the album with

9. Fundamentals of Ripgut Cannibalism (Outro)

This is basically a conversation between Brotha Lynch Hung and the Devil. The last thing you hear on this album is one shot. But you really don’t know who pulled the trigger….


If you like Lynch and never listened to this album you won’t be disappointed. Pick it up. Rating 4/5. I consider this as an intro-album to “Season of da Siccness”. Defiantly a great album by the siccest rapper to ever pick up a microphone.