Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E – Westkoasta Nostra

Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E - Westkoasta NostraBoo-Yaa Tribe released their debut album, titled ”New Funky Nation” as early as 1990. After that, they’ve managed to release 2 other albums. “Westkosta Nostra” has been real hyped because of the presence of Eminem, it’s other guests and its Battlecat production. I’m not expecting too much from the album tho.


1. Bang on feat. Mack 10 

The album starts of with a banging west coast beat by Dj Battlecat. The Boo Ya Tribe’s bangin’ on wax and come out real raw. Mack 10’s spicing the track up with a real good verse reppin West hard. “Bang on” was the lead single and it’s an excellent choice if you ask me.

2. On me feat. Kurupt 

“On me” is another west coast produced track. Actually all tracks but one is produced by Battlecat. Thing is it’s not the normal 2003 west coast beat we’re hearing, it’s a banger! Kurupt’s featured on this track and doing a decent job. Booya is raw and reppin’ West as usual… Banger!

3. State of emergency feat. Knoc-Turn’al 

On “State of emergency” the beat’s getting a lil slower and softer which is too bad since Booya can’t sound anything but raw. It’s simply not a good match. The West’ish sound in this track makes it better tho. Knoc-Turn’al is doing a good jump-in on the guest-spot. I’m really enjoying the hook over this tight west coast slow jam.

4. 9-1-1 feat. Eminem & B-Real 

The Booya is really putting up an all-star lineup. On this track, they’ve got superstar Eminem and Cypress Hill member B-Real. The track’s the only non-Battlecat track and is produced by Eminem. Eminem’s doing a good job on it and starts of the track with a good verse. After Eminem’s done, B-Real’s dropping a real tight verse with a good flow. At the time the BooYa steps in there’s already established that this track is tight. Booya’s doing a good job tho and I’m impressed with their lyrical appearances as well as the album this far.

5. Zadiak kreep feat. Gail Gotti 

Battlecat’s really putting down those tight ass west coast beats on this album! “Zadiak kreep” isn’t as up-tempo as some of the other tracks, but the Booya fits in on it anyway. Gail Gotti’s dropping a real raw verse showing some of that Gotti attitude. This track’s another west coast banger.

6. Heated feat. Mr Short Khop 

This track starts up with a cool Italian mob intro before the very tight, heavy beat kicks in. Booya’s giving us a lil “Booya history” lesion. Mr Short Khop drop a real cool verse that’s spicing up this track.

7. Tha Kalling feat. Murder One 

“The Kalling” is probably the first track of this album that I’m not feeling. The beat’s weird… too weird for my taste, and the verses aren’t too special – atleast not good enough to save this one.

8. N full motion feat. WC 

Battlecat did a real good job with this one – the beat’s bangin’! WC, a known crip and Booya Tribe, known bloods team up on this track. The result’s real good tho and I’m sticking to my opinion about WC being a very underrated rapper.

9. Legends 

“Legend” has got a very enjoyable beat, and the verses may be raw, but they’re enjoyable. The hook’s tight too! I really like this track and I’ll probably bump it more.

10. Carson City feat. Fiji 

This beat may be heavy and raw, but it’s way to slow. The track’s kinda ruined by a beat that’s impossible to flow to. Skipper.

11. Tare yo fade feat. Crooked I, Eastwood & Kokane 

“Tare yo fade” has a real tight west coast beats. I don’t know if I even have to say that any more… Kokane’s on the hook and it’s very good. Death Row rappers Crooked I and Eastwood is spitting one verse each, and doing it good. Crooked’s very lyrical as usual and with a real tight Eastwood verse, they’re definitely spicing up the album. The track’s another banger!

12. Beautiful thang feat. Baby Brown 

Another slow jam for the album and another skipper for the album. The 12th and final track’s got a very slow beat and Booyas raw style doesn’t fit in. Skip this one…

I’m very surprised with the Westkosta Nostra. I expected an average album but got a banger! Battlecat’s just KILLING this album with his tight West Coast beats. What Booya was doing didn’t really matter, it’d be tight even if it was a collab between MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice! They’re not too bad tho, and they did what they were supposed to. The all-star lineup also did exactly what they were expected to. This is a really tight album, but it’s no classic. My final rating is 3,5 out of 5.