Bone Thugs-n-Harmony – E 1999 Eternal

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony - E 1999 EternalWhen I first heard Bone Thugs, it was on the now-classic song Crossroads. Back in the day, Bone was crazy, introducing the harmony and sing/rappin styles to the game which modern fake ass rappers (mostly Nelly) jacked, and they were extremely versatile–Bizzy’s high sing-song voice, Bizzy and Krayzie’s fast rappin and flows, Wish’s deep voice and Layzie just to round it out. A lot of the time the group’s lyrical capabilities are underestimated; maybe later on they fell off, but on this album they were tight. Their whole debut album is a straight classic.


1) Da Introduction 

Just a little intro in the beginning, but evolves into a track. Even the intro is a good song! A soft, slow,ominous song with a slow piano and thunder in the background has each Bone Thug spitting it slow, though Krayzie alternates slow and fast very well. Each thug’s verse is a good one, at least. (Great)

2) East 1999 

A dark piano beat with an ominous organ in the background, like music in a video game where you’re in a dungeon (lol). Less harmonious/singing, but each thug’s verse holds it down. (Great)

3) Eternal 

This time flutes counterbalance the piano. This cut sounds more sing-song. Each bone has a really good flow, and I love the half-gibberish singsong chorus. Also they trade rhymes more frequently; this really shows what they can do and that they sound good together. (Excellent)

4) Crept and We Came

Much darker track, there’s lots of harmony and sing-flowing. The verses are good but the flows are, as usual on this album more prominent and very good. The way Krayzie and Bizzy hook up on the chorus is great too. (Great)

5) Down ’71 (The Getaway) 

A dark string beat starts off with a skit about Bizzy being sentenced to death. Each spits a story about gettin away from a shootout/crime scene etc., with no chorus. Again they split into the separate verse formation, and each verse is nice. (Great)

6) Mr. Bill Collector

Like the lighter, laid back tin drum/flute/xylophone(?) beat. A song about makin money, not givin money. Each member is singsongish on the flows, as usual with the usual good verses. I find Layzie’s rhyme scheme strange but it’s a good verse; Krayzie’s is a little lacking. Love the harmony on the chorus and Bizzy’s flow, just a great sound in general. (Excellent)

7) Budsmokers Only 

Another above par track, even for this album full of really good songs. The thugs do a lot of sing-songiness and some harmony, lovin the laid back, echoey, bouncy beat. Simply a great chill song, Bizzy really does sound high tho, his rhymes are all over the place but his flow is still good. (Excellent)

8) Crossroad

The classic, most well-known Bone track. This is one of the best songs on the album. Each Bone Thug raps about missing their loved ones, lots of singing and harmony. Over the laid back flutey, soft piano-laced beat it sounds really good. (Excellent)

9) Me Killa

Bit switch up from the last track, kinda different. A solo acapella of Krayzie singing a verse. It’s not a bad verse, but not really a song. (Good)

10) Land of tha Heartless

A catchy song over a dark, jaunty piano/whistle beat. Each raps a fast verse, with good singy flow as usual. The chorus is really catchy. (Great)

11) No Shorts, No Losses

The thugs rap more than sing over a pretty good string beat. The chorus is kinda generic, not bad but not really up to the album’s par. (Good)

12) 1st of tha Month 

A very light, bouncy track. The light synth beat has the thugs sing/rap about chillin, with a harmonious chorus. Another really good chillin track. (Great)

13) Buddah Lovaz 

Another chill song about lovin budd. Slow, floaty verses sung by each of the Bone Thugs over the fitting, equally slow and floaty piano beat make this a great smokin up song, complete with harmony and trading rhymes. (Excellent)

14) Die Die Die 

A disjointed whistly, piano beat has the bone thugs fast-rap about killin. A good all-around track, though nothing really stands out except Bizzy’s verse. (Good)

15) Mr. Ouija 2 

The bone thugs singing and harmonizing over gun-*****ing and thunder. Still good, just cuz they harmonize so well. (Good)

16) Mo Murda

A light, layered chimey beat counterbalanced by a deep, chanting chorus. Each bone sing-flows their verses, which makes it better. Sounds a bit regretful. (Great)

17) Shotz to tha Double Glock

A deep, dark, creepin piano beat with a weird whistling in the back. The bone thugs rap about killin again. Not bad, not really a great song. Chorus is the best part. (Good)


My Rating: 4.8/5 (Classic)

This album exceeded a lot of people’s expectations. It was versatile from a group you might not expect to be versatile, which you might expect to start to sound the same after a while. Also a lot of people underestimated Eazy-E’s production skills (or at least I did), and I was surprised when I heard all the good beats since he was executive producer. Mostly thought of as the bone thugs’ best album. A bare minimum of the tracks are less than par or sound a bit too much like each other, making it hard to pay attention, but if you listen you’ll find something you like about every cut.

My recommendation: Go get this shit! Even your mother will like the harmonies and shit! It has everything, chill songs, murda songs, singin songs, deep shit..go get it! Classic!