Benzino – The Benzino Remix Project

1. 617 Intro

Dope beat for this and nice singing, too bad there’s no rapping on here. Just a dope way to introduce the album. Can’t rate it though.

2. Who’s Benzino(Feat P-Diddy)

The beat is produced by D-Dot and it’s really good and hard hitting. P-Diddy does the usual here as he goes “Uh huh” “Yea” throughout Benzino’s rapping. Benzino is actually rapping really good here. P-Diddy does a head ache causing outro. Good

3. Bang Ta Dis

This was called “The ebst song on the album” and I laugh everytime I read that. This song is good but basic. Produced by Hangmen 3 and it’s a very good beat and people say Benzino is untalented? The guy sure knows how to produce a beat and ride a beat. Good song. Good

4. Feel Your pain(Feat Outlawz)

Very good track. I love the beat, it has an Oriental feel to it yet has an emotional feel to it. Outlawz do a great job on here, in fact this is one of their best appearances ever. Benzino does a really good verse on here. Hangmen 3 produce the beat and of course you know it’s tight. Kastro has the best verse on this song. Good

5. We Reppin Yall(Feat Made Men)

I love the beat(Produced by Hangmen 3). Benzino does a good job flowing to the beat. You know G-Zus & Twice Thou are both really tight, yet they get lumped in the “Benzino is the worst rapper ever so everyone affiliated with him sucks” category which is so untrue. Everyone holds their own here but Twice Thou easily has the best verse. Good

6. Hallway(Skit)


7. Figadoh(Remix)(Feat Busta Rhymes & MOP)

YES! One of my fav rappers ever(Busta) is on here and he just rips the track to pieces, easily outshining everyone. Benzino has a horrible verse on here. MOP come with the usual stuff they do which is rowdy dope rapping. Good

8. Bang Ta Dis(Remix)(Feat Prodigy & Bars N Hooks)

Better beat than the original but I think Prodigy started sucking after Murda Muzik so I can’t be bothered to care about his verse. Decent track but seems like a cluster***** and besides why is the OG version on this album anyway? Average

9. Nobody Liver(Feat Pink)

The less the said the better, lets just say that Pink & Benzino go together like Peanut Butter and Mayonaise. Wack

10. Picture This(Feat Foxy Brown)

And it’s the most overrated Female MC ever….Foxy Brown! She has a horrible verse, I never saw what was so great in her, she’s just boring and sloppy. Benzino is sloppy as well and seems to care less about the track. Beat is really boring as well. Wack

11. Any Questions(Feat Black Rob)

Hangmen 3 totally carry the track with their SWANK production! Nice gangsta track, very dark but Black Rob is totally unmotivated here and in this situation he should be giving 100% here since Benzino runs the Source and all and Black Rob hasn’t done anything worthwhile, he even works “Like whoa” in there and I laugh because it sounded totally forced. Benzino compares Black Rob to Shaq HA! Anyway a good track nonetheless. Good

12. No Parts Of Us(Feat Bobby Brown & Prodigy)

Horrible! Just simply horrible garbage! Prodigy starts off with babbling about nothing and then Bobby Brown sings the WORST CHORUS EVER! Then Prodigy raps first and I don’t care because he sucks and needs coffee, man show some energy, I know you’re sick but still atleast act like you’re interested. Benzino outshines him and actually tries. Still a horrendous piece of garbo track. Train Wreck

13. So Beautiful(Feat Dr. Bellatoma)

I liked that song by Benzino that featured Bellatoma that was always on BET Uncut, but sadly this isn’t it. The beat is some bastardized West track, man Hangmen 3 could’ve produced a better beat they’re better than that. Bellatoma is annoying and Benzino annoys me on this track as well. What a sloppy track. Wack

14. G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R

Dope dark piano beat by Hangmen 3 and Benzino rides it well, you know he may not be that great lyrically but Benzino does try to atleast flow with the beat instead of talking over it. Good track. Good

15. Big Trev(Skit)


16. Boottee(Remix)(Feat Fabolous & G-Dep)

This song is a guilty pleasure of mine and is 100 times better than the original version. Fabolous starts off with a good verse and is one of the only times I can actually stand him. Benzino with an awkward verse but atleast he flows with the beat. G-Dep has good verse but what the hell is with the “Too young is a man in China” line? He is really reaching right there and that came off as one of the worst punches ever! Anyway the song is good. Good

17. The Jump Off(Feat Raekwon, Cormega, & Superb)

What a cluster*****. The beat is some James Bond type beat and it’s wack to me. Raekwon with an incoherent verse, Benzino with a decent but forced verse and I can’t believe he even had the balls to rap with Raekwon, Cormega with a verse so boring it’d put an insomniac to sleep. I could care less about this track. Wack

18. Shine Like My Son(Feat Ray Ray & Case)

HAHAHAHA!!!! Oh man this is such a bad track, Benzino is talking to his son like he’s in his 20’s with his son going “Yea yea” in a little kids voice, then tells his kid(Who’s about 9 or 10) to use a protection when having sex OK……. What a *****ing farce this was. Train Wreck

19. I’m F**cked Up(Feat McNeil)(Skit)

Nice to see Benzino forget what he told his son and act like he’s *****ed up on drugs. Other than that this song is dope with McNeil totally ripping the track. Great way to introduce this guy. He seems very charismatic albeit generic. Good

20. Throw Dem 3’s(Boston N***az)(Feat KT, Prince, Smoke, Luv, Weirdo, & O.T.)

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!!! This is easily the best album on the whole album. Benzino wisely stays out of this song and lets his rappers shine. I love the beat, this is a head nodder and the dark type mafioso beat adds alot to it. Benzino does a great chorus as well. Great song! DOPE!

21. Go Hard

Very dope beat! Jeff 2 Times and Benzino produce some great beats together. Benzino does a great job at rapping and works his ass off flowing well to the beat. Good

22. N***** Don’t Want It

Nice beat by Hangmen 3, but they repeat the title like 30 times before Benzino actually raps. I love the beat that kicks in when Benzino starts rapping and once again he does a good job at riding the beat. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating. All these Benzino haters haven’t listened to this album, this album is filled with great production, good guests, and Benzino working hard. Cop it if you’re a Benzino fan and buy it if you like good production. I have heard people call this the “worst album ever” but of course they are crack smoking morons so ignore them.


Benzino – Redemption

Benzino - Redemption1. Stayin 4 Eva
This is your “I’m not goin anywhere” type track. That Nigga Moel produced the track and it’s a sick beat. Benzino actually comes pretty dope.

2. Call my Name(Feat Jadakiss)
L.E.S. produced the track. Jadakiss makes a nasty appearance. The chorus is pretty wack as Benzino tries to sing it. Good track(For jada’s appearance)

3. Rock The party(Feat Mario Winans)
I’m sure you’ve heard this before, this is the lead single and Mario produced this. Nice bouncy club beat, catchy chorus. Sure to be a club banger.

4. Would You(Feat mario Winans and Lisa Raye)
Well I can see Mario Winans in this song but Lisa Raye? I know she hosted the awful Source All Access show but man what in the hell is this? And she raps also. Mario Winans produced this but who cares this track sucks.

5. Make You Wanna Holla
Bangin track produced by Hangmen 3. Benzino talkin about the hard times he’s goin through (Um ok lol). The chorus is pretty good. Dope track.

6. Neva Shuvin(Feat Wyclef and M3)
Hangmen 3 produced a banger. Clef does guitar, sings background, and raps. Good track.

7. Gangstas Touch(Feat Cadillac Tah & Black Child)
Hangmen 3 produced this one and it’s not that great, the beginning singin type chorus will make you wanna skip this one.

8. Redemption(Rosary)(Feat Fatal and Kid Javi)
Former Outlaw Fatal joins Benzino on this track and it’s pretty dope. Tone Capone produced a great beat.

9. X-Tra Hot(Feat Daz & Jewel)
LT Hutton produced the track and the beat is annoying. Skip this one.

10. I Remember(Feat Mario Winans)
Hangmen 3 produced the beat and it’s a slow type beat which isn’t that great. Mario sings a pretty wack chorus. Skip it.

11. Get It On
Mario Winans produced this and all the beats he produced on this album sound the same. Wack.

12. 44 Cal Killa(Feat Scarface & M3)
Houston legend Scarface joins Benzino on this track while Trackmasters lay the beat. Benzino starts it off and comes average, Scarface outshines him(of course). This is your typical “Killa” track which gets very annoying fast.

13. Hoola Hoop
Gary Gizzo Smith produced this and the starting is enough to skip it. Wack.

14. Different Kind Of Lady
Hangmen 3 laid down a very dope beat. This is your “Hey baby I saw you and I have to have you” type track. Atleast the beat is dope.

15. Pull Your Skirt Up
This is the infamous Eminem diss song, it’s pretty good actually, Tone Capone produced a dope beat. Benzino talks about the state of hip hop, callin Eminem a wanksta and such.

16. Rock The Party Remix (Feat LiL Kim, Mario Winans, and Petey Pablo)
Ah man they got all annoying rappers to guest. Everyone comes wack.

17. Some hidden track
Um I don’t know who produced this. Dope beat and track though.

All in all a 3/5, it’s average. The guests really helped this album out. I really don’t suggest copping it. The production was solid though.