Rydah J Klyde – Tha Fly Gangsta

Rydah J Klyde - Tha Fly Gangsta1. How It Is(Feat Miami) 

We waste no time getting into the album as there is no 30 second skit as the intro(Thank goodness). Rydah rips it but Miami is really annoying as he repeats Rydah’s last words to a line in a growly type manner. Decent enough. Average

2. Prince Of Tha Projects

Roblo produced the track and it’s really good, got a bounce to it and what sounds like a horn. Rydah rips the first verse, seriously this guy just kills it here. This sounds totally different than any other Mob Figaz solo. Rydah has a great second verse as well. Good stuff here. Good

3. Bonnie B*tches

Traxx produced the track and it sounds cartoony, like when the bad tune gets exploded by some dynamite and it makes that “Wah wah” sound, good beat but a tad odd to use on a rap song. Rydah comes tight. Good

4. How It Should Be(Feat Mac Dre)

“Summer Breeze” is used as the beat here and why is Mac Dre on this type of song? He should be on the goofy type tracks. Rydah has a tight first verse. Mac Dre with the second verse, you know I like Mac Dre but he should only be used on tracks that aren’t meant to be taken seriously, he has a goofy verse. Good enough. Good

5. Throw’d Out(Feat Husalah & Mac Dre) 

See now these are the tracks Mac Dre should be used for. Really goofy type bouncy beat, I love it. Rydah with a good first verse. Husalah rips it here, he also sounds dope over these type of beats. Chorus is Mac Dre “They throw’d us right on out” in a goofy manner, dope stuff. Rydah again with a dope verse. Good stuff. Good

6. Not My Style(Feat Jacka) 

Jacka is a really overlooked rapper, just wanted to say this as he rips the first verse, the beat sounds like something that would be used at a Graduation haha but it’s really dope. Rydah with a really good second verse. Rydah again with a verse, hmmmm that’s a little odd but still a dope verse. Good song! Good

7. Get Yo Money

Banging beat here, hard hitting stuff. Rydah comes tight. Good

8. Undaworld Ties(Feat Keak Da Sneak) 

Speaking of underrated rappers, here’s Keak Da Sneak who is one of the best Bay rappers ever yet he gets slept on, what a shame. Rydah with the first verse and it’s a pretty tight verse. The beat is a little dark but maintains that street sound with a nice organ beat to it. Keak with a good verse, his constipated type flow is an aquired taste but if once you get it then it’s really dope. Good

9. Priveledge

Basic beat, a little boring but Rydah carries it well. Average

10. 50 Shotz(Feat Mac Dre, Husalah, & PSD)

This beat is all over the place. This track in itself is just all over the place and sloppy. Wack

11. Leave Me Alone(Feat Mac Dre) 

DOPE! I love this track here. The beat sounds like something that would play in a lounge. Mac Dre starts it off with a hilarious verse. Rydah with a great second verse, one of Rydah’s best as he flows really well to the beat. Great track. DOPE!

12. I Can’t See(Feat Cutthroat Committee)

Weird beat, pretty sloppy. Not a very good song at all. Wack

13. Fly Gangsta(Feat Yukmouth)

DOPE!!! The beat is nice and bouncy! Yukmouth starts it off with a vicious verse. Chorus is all Rydah and it’s very dope. Rydah with a good second verse and a good last verse. Great track. DOPE!

14. Run Fo It

Wow another dope track, AP-9 starts it off with his best verse ever as he doesn’t yell all over the track and has a great flow on here. I dig the chorus here, a little goofy but it’s dope. Rydah with a great verse. LiL Ric with a pretty good last verse. Great way to end the cd. DOPE!


All in all this gets a Good rating. Easily the best Mob Figaz solo out. You need to cop this album!

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