Lil Rob – Twelve Eighteen Part 1

Lil Rob - Twelve Eighteen Part 11. My Turn

Decent beat here, it sounds like a mix between Just Blaze & Kanye West. LiL Rob sounds like 50 Cent here as he sings in a monotone voice and brings nothing to the table. Ok so this was better than an intro but really he shouldn’t try and emulate other’s because all it will result in is disaster. Wack

2. Summer Nights

This is the single and I can’t stand it. Horrible beat here, it’s so uppity and sickening, it’s like if DJ Quik did E and decided to make a beat. Terrible sing song chorus and LiL Rob brings the suck. Summer anthem? What a *****ing farce this is. Train Wreck

3. Back In The Streets

The beat here is like Kanye West on meth. Just terrible stuff here, way too fast and disjointed with some un-needed soul samples thrown in there. LiL Rob tries to rap fast and it just sounds awkward. Avoid this. Train Wreck

4. Superbad

The beat sounds like In Da Club but much worse. Why is LiL Rob trying to sound like 50 Cent? This is so obvious that it’s sickening. This is like amatuer night at Abe’s 5 & Diner. Just awful all around here. Train Wreck

5. Playground

The beat sounds like some 80’s techno sound mixed with dance drums. This is supposed to be a dance/club type track but this would make people run away from the club. LiL Rob tries the “Slow/whisper” type flow and it doesn’t work. This is the drizzling shits. Train Wreck

6. What Am I Saying?

Bouncy awful beat here. LiL Rob tries to sound like Fabolous here. This is just painful to listen to. This guy cannot even find his own style. What are you saying? Why are you rapping? Why am I even listening to this? Those are the questions that need to be answered. Train Wreck

7. Ooh Baby Baby

Ok I like this beat here. It has elements of jazz, soul, and some 1950’s type sound to it. This is a love track so really you’re only listening to the beat. Good(I dug the beat)

8. Bring Out The Freak In You

We go from good to trash. Wow the beatm sounds really dated. LiL Rob talks about doing “What nasty people do”……moving on. LiL Rob tries the oh so played out “Let me flow smooth here so it looks like I’m talking low”. This my friends is the anti-dope. Train Wreck

9. Rough Neighborhood

Kanye type beat here, complete with soul samples. The beat is pretty cookie cutter, but it’s Rob’s flow that kills the whole thing. The guy has no clue how to rap over this type of beat. Just a sloppy mess. Train Wreck

10. No Future In It

Decent G-Unit-type beat here. Rob does ok here, ok this track really is ok and is probably the best on the album. Good


Very common(Not the rapper) sounding Westcoast beat. Not that good but tolerable I suppose. LiL Rob does ok here. Average stuff. Average

12. I Who Have Nothing(But I Have Respect)

Very long track title. Wow and the beat sounds just like something the Heatmakers would produce. Not that bad actually, in fact quite good. Good

13. I’m Still Here(Bonus Track)

I think we all know that you’re still here, I mean we are listening to your album. What a pointless track. Terrible beat here, very slow and dull. Terrible way to end the album. Train Wreck


All in all this gets a Wack rating. Wow what a poor attempt at pleasing the mainstream. LiL Rob has no creativity and no style. This was un-original horse feces. Avoid this.

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