G-Unit – Beg For Mercy

G-Unit - Beg For MercyG-Unit is a group consisting of superstar 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck. 50 Cent’s album “Get rich or die trying” was a huge success for him and his Shady/Aftermath camp. Expectations have been high and G-Unit has gotten a lot of fans anticipating their album. Tony Yayo’s in jail and 50 Cent previously stated that they won’t use a lot of old verses from him, so I’m guessing he won’t be on too many tracks.


1. G-Unit

The album starts off with a track titled after the group itself. The beat’s cool and Young Buck does the first verse well. When 50 Cent’s kickin’ in on the second verse, he’s trying some fast kind of rap and he seems to have problems keeping up with the beat… Lloyd Banks is spittin some ncie rhymes on the third verse. It’s a nice track overall.

2. Poppin them tags

“G-Unit” is followed up by a “Poppin Them Tags”, a real tight track and definitely single material. The beat’s west coast inspired with an electric guitar and some other instruments over it. Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent are dropping verses. I guess we won’t hear too much of Tony Yayo on this album…

3. My buddy

When Def Jam lied about NWA being inspired by “Scarface”, they could’ve just used G-Unit instead. They’re using a Scarface sample to start off this track. The beat’s simple with some chorus stuff going on in the backround. It’s a cool track but nothing special.

4. I’m so hood

“I’m So Hood” is on some fruity loops shit. Swizz Beatz didn’t produce the track but it sounds like his kind of production. The hook’s probably catchy and everything but honestly, this track is wack.

5. Stunt 101

“Stunt 101” is the first single of this album and you’ve probably heard it and seen the video. It’s a nice track but it’s no “In Da Club”. The beat’s real tight and the group members dropping tight verses.

6. Wanna get to know you

After hearing “Wanna get to know you”, it’ very obvious that Young Buck’s from the south and the other 2 rappers from the east coast. I knew it before listening to this track, but this is a perfect example of how you can hear the difference. This Slow Jam would suck if it wasn’t for Young Buck who’s on the first verse. Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent are boring on this one.

7. Groupie love

This track is an other, kind of slow track with cool verses and okay production. It’s nothing special, but at the same time not a wack track. Tony Yayo, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks are on the verses.

8. Better ask somebody

At this point, I’m very disappointed in this album. 50 Cent’s solo album “Get rich or die trying” had some bangers and real good production right through while this album is filled with fillers.

This track’s having some nice verses but production’s weak, making the verses seem weaker than they really are. Young Buck is again spicing the track up to an average level.

9. Footsteps

“Footsteps” is a Young Buck solo track with 50 Cent on the hook. The hook’s wack and the production is weak. Young Buck, the least anticipated G-Unit member to drop a solo album, is showing the world why they should anticipate his solo album.

10. Eye for an eye

“Eye for an eye” has a tight beat. Unfortunately Lloyd Banks ruin it on the first verse. I used to like Lloyd Banks but he’s just boring on this track. Young Buck’s trying to save the track on verse two but he’s unsuccessful. At the time 50 Cent’s kickin’ in, the track’s already doomed.

11. Smile

This tracks production sounds kinda like “21 Questions”, but it’s not as good. Lloyd Banks’s doing most of the lyrical content and he’s making a decent effort.

12. Baby you got

What’s up with these slow tracks? 50 Cent didn’t gain his fame by doing slow jams, so why is he filling an album with them? This track is just like the previous tracks so there’s not much to say. Only difference might be that this one’s even worse. Once again, Young Buck’s the only highlight. The hook’s ok too.

13. Salute you

Finally a good beat! This is in the “Symphony in X major” style. Young Buck and Lloyd Banks are each doing good verses. 50’s on the hook. Tight track!

14. Beg for mercy feat. Dr Dre

They should’ve released this as the first single instead of “Stunt 101”. Dr Dre on the track means Dr Dre on the production. Dr Dre on the production means heat! G-Unit need a good producer to back them up or their music won’t be nothin’ special. They’ve got the production on this track and that makes them able to shine on the lyrical part of the track too. Even Lloyd Banks sound tight over this.

15. G’d up

This track’s an other example of how G-Unit need good production to back them up. The production on “G’d up” is tight and for some reason that makes G-Unit’s flow better. The album’s definitely improved on the later part of it.

16. Lay you down

“Lay you down” is another slow track, but a tight one! Young Buck’s doing the longest verse and he’s doing it very good. 50 Cent hasn’t been shining as much as one might’ve expected from him on this album. As on most other tracks, he’s doing the hook on “Lay you down”.

17. Gangsta shit

“Gangsta shit” is a nice track. 50, Young Buck and Lloyd banks are flowing over an up-tempo beat and they’re doing it very good. If it wasn’t for these last tracks, I’d be very, very disappointed with this album.

18. I smell *****

The last track of the album starts off with 50 Cent dissing Irv Gotti and Ja Rule of Murder INC. This Sam Sneed produced track is a nice way to finish of the album.


“Beg For Mercy” is a nice album. It’s got some tight tracks like “Poppin them tags”, “Beg for mercy”, “G-d up”, “Lay you down” and “Gangsta shit”. It’s also got weak tracks like “I’m so hood”, “Groupie love”, “Smile” and “Baby you got”. The production was the key when 50 Cent became an overnight superstar with “In da club” and the rest of his first album on Shady Records, and production’s the reason for this album to be weak as most of the production is average or below average. Because of the tight tracks listed before, I will rate this album 3 out of 5. It’s an average album but probably a disappointment for the G-Unit fans. One thing this album made me do was to anticipage a Young Buck debut album more than any other group members album.

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