Big Pun – Yeeeah Baby

Big Pun - Yeeeah Baby1. Creation (Intro)

Along the lines of Frankenstein’s creation, where Pun is created from parts of other artists. Eddie Murpy being part of him gotta be the funniest part though!

2. Watch Those Prod. by Knobody

Good first track. Uses the Starsky and Hutch theme tune. To good effect as well. About those who act shady and to be aware of them. Good use of electric guitar loops.

3. Off Wit His Head ft Prospect Prod. by Just Blaze

Would i expect any less from a Just Blaze production? Dueting with Prospect, this makes a tight combination. The only down side is each verse is only four bars long and you hear the chorus many many times throughout. It’s still tight though, just a little repetetive.

4. It’s So Hard ft Donell Jones Prod. by Younglord

Piano driven beat. Simple, but i love it. Jumpy feel to it. Pun flows over it perfectly. Pun is talking about his fame and recognition. Donell Jones also supplies a nice hook too

5. We Don’t Care ft Cuban Link Prod. by Younglord

Its such a shame this track is only 2 verses long. Pun really goes off on this one with his lyrical flow. Pun’s best flow performance on the CD is on this track. Its a dark and traumatic beat. Going out to tell others about the Terror Squad.

6. New York Giants ft M.O.P. Minnesota

I’m not too big a fan of M.O.P. coz i feel they shout too much! However they’re relegated to only one verse between them and the hook! The beat is horn driven, it reminds me of a background beat Tim Westwood would use on his radio shows! Tight beat. Bad choice of guest appearance.

7. My Dick ft Tony Sunshine Prod. by KNS and Guy Boogie

Love the hook! Just have to mention the hook! Something to sing to yourself when people keep getting at you Tony Sunshine has a good one-and-a-half long verse, but that’s no bad thing coz he’s a nice singer, although i think this is more of a Sunshine than a Pun one. Nice and laid back though despite the song content, and its good to chill to.

8. Leatherface Prod. by Mike Trauma D and Jugrnaut

Another electric guitar driven track. It seems by now that Pun is a fan of decapitating people! It’s not really that good i don’t think, i think its just average to me compared to “Off With His Head” (same concept, right?) although the distress samples do at to the buildup in the bridge. Average, i say.

9. Air Pun (Skit)

LOL. Only the lead into the next song so it’s a bit pointless. Pun is asleep on an aeroplane. I find that a strange scenario, coz Fat Joe isnt allowed to fly because of his weight, so how is Pun on a plane?! Hell, its just a skit! Funny when Pun farts though… always gets me!

10. 100% ft Tony Sunshine Prod. by Sean Cane

The hook is all in Latino so i don’t understand it. While i mention the hook, the sound sample appears to be quite muffled when it plays. I don’t think it was equalised very well. That doesn’t mean i don’t like the song. Got a real Latino vibe to it and makes you want to jump to it. Pun is talking about putting his all into the rapping effort and doing it all to be the number one.

11. Wrong Ones ft Sunkiss Prod. by Just Blaze

Not a 5/5 Blaze beat (nice bass throb with drums) but Pun manages to tear it up. His performance is on the level of what he spits on “We Don’t Care” Sunkiss also delivers a slick verse on his behalf, but is outdone by Pun.

12. Laughing at You ft Tony Sunshine Prod. by Ogee

You can’t knock the mocking tone of this song. Has a real holler at those who denied Pun anything as he was growing up and how he’s completely overcome those who thought they were bigger than him yet look what he got now?! Those with a wide music interest will recognise the “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” interpolated hook too. HA HA HA! Adds to how you may relate to the song. Deep. And i like it, although it isn’t too special if you don’t feel you’ve never been in Pun’s place.

13. N*gga Shit Prod. by Buckwild

Poetry on wax really. Boring if you ask me, just repetition of the first line over and over about the stereotypical black culture set to a piano loop. You’ll skip it after you heard it a few too many times.

14. Ms. Martin ft Remi Martin Prod. by DJ Shok

I’m not too big a fan of the Ruff Riderz productions or rappers. Too much emcee-based rapping but leaving them with boring beats (not particularly the RAW type either) Pun’s hook is dire. The most annoying you’d ever hear Pun at I’m afraid. Skip it coz Remi gets the whole song and gets boring.

15. My Turn Prod. by L.E.S.

Dark feel to a piano-tinkling and cymbol beat. It’s a bit boring however. Feels too slow and very depressing and lonely. Below average. Also note that Pun said it features Tony Sunshine but he doesn’t appear on the track. Its a posthumous mix and a badly done job too

16. You Was Wrong ft Drag On, Fat Joe and Remi Martin Prod. by DJ Shok

Another below-par DJ Shok production. Too boring with the beat making. All the verses feel average too. Pity.


My copy of the CD came witha Sony “Urban Classics” sticker attached to it, which is a shame because it shows that it shifted a good few and Pun wasn’t even around to witness it blowing up. I had to listen to this twice before writing the review because i wanted to get into the mood of the CD then compare it to Capital Punishment.

I like this CD. Its no Capital Punishment so it doesn’t mean i’ll be running out to tell all my friends about it like i did with his first but it’s still dope and does sort of grow on you. Lyrically Pun is a Latino rhyme-god and the majority of the beats are on point too, just why Pun felt he had to link up with the likes of Remi Martin and DJ Shok productions i wont know why because at about the point you hear the first Ruff Rider track the CD becomes a turn off. I guess this is the trouble with posthumous releases.

I feel they did a good job with it but messed up some appearances and productions and even just put a few boring Pun cuts in from left over material


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