Layzie Bone & Young Noble – Thug Brothers

Layzie Bone & Young Noble - Thug BrothersWe never got the Outlawz and Bone Thugs N Harmony collaboration album. Instead, Layzie and Noble hooked up to do this duo album.
1) Stand Up

Nice opening intro. Layzie is repeating words through out the whole song kinda similar to how Bone Thugs do it. The beat is mellow and got a nice laid back vibe to it, good short intro, sets the mood for the album.
2) Put Me In A Cell

Layzie starts off the track with the hook. After that, Noble lays down his first verse. The verse is raw and goes perfect with the beat. The hook is deadly and very effectively done by Layzie. You can tell by this track that they are a great duo, Noble stands for the hard hitting lyrics and voice while Layzie is the smooth rapper with a lower voice that puts more harmony to the songs.

3) Stay On The Grind

On almost every rappers albums you will find a track about hustling and working hard and this album is no exception. This track goes out to everyone that is out there trying to make a better living. I’m feeling the message in this track because it’s all about staying positive and do your thing. My only complain is that the beat could have been better.

4) What The Problem Is

Everybody got a problem with something and that’s exactly what this track is about. What I like the most about this track is that they once again deliver a message. The Hook is repeating the words “What the Problem Is” and it’s very catchy and effective. Very good track, also we will find Layzie on the hook and on most of the verses while Noble is absent with only one verse.

5) Money First


6) Young Soldier

Mike Mosley produces this track and as always when it comes to his beats, they are tight. The message is clear, get the money and ***** the fame. The difference between this track and the others is that Noble is also on the hook and appears as much as Layzie does on the track. Great track! One of the best of this album.

7) We Can Get It On

This far into the album, the beat on this track is the hardest. It don’t sound like the other beats either. This is similar to The Outlaw sound while the other tracks remind me of how a Bone album sounds. Good track with verses dedicated to 2Pac, Yak and Eazy-E.

8) That’s The Shit

So far most of the album’s been laid back. On this song the beat is more up-tempo. I gotta say that it works real well. The track is basically about ballin’ and having good things. Nice track with a tight hook.

9) Man Up

I love these type of beats: hard, raw and a heavy bass. It’s also laid back and fits both rappers styles. The downfall of this track is Noble tho, he fits perfect on this beat but his delivery is lazy and uninteresting. The hook ain’t that good either. Skip it,

10) Then Your Gone

What I like about this track is that they use the sample that UGK uses on “One Day”. Don’t know where the sample is from but I really like it. Deep track with a sad hook is the best way to describe this song. I like how Layzie is singing the hook. Very catchy. I think it’s one of the best songs on this album.

11) I Got Cha

The first love track on this album! I like how they made it sound ok and not to corny, I hate mainstream, love songs – and that’s not the case with this track. However, it’s not the best track on the album. The song gets annoying after a while; I think they repeat the words “I Got Cha” to much. Skip it.

12) Be A Gangsta


13) The Legacy Continues

Easily the best track on the album, Layzie is opening the track of with a verse taken from Easy-E and it works perfectly. They once again dedicate a track to Easy-E and 2Pac and tell everybody that the legacy will continue alltho they are no longer with us… Tight track with an up-tempo beat and a bass-heavy beat.

14) Thug Brothers

Same as the intro… Nice way to end the album


I would recommend this album to every Bone Thugs and Outlaw fan out there. I was really surprised how well this duo worked out. Most of the tracks are real good. The downfall is the lack of tracks standing out, and that the album is a little short. Other than that, it’s got a nice laid-back vibe to it and is very well done…

My Rating is 3.5/5. Pick it up.

Young Noble – Noble Justice

Young Noble - Noble Justice1. Respect Ourz 

Beat is basic, but Noble wastes no time. He rips the track to shreds and uses some really good breathe control and multi’s. The chorus is good as well. Noble carries the beat and brings it up to a good rating. Good

2. Godz Handz

Softer type track. This is not Nobles type of track to rap on, it’s way too slow, faster rapid gangsta beats suit him better. He tries but it’s just average and with the singing it just gets annoying. Average

3. Hate Me Or Love Me

Now this is the type of track Noble should be on. Nice bouncy gangsta beat and Noble wastes no time ripping it to shreds. It’s got a nice party vibe with a touch of gangsta to it. Good

4. Gotz 2 Go(Feat Hellraza, Hommicide, & Napoleon)

Nice Outlawz vibe to it, slower beat but it rides. Hellraza shines on this track. Good stuff. Good

5. Noble Justice

Soft song, but it’s clever. Noble raps about his son and the concept here is that he’s writing a letter to him. I really don’t like the female vocals, it gets annoying, so it’s average. Average

6. I Ride U Ride

Noble just rips this Reefologist beat. Nothing special but it is lyrical so you have to respect that. Good

7. Over Again(Feat EDI)

Chorus is really cliche’d, decent song but there’s nothing interesting on here. Average

8. Baby Mama(Feat Val Young & Ed Bone)

Blah, this song sucks. Gangsta rappers cannot do love song’s, they are just cliche’d and horrible. Wack

9. Get Bac(Feat EDI & Napoleon)

Nice symphony type beat, just a lyrical circle. As Noble, EDI, and Napoleon just spit straight lyrics, with EDI outshining both. Good

10. Dead Or Alive

Pac & Yak dedication and honestly the beat sucks, Noble tries but man the beat is just boring, and what’s weird is that Mike Dead produced this and he usually makes great beats. Wack(Noble isn’t a miracle worker)

11. Raised As 1(Feat Hellraza, Dirty Bert, LiL D, & Shorty B)

Good song, it’s another lyrical warfare song but nothing stands out. It’s just lyrics for the hell of it and there’s no story told or anything. Good

12. Timez Up(Feat Game)

Is this the same Game that everyone is creamin over? Man this guy is average at best, oh well whenever someone signs with Aftermath, every bandwagon “rap fan” has to jump ship. Noble outshines him. Average

13. Gatz Up(Feat EDI & Napoleon)

Beat sounds like Hail Mary but rougher. It’s a good song, these are the type of songs the Lawz should be doing. Good

14. Don’t Know(Feat Nutt-So)

Decent track, nothing really special. Noble of course rips it but Nutt-So seems average. Average

15. Your World(Feat Baby Girle)

Just awful, the least said the better. Train Wreck

16. Get Low Outlawz(Feat JT the Bigga Figga & Get Low)

Sean T produces a basic boring beat, but everyone carries their load. Good

17. Enough 2 Make(Feat Kastro, Napoleon, & EDI)

Weak track, you’d think having basically all the Lawz on there they’d made a banging track but I guess not. Wack

18. Don’t Cry(Feat EDI & Napoleon)

Best track on the album, the beat is really good(Produced by Mil). Song is about not crying when you die. Great track, the chorus is good and everything is all good here. Good

19. Lightz Out(Feat EDI, LiL Zane, Bad Azz, & Yukmouth)

Can you spot the rapper that doesn’t belong? Zane actually carries his load, he doesn’t embarass himself…much. Yukmouth of course outshines everyone and makes them cook his dinner. Nice way to end the album. Good


Well there are no skits which is always a plus. I give it a Good rating. Cop it if you’re an Outlawz fan but if you’re just getting into them, then you might want to cop their Still I Rise album.