Ying Yang Twinz – Me & My Brother

Ying Yang Twinz - Me & My BrotherThis is the third album from southern brothers Ying Yang Twinz. A lot of people isn’t feeling the Ying Yang’s style, but I’m not one of those people.


1. Them brave (Skit)

2. Hanh!

The Ying Yang Twinz start their album of with a banger. “Hanh!” has got a banging beat with real cool lyrics to it. The screaming and the “Haaanh” in the backround is making the track extra crunk. Tight track!

3. What’s happenin! Feat. Trick Daddy

“What’s happenin!” is another banging from the Ying Yang Twinz. This time they’re bringing in Trick Daddy to drop some heat. The best part about this track has to be the hook though – it’s tight as ***** getting you all crunk’d up!

4. Grey goose

“Grey goose” is a lil hard to explain. The beat’s crunk but at the same funky, while the lyrics are fitting the beat perfectly. I really like this track tho, and there haven’t been any poor tracks on this album this far!

5. Salt shaker feat. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

Ahh damn! The Ying Yang Twinz are bringing in Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz. Can this NOT be crunk?!? It’s crunk alright, but it’s not as good as the 3 previous tracks. It’s still tight tho!

6. Georgie dome (Get low sequel)

Dayumn! What can I say? This shit’s tight as *****! Get crunnkkkk!!

7. What the *****! Feat. Bonecrusher & Killer Mike

You know shit’s gonna be crunk when you bring in Bonecrusher and Killer Mike. As I’m listening to this track I’m thinking this is one of the best albums of 2003. Even tho “What the *****!” isn’t one of my favourite tracks from this album, it’s real tight.

8. Calling all zones feat. Hitman Sammy Sam & Khujo

“Calling all zones” is a lil slower than most other track on this album. Ying Yang Twinz are sounding like they’re getting crunk, but I’m not. It’s a nice cut tho.

9. Me & My Brother

“Me & My Brother” is obviously the title track. It’s a nice cut with slow, dark production. It might be a cool title of the album, but the track isn’t all that. Average.

10. Hard feat. K.T.

“Hard” is a nice cut, but if I were the executive producer of this project, it wouldn’t make the final cut. I guess it’s hard to remove tracks from an album with only 14 tracks tho… The track is crunk but nothing compared to the previous tracks dropped by the Ying Yang Twinz.

11. The nerve calmer

“The nerve calmer” is more like a skit, which is good since the few seconds of rapping over a beat is wack.

12. Naggin’

This is the lead single from this album. If you’re reading this review close to the release date, you can check our video section to check it out. Actually, it’s also currently in our musicbox! The track’s real tight and an excellent choise for the first single even tho there are better tracks on the album. The Ying Yang Twinz are complaining about women, just like women complain about men alot.

13. Naggin’ Part II (The answer)

This is the answer to “Naggin’”, performed by female rappers Ms Flawless and Tha Rythum. The production’s still tight, and it’s a new and original idea to make a reply like this. The two female MC’s are tight too. I like it!

14. Armageddon

“Armageddon” is the final track of this album. It’s an average cut and a neat way to finish the album.


Let it be known, that this is a hella tight album! Especially the first part of the album is crunk as ***** and I’m VERY impressed! I’d grade this album 4 out of 5, BUT…

There’s 14 tracks. Out of those 2 are skits and one track’s performed by two female MC’s. That makes it 11 Ying Yang tracks.

11 tracks isn’t enough to get a grade like 4 out of 5, so I’ll grade this album 3.5 out of 5.