Trick Daddy – Thugs R Us

Trick Daddy - Thugs R UsThe Miami rapper Trick Daddy hasn’t been one of my favourite rappers during the years, but a lil trip to the Dirty South made me change my mind. That’s also where I got this album from…

1. Intro

2. I’m a thug

I like the production of this track, and the chorus are cool too. Trick Daddy’s saying he’s a thug. Tight track right here. Good way to start the album.

3. Where U From (feat. Trina & Duece Poppi)

Trick Daddy, Trina and Duece Poppi’s representing where he’s from and other places I guess. Persionaly, I like this track. That could be very affected by the fact that I used to stay at one of those places. Trick’s representing and if he’s representing where you’re at, you’ll love this song. If not, you’ll probably like it anyway.

4. Noodle

This production may be loved by some, but I’m not feeling it. It’s ok tho. It’s a nice track to put on on the after party when you’re lighting up that last one tho. Trick Daddy’s lifting this track.

5. Take it to da house (feat. Slip-N-Slide Express)

Definitely a party track with a cool hook. You might not be stunned by the lyrical capacity of the guests on this song, but they’re ok. If you play this track at a party you’ll definitely enjoy it.

6. Trump in the trunk (Skit)

7. Can’t ***** with the south (feat. J.V.)

Sure the other coasts can ***** with the south, but Trick’s doing a very good attempt to claim that the dirty south owns the game. This is a realy tight track with tight lyrics, tight hook and tight production. Definitely one of my favourite cuts on this cd.

8. Survivin’ tha drought (feat. Duece Poppi)

This track is kinda weird. The production is mellow, but the raps are kinda raw. Not one of my favourite songs on this album.

9. Pull over (remix) (feat. Trina, Kase & Duece Poppi)

If you like the original version of this track, I’m sure you’ll like this one too. It’s an up tempo beat with cool lyrics to it. A party track.

10. Have my cheese (feat. J.V. & Money Mark)

I don’t know if I should love or hate the production on this track. It sounds kinda wack at first, but then when the hook shoots in I’m feeling it. It’s still not one of the better tracks on this album tho.

11. Bricks & Marijuana (feat. Kase)

I haven’t heard much from Kase, but he’s wack on this song. He ruins it. The production is ok at most, so this track is a “skippable” track.

12. N Word (feat. Tre+6 & Duece Poppi)

Yeah we know you use the N word, Trick. You didn’t have to do a wackass song about it.

13. 99 problems (feat. Tre+6)

99 problems but a ***** aint one… The production on this track is ok but the lyrics are kinda wack.

14. For all my ladies (feat. Trina)

Wow. A few wack tracks are followed up by this tight ass track! And an other tight assed rapper is on it – Trina. She’s coming out really well on this one. Actually, Trick Daddy isn’t even on this one!

15. The hotness (feat. Society)

I’m actually feeling this cut. I’m probably one of the few tho… Not much of a production and the lyrics aren’t all that either. I’m feeling the beat, tho.

16. Somebody shoulda told ya (feat. Migraine)

What the ****! I thought this was a Trick Daddy album! He hasn’t appeared a lot on these past tracks at all! This track has ok production and wack flow.

17. Amerika

Slow jam. Tight. You’ll definitely feel this track. Trick Daddy’s criticising the government… All in all a good song.

18. Duece Poppi snippits (Bonus)

A lil promotion for the upcoming star of Slip-N-Slide – Duece Poppi. Sounds cool… but has nothing to do with this album.

This album has its ups and downs. Personally I was feeling a lot of the tracks, but that could be because I’ve heard it at a lot of parties etc. The best songs are really tight, but the others are kinda wack.
I give this album 2.5 out of 5 stars.