Rappin’ 4 Tay – Gangsta Gumbo

Rappin' 4 Tay - Gangsta Gumbo1. Yo(Feat Coolio)
Wow, Coolio? I haven’t heard a verse from him in a long while. He really comes tight here. You know, Coolio has always been a very talented rapper, but people tend to label him as a joke(Which is so wrong it’s not even funny). 4 tay does a great job as well. The beat is reall basic, but both men make it work. Good

2. Sucka(Feat Too Short)
Bouncy type beat, but with a soft touch. Both men talk about being players, and still having the game on lock. That’s sort of funny in a way, because when was the last 4 Tay hit? I’m not hating on the guy, because he’s one of my favorite Bay rappers, but get real. Too Short does his usual. Good track. Good

3. If It Wasn’t 4 You(Feat Nate Dogg & Suga Free)
Sloppy beat here, I can’t tell if the producer wanted to make a pimp beat or a bouncy type beat, either way they mix together to form a mess. Nate Dogg remains the most overrated hookman ever. He adds nothing to this track. Suga Free tries, but man this is bad. Wack

4. Gossipin Ass Nigga(Skit)

5. Rumors
Wow, this is just terrible. Why is 4 tay making a club track? WHY?!?!?!? Dude, make a pimp track, that’s what you’re good at. Don’t make tracks for the moronic Redbull & Vodka drinking chumps. Make tracks for the Don P drinking players. Wack

6. 360 Degree’s(Feat Eightball, Spice 1, & E-40)
This is a recycled track off Eightball’s “Lost” album, it’s still a great track. Everyone comes tight here, and it’s a great beat by Ant Banks, filled with the nice piano sounds. Good

7. Sweet Luv 2(Feat Daz & Kurupt)
Again, this is recycled. I liked “Introduction To Mackin'” a lot, but this track was not one of my favorites. Kurupt was already wack by this point, and Daz was getting there. Yea, not exactly a great track, but the beat was pretty decent I suppose. Average(For the beat, and Daz seemed motivated)

8. Ghetto Starz(Feat Game Bangers)
Nice bouncy type Los Angeles gangsta type beat. This would sound great in the ride. 4 Tay actually raps really well over this beat, and outshines everyone else on the track. Good track. Good

9. Balla Balla(Feat Flexx & Michelob)
Boring drum type beat. THese tracks don’t really work that well unless you’re really charismatic. 4 tay has charisma, but he can’t pull this off, and neither of the features can either. Wack

10. Gangsta Gumbo(Ambassedor & JT The Bigga Figga)
Hey, you guys like to listen to the 2001 era Get Low Records? Well, this is right up your alley. Lifeless lyrics & sloppy flows, not to mention an uninspired beat to go along with it. This is pretty average. Average

11. What Is Gangsta Gumbo(Skit)

12. Keep Hustlin'(Feat Spice 1, Michelob, & Kandi)
Sappy soft type beat. I don’t like these type of beats, especially when someone like Spice 1 is rapping over it. 4 Tay can make these beats work, but the others can’t. This sounds like something the NB Ridaz would rap over. I was waiting for the Troutman-like voice synth to kick in. Wack

13. Burning Burning(Feat Eastwood & Michelob)
Good beat here, it’s like a weird bouncy disco type beat that really doesn’t fit 4 tay, but he(4 tay) tries to make it work. I appreciate the effort displayed. Eastwood is a rapper I care nothing about, and he doesn’t really add anything exciting to the track. Good beat, good try by 4 tay, everything else? Bad. We’ll call it average. Average

14. Bay Life
Really good track here, with a beat that’s pretty 1995 Bay here. 4 tay spits out some paranoid type lyrics that fit the beat. The Bay fans need to hear this one. Good

15. Me & My Daughter
I liked this, because not too many rappers do this kind of stuff. 4 Tay raps about how he wants his daughter to grow up and be successful. The beat is a little too seizure inducing, but the message was right. Good

16. Dreams(South Central Cartel)
Dark gangsta mob type sound here. The SCC are very overlooked, and quite possibly one of the greatest gangsta groups around. Havoc & Prodeje deserved much more success. Everyone comes tight here, and the crazy laughter sound effects are a nice add. Good

17. In The Club(Game Bangers)
Another club track, and wow, this one sucks as well! Does anyone really care about these type of tracks anymore? I mean, atleast the mainstream rappers know their tracks will get played in an actual club. Wack

18. B4 Entertainment

All in all I’m giving this an Average rating. Well, it was an attempt, but the recycled tracks and the uninspired club tracks hurt more than helped. Give this a good listen before you even think about buying it.