MC Ren – Shock Of The Hour

MC Ren - Shock Of The HourAlbum: Shock Of The Hour Artist: MC Ren
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MC Ren. A member of one of the most notorious groups in the history of rap. MC Ren has for a long time been considered one of the best lyricists of the group. Ren, is politically strong. Some may find his music offensive but he simply raps the truth. MC Ren is one of the realest rappers around today. This album is apart Ren’s high part in his career. There has been much controversy about the music he put out, solo and with NWA.



Basically a short introduction track. The villain in black is introduced. Ren’s skills are undeniable from the very start. A simple, yet great beginning to this album.

Same Old Shit 

A great track. MC Ren has a steady pace on this track. Basically, Ren raps about his day, being the same, every day, and every night. This is an extremely tight track. On almost pities lifestyles such as these.
“Same old shit every morning when I wake I’m thinkin’ of another *****’s money to take”

***** What Ya Heard

Ren warns the listener to forget all about what they have heard about him, and that no one knows anything. It has a dope beat, dark and menacing to suit his sinister lyrics. A great track.
“In ’93 I’m wreckin’ shit so you can ***** what ya heard I’m droppin’ plenty shit like a mother*****in’ bird”

All The Bullshit Aside 

It starts off extremely violent. MC Ren shows he has skills on the mic as he switches up his style multiple times. This is a great track. Ren has some great lyrics on it and he raps out the truth
“I killed that ***** that waited 40 ounces Start hittin’ my switches cuz my 40 bounces”

One False Move

A great track. MC Ren basically calls-out all of the sell-out artists whom aren’t keeping it real. This is a lyrically dope track. MC Ren doesn’t come hard but he still is incredible.
“Move, now let me fall into the groove Breakin’ niggaz off but I break ’em off smooth”

You Wanna ***** Her

A great track. It’s about a regular hoe who has been *****ed by just about everyone. He talks about her life and everything she does. He warns the listener that this “*****” is a hoe. This track gets a bit disgusting as he goes into great depth but it’s still great.
“The ***** is a stripper but thinks she’s a star Still rides the bus, can’t afford a *****in’ car”

Mayday On The Frontline

An extremely menacing track. Lyrically high and politically on point. It’s vicious and honest. He raps about street life and what happens. It really hits you hard…
“Niggaz screamin’ mayday ’cause Ren is kickin’ ass like pele Makin’ fools run like it’s a relay”

Attack On Babylon 

By far the best track on the album. He raps with a simple style but what he says is very powerful. It’s politically strong and harsh. It’s brutally truthful and is simply amazing. One of his greatest songs.
“I told ya Ren’ll be back with the niggaz in the dodge and the camoflauge But it after tahj, a million niggaz no mirage”

Do You Believe 

On this tight track MC Ren basically questions many things that have been said in the past. Ren is smooth on this politically charged track. Among the best songs of the album.
“How da ***** can you believe, that people turns to spirits? Don’t run with that bullshit because I don’t wanna hear it”

Mr. ***** Up

MC Ren raps a bit softer on this track. He eases up his style and adopts something much more laid back. This track is all about him. It is a great track, extremely different from the rest of his album.
“My niggaz call me Grinch and yes I’m known to be a ***** up Loaded clip, folded sticks, my lifts and double cuffed up”

Shock Of The Hour 

Are you ready for the shock of the hour? This is a dope track. MC Ren raps hard and is enormously politically strong. One of the best tracks of the album. A perfect ending to this amazing album.
“Now it license lights with million knights the divides and canyon The shock of the hour has come to devour the evil, deceivers, and satan”


This album is by far his best. Lyrically he is on a cloud and his delivery is dark and harsh. MC Ren rips the mic apart. The album is strong on many points. His political rapping is a breath of fresh air. He never lets the listener take a break. To some it maybe a bit to racist for them but it is just short from being a work-of-art. A definite recommendation for the fans of the villain in black, NWA and someone who wants to get a taste of his great rapping. You want quality? This album is full of it. It contains full of banging tracks.