LL Cool J – 10

LL Cool J - 10LL Cool J is a legend in rap. He’s released 10 albums counting this one, and if you listen to rap, you definitely know who LL Cool J is. Recently people’s been saying he fell off, so it’ll be interesting to listen to this album.

1. Intro

2. Born to love you

LL Cool J’s starting off this album with a neat beat and cool lyrics. The guitar string in this makes the track go from average to above average.

3. Luv you better

At first when I heard this song I thought the production was tight, but now I realize it’s realy a 5 second string over and over again. I know a lot of people like this track, but I don’t.

4. Paradise feat. Amerie

This song sounds more like an 80’s funk track than a 21st century rap song. Definitely not one of my favourite tracks on this album!

5. Fa Ha

Who produced this track? He shouldn’t produce rap any more! Wack ass production. Good thing LL’s holding it up.

6. Niggy nuts

Wack ass production on this one too. But just like on “Fa Ha”, LL’s holding it up. LL Cool J didn’t fall off – he just can’t find the right producers!

7. Amazin feat. Kandicce Love

A slow kinda jazz like track. I don’t like it at all, but I can imagine it’s nice to listen to sometimes when you just feel like relaxing.

8. Clockin G’z

The production’s getting better with this one, but I still don’t like it. Good thing LL Cool J’s doing a good job with holding up the tracks. If they had a wack rapper on them this album would suck.

9. Lollipop

This song actually’s got cool production. But if you compare this to the others, LL’s not doing his best performance. It’s an average track tho.

10. After school feat. P Diddy

Finally! Tight production! I’m not exactly in P Diddy’s fan club, but his verse here is ok. The chorus is really catchy and I really like this one!

11. Throw your L’s up

Tight ass beat and very cool chorus. LL’s as usual tight and this track is one of my favourites on this album no doubt. “L! Who bring you the hotness? L! Yo, you don’t wanna stop me! L! Forever keeping it lock’d, it’s now time to rock with: L!!”

12. You should

Realy nice slow jam. I’m feeling the production on this one, and LL’s always been good at doing these slow jams. This album has taken a U-turn and now every track seem to be tight!

13. 10 million stars

Wow! Tight as *****! LL’s dropping TIGHT lyrics and the production is straight fire! The chorus is really tight too. At the end LL’s going: “L’s worth paper. Ask Def Jam who put em up in that skyscraper. Ask my dogs up in old five, who made a major/ LL playa, now who’s next to need a paper, drop a bomb on em”. In the skit after this track LL’s bragging some about his body, and that’s also the intro for the next track.

14. Mirror mirror

Nice slow jam according to some, but I don’t like it. LL’s not coming out tight on this one, and it’s just overall not all that.

15. Big mama (Unconditional love) feat. Dru Hill

This is a realy neat slow jam with Dru Hill on it. Usually when Dru Hill’s been on rap albums it’s been coming out tight.

The question when I started listening to this album was: Is it true? Did LL Cool J fall off? The answer is no. This album had some wack production, but LL came out tight on most tracks. On the second part of the album, the production shaped up and the album is above average. If there was a 3.25 grade, I’d give it that. Instead, I’ll give it 3 out of 5.