Iron Bridge – Toilet Humour

Iron Bridge - Toilet HumourIron Bridge consisting of Dirty Verbals and Jibbarish come from Essex in the UK. Essex is about 20 miles from the capital and is moulding some great artists, with these two leading the way.

The album begins with an intro, the “Intro” is a very simple yet catchy hook over a simple but again catchy beat made from what sounds like a brass instrument. The scratching also keeps it refreshing and entertaining. After the intro we get one of the first singles “Dance 4 Ya Daddy” The song isn’t really showcasing their lyrical skill but is more an energetic and fun track. Ronnie Compost joins them and makes this hilarious with one of the most quotable punchlines ever to be done in rap history. If I’m right then they also released two other singles. The next one is “They’re Comin 4 Ya ft Essex” which is a posse filled cut with nearly every rapper from Essex. A lot of different people come with different styles so many shine out for one reason or another. The last single is “Get up”. Get up is a solo song by Jibba where he spit venomous battle rap with aggression, with him constantly changing from normal to warp speed.

Looking at the tracklist there isn’t really too many songs which don’t feature someone apart from the solo songs and 3 songs. “Slient Hill” is the annual weed song which appears on half of the hip hop albums. The flute type of sound really suits the topic. “Die Tryin” is Dirty Verbals solo song. Dirty over a really energetic beat does a sort of fun battle rap song. “The shining” Where over a very melodic beat with them speaking about their struggle in the rap game. “The Outro” again over a crazy beat from pager the lads show their raw energy which a lot of people lack these days. Jibb even gives you his signature bullet speed rap for his last verse. “The Howling” is another Jibb solo and once again doesn’t disappoint. Over an incredible creepy beat by Ill-son, Jibb tells a story about a werewolf which is released on humanity.

It’s a shame as that is the only story on the album as that the refreshing and most entertaining story I ever heard since Ghetto Vampire by Chino XL. Apart from that original song idea there are a few more. “International Relations ft Shain Caw” Dirty V looks at other countries in the stereotypical views people have in the UK. I enjoy it even more with the beat by Ill-son and catchy hook by Shain Caw. “We Got Game ft Tekneek, Ennicee and Blokey” Where all four rappers spit about different type of games with a beat which matches i.e. If it is computer games then they rhyme over an electronic beat which suits the topic. “Scientific Cypher” over a very eerie beat, Dirty V and Wizdom speak upon very scientific stuff. “Essex Boyz” by far my favourite song. Joined by Phonetics they spit about the stereotypical images that the rest of the UK has on Essex. To be honest they are mostly true! “Silent Hill On Acid Remix” where most do the typical weed song (which they have on “Silent Hill”) them and Ronnie Compost look at Acid.

As mentioned earlier the album has a lot of track featuring slot but unlike most there is a reason behind this. They wanted to show Essex has skill and tried getting 90% of the Essex hip hop scene which existed then. They also feature the two crews they are part of. On “Ill Mentality” it features the rest of the Ill Psychosis. This is a crew type battle track which is pleasing to the ears. Then the title track of the album “Toilet Humour” which features the Human Vermin and a load more rappers. They do the humour which 90% of Essex people have over a beat sampled from the Oompa Lumpas from Willy Wonka. It isn’t a really a strong track for lyricism but is a funny and a good song.

In all this gets a 5 from me. Only this and return of the drifter from Jehst which gets the full 5 from the UK. All beats are brilliant, they are lyrically gifted and complete artists in the full content.