First Degree The DE – Gang Wars: Sactown Bloods Vs. Sactown Crips

First Degree The DE - Gang Wars: Sactown Bloods Vs. Sactown Crips1. Sacramento Bang(First Degree The DE)
Pretty weird beat here, with chants of “Sacramento Bang”. Good way to start off the album, because it shows the DE fans that he(DE) is still making this weird kind of music. I don’t think I can rate this though.

2. For Crips Only
Short insert.

3. Gang Accctivity(COS & Calico 101)
Dark type beat here filled with gun shot sound effects and the like. This was my first hearing of Calico, and he’s not that bad. A little on the bland side, but he has talent. COS is probably one of the most talented rappers in Sacramento, so of course he comes tight. Good track that will satisfy the gangsta rap fans. Good

4. Big Blue Wreckin Crew(Calico 101, G-Macc, Pup)
Weird beat here, it’s almost a mixture of dark & soft sounds, but put together very slowly. They all try their best to rap over this beat, and they do a good enough job. This track is pretty much about the Crip lifestyle, and how they have to watch their backs. It’s not really that good, but I appreciate the effort. Average

5. Crip Steppin(COS)
Another weird type beat here. I can’t really describe it at all, but it’s done slowly, and with some highpitched synth sounds. COS tries a weird rap style here, and it fits the beat. Good enough. Good

6. Heart Pump Blue(T-Nutty, Devious, 8Ball)
T-Nutty is one of the most overlooked rappers in the game today. It doesn’t matter if it’s the North, South, East, or West, he still needs to get his props. This beat is like a weird mixture of mid 90’s Westcoast rap & techno music, needless to say, it works. Different voice effects for each rapper, and of course T-Nutty outshines them all. Good

7. OG Gang Banger(Pup)
Heavy hitting piano type beat here mixed with eerie sounds. Pup’s a pretty good rapper, I’ve never heard of the guy, but he’s a pretty good rapper. He flows over this beat really well as he raps about your typical killing type lyrics. Good track. Good

8. Blood Walk
Short insert

9. Gangstas In Red & Black(Yac, Bad Biz)
Now we get to the Blood side of things. What a strange beat, I can’t even begin to describe it. Some good rapping, but it’s hard to vibe to a track when the beat is so odd. Look, I’m into weird beats, I own Quasimoto’s “The Unseen” and Prince Paul’s “Psychoanalysis”, but this beat on this Gang cd is just sloppy weird. Sometimes the less abstract, the better. Wack

10. Blood Jack(BeGee)
BeGee has always been an underrated Sac Town rapper, but it’s another case of beats that just don’t fit. This is some weird eerie cheap type sounding beat, that messes up any chance of BeGee shining. This was horrible. Wack

11. The Anthem(AK, Waco TX, Skizzo Mac Hour)
Good Latin type beat here. This is much better than the last track. Every rapper gets to showcase his skill, and come off looking like a million bucks. Good

12. My Home(AK)
Eerie piano type beat here, really slow stuff. AK raps about being a gangsta and all that jazz. He does a good job, but you sort of get tired of hearing the same subject matter on EVERY TRACK. Good enough. Good

13. Me & My Bloosinz(Killa Irv, Thee, BeGee)
Again, we have weird sound effects to mess up the track. This time it’s an annoying echo that appears every so often to ruin whatever vibe this track had going for it. This was terrible. Wack

14. Sactown Gang Bang(First Degree The DE)
DE fans will dig this track. DE sings, and shout’s out the people who helped make this record. I think only DE should be able to get away with being on these type of weird tracks, because his style fits it perfectly. Great way to end the album. Good

All in all I’m going to give this a Good rating. This was like those “Bloods vs Crips” albums, but with more abstract beats. DE was trying to educate people with this album, and I think he did just that. Cop it if you’re a fan of Sac Town rap.