Sabac Red – Sabacolypse: A Change Gon’ Come

Sabac Red - Sabacolypse: A Change Gon' ComeSabac is highly underrated. Most people beleive he is going to be a horrorcore rapper due to the fact he is signed underneath the Psycho+Logical Records. The Production is done by Necro one of the greatest producers i heard in a long long while. Necro himself is a horrorcore rapper and to fit that he makes the most dark and eeries beats ever.


1. Intro

Some sampled stuff from a movie I think. Just an intro

2. Organize (4/5)

This is good. A dark looped beat to begin this album. I like this. Sabac flows well to the beat.Nice quite addictive hook. Sabac spits his revolutionary/political stuff.

3. Sabacolypse (4/5)

This is good. The Bass is the main attraction which has a nice flow to it and is fitted nicely with the drums. As the hook is hit, a good piano loop is played. The song is a pretty mellow yet gritty feel. Sabac flows nicely to the track. The lyrics are harder hitting IMO on this then the last one.

4. Positive & Negative Ft. Necro (5/5)

This is dope. The concept is the main attraction ver really dark and eerie beat maybe both show views of the earth. Sabac is the more optimistic and positive side and Necro is the negative. Necro drops a really good verse then sabac delivers a good verse. Then Necro drops a really dope verse with lines such as “your not blowing up rap none of us are/ Unless you mean with a bomb under your car” and “***** God he better respect me!” then sabac drops and alright verse.Necro really outshines him on this. They flow well but Necro flows better. No hook just scrating in the middle.

5. Revelation 1. N/A

A skit! It’s been spoken by one of the black panther party members.

6. Protest Music (3.5/5)

This is really energetic beat created by the uptempo and fast piano loop, I’m even more impressed with Sabac being able to flow really well with the beat. he spits his standard level of dopeness. The hook takes the score down it’s really quite annoying and boring even with gunshots.

7. Bac’s Anthem (3.5/5)

This is one of those songs where you question if this a song or a interlude. A energetic track created with the brass instruments. The lyrics are simple and more of a hook tpye of thing. If this was played in a live show i cna see people really getting into this track. “***** the police” is really the song

8. Fight Until The End (5/5)

The piano part is dope as *****. Its fitted nicely over drum and bass amd ocasionaly a violin type of thing which has a weeping sound. Sabac serves up a really good verse but then Immortal Techinique outshines him with his verse easily. Then Sabac finhes the rapping with a good verse. The hook is delivered by a rasta type of guy or Roosevelt Phillip. Many have said this doesnt really fit the type of song but i like it. The lyrics are about how the colour community get unfairly treated by the police. Alright it may not be the most original concept but they do really good.

9. Revelation 2 N/A

Skit Part two really.

10. The Scientist (AIDS) (4/5)

I know I can quote people to be one of the best song on the album. It’s good but not the best. Sabac takes the position of the scientist creating and planning of spreading the disease. The beat has some keys of some sort of keys trinkling around and then in the hook/chorus a guitar type of thing gives it a more eerie beat. it’s really educational.

11. P.O.W. (5/5)

The beat reminds me of some wrestling theme tune when I use to watch it. I can’t really describe it but its good. All of them lay really good lines. Mr Hyde is especially eye opening one good verse from him.They all flow really well.

12. Vinyl 

Just a good acapella shit from Sabac can’t rate this coz its got no beat and too short.

13. Unsolved mysteries (3/5)

I dont really like this beat. Not the best beat. It’s about unsolved mysteries .Typical Sabac stuff. Flows nicely. The hook is alright.

14. Revelations 3

Skit part 3

15. A Change is Gon Come (3.5/5)

The beat is alright. it’s not my fave type of stuff. Made from a vibrating bass and some type of electric organ (I think due to the fact one thing as thrown me off able to detect what is what.) The man singing pisses me off the most. Lyricially this is good and flow real nice.

16. Urban Gorillas (5/5) < br>
Holy shit this is dope!. The song is about war but these guys do it good. Vinnie Paz delivers a really good verse. Really good steals the show easily, Showing how ruthless yet he has morals. One of his best. He flows nice. Sabac delivers a really good verse and again flows nice. Q-Unique drops a verse which i can seen why people can argue Q who steals this one. The hook is real nice.

17. Speak Miltant (4/5)

This has a good Necro Feel. Quite Black Helicopters Feel. It’s got a weird yet nice beat. Sabac still continues with his revoultionary stuff flows nice. not much to say but real nice.

18. Freedom Freestyle (N/a)

Some skit type of thing with a jazz feel.

19. I Have A Dream (5/5) 

This is dope. Sabac shows us a positive and optimistic feel with describing it as a dream. He talks about freedom,equality,chatting to dead famous revoloutionists etc etc. Gives it real positive feel. The beat is dope. The piano is what really does it for me. Beautifully played. The women doing the chorus fits perfectly. Sabac flows well and so does the other rapper.

20. A Change Is Gon’ Come (Militant Metal remix) (4/5)

A remix of the title song. I like this better but that blokes still on it.


In all this album gets a 4/5
This is a great album. Even tho he doesnt really spread topic matter out It’s new from that mainstream shit. He just trys to be revolutionary and brings something new. Sabac does get outshine by his guest more than he outshines them. Sabac can be boring but listen to him in moderation
Buy this album and buy whatever comes out of Pyschological records / Uncle Howies Records. They are the best company out for a LONG time. But if you want a more out spreadout political/revolutionary album i suggest revolutionary 2 from the ill and dope Immortal Technique with one of the most sickiest songs i’ve ever heard (trust This is me)