Richie Rich – Grabs, Snatches, & Takes

Richie Rich - Grabs, Snatches, & Takes1. Don’t Curl Up(Richie Rich Feat San Quinn)

Great opening track here, nice beat, it’s not the greatest but it gets the job done. San Quinn starts it off and I don’t see what’s so great about him, sure he has lyrics and a decent flow but what else? He bores me actually, he has no charisma. Richie Rich with the second verse and third verse and they are decent. Good enough. Good

2. So Cold(Richie Rich Feat Yukmouth, Mac Dre(RIP), & PSD)

Beat is terrible, they could’ve used a better beat for this. Everyone carries their load and it turns out to be a decent track because of that, but man that beat is sloppy. Good(Because of everyone’s efforts)

3. Gangster’s Talkin'(The Team)

Track is boring and has a very annoying beat. Wack

4. I Gotcha(Frontline Feat Balance)

This is like a West Coast Rocafella track, the reason to listen to the Bay is to get away from stuff like this. I want the old Bay back, the Bay where Celly Cel was ripping up tracks and making classic albums, not this “I’m so hot you can call me..” type garbage. Wack

5. D-Boy(J. Stalin)

I have no clue who J. Stalin is but he’s not that bad, nice beat as well. Good track. Good

6. Player Lady(J. Stalin)

What is up with the track name? EA SKI!!!!! produces the beat and it’s dope!!!!!! All J. Stalin has to do is sound decent and he does. Good track! Good

7. Condo Keyz(Richie Rich Feat C-Bo)

Nice track, the beat has a dark feel to it but has that Bay feel to it as well. Richie Rich starts it off and this is a beat that fits his voice, not this bouncy spasmatic crap but the slow dark beats. C-Bo with a good verse. Richie Rich with another good verse. Good

8. When Them Boyz Come(Replacement Killers)

What is with the starting with the snoring? I like the beat and the R. Killers are pretty dope. Good

9. Pop My Collar(J. Stalin)

Way too much J. Stalin on this compilation, 3 solo tracks is over saturation for a guy I’ve never heard of. Atleast he has EA SKI!!!!! do his beats, and this beat is pretty dope. Good track. Good

10. Nuthouse Freestyle(Richie Rich Feat Keak Da Sneak & Justice)

YEA!!!! This was the track I was looking forward to and it’s dope, they add some voice effects which is dope. Richie Rich with a good verse. Justice rips the track. KEAK DA SNEAK!!!!! owns this track and makes it cook him dinner. Great track. DOPE!

11. 1800(Richie Rich)

Nice way to end the album, I’ve heard better Richie Rich tracks, but this is good. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating, this album was much better than Nixon Pryor Roundtree and for a compilation it’s well done. Cop it if you’re a Richie Rich fan, and you have to listen to Nuthouse Freestyle.

Richie Rich – The Game

Richie Rich - The Game1. Straight Mail(Feat B-Legit)

Nice way to start the album, beat is nice and dark and has that bouncy mob flavor to it. Richie Rich actually shows some enthusiasm in his voice which sounds pretty dope. B-Legit does the same and again it sounds dope, they should rap with enthusiasm more often. Song is what you’d expect it to be, good track. Good

2. Ain’t Gon Do

Wow, this album has gone down in quality already. Annoying piano beat with Richie Rich annoying me with his constant “That’s What I Ain’t Gone Do!” stuff. This is so below concept and is just a horrible track. Wack

3. Playboy

Another awful track. Beat is really annoying and way too forced with annoying “Playboy” vocals by some untalented female. Seasoned Vet? I think not, this track will cause an ear infection. Train Wreck

4. Use Ta Sell

Really sloppy beat, just poor mixing and everything. Awful chorus, this is not the type of beat to go all slow and relaxed on! Richie Rich actually does a good job rapping but everything else is just wack. Wack

5. If

I like the beat, it fits Richie Rich’s flow but the whole content just sucks. I’ve heard all of this stuff before, is this the same guy who made Seasoned Vet? Wow could’ve fooled me. Beat is good…well sort of good not great or anything and everything else sucks. Average(Leaning towards wack)

6. The Truth(Feat Gonzoe)

Good track, now this is a great beat! Chorus is really dated and cliche’d but it’s good enough. Richie Rich actually raps really vicious on here, I’m impressed! Gonzoe comes tight as well. Good track! Good

7. Birds

Richie Rich samples Ice T’s “6 In The Mornin”, it’s not bad but it’s not good. Richie Rich is no Ice T and it shows. Average

8. Game Don’t Stop(Feat Rhythm & Green)

I dig the beat, it’s nice and relaxing. Why are they rapping about killing over this type of beat? Talk about ruining the vibe of the track. Good enough. Good

9. Bringin It Back

Nice track, a nice throw back to the old days. Nice chorus! With some pretty dope singing. Richie Rich raps about the old times. Good

10. Who’s House

I cannot believe how bad this track is, seriously it’s like he’s trying to tank this. The starting is such garbage. Skip this! Train Wreck

11. How Many Licks(Feat Yukmouth)

Really good song, in fact it’s the best track on the album and feature’s Yukmouth. This was obviously done in 1998 because Yuk clearly states the year in his verse. In fact I wish this was a Yuk solo track because he owns it on here. Good track! Good

12. Her Pu**y

Wow what originality in the song title! What a piece of garbage this track is. Such an awful track name and track in general with a beat that sounds like it was done with a Casio. If you like this track then you are not human. Train Wreck

13. Hit Me On The Hip(Feat Rame Royal)

Another awful track, in fact this track is so bad that it’s just…well bad! Chorus is really bad, this track is tiresome. Train Wreck

14. The Game

Very basic beat, very boring. Richie Rich tries but guess what? NO ONE CARES!!!! You have already put this album in the wack category and this track is guess what? WACK! Wack

15. Nothin 2 Lose(Feat Ruffa)

Ruffa’s chorus is really abrasive and for a Richie Rich fan that is not good. In fact this whole track is just off tune. Still don’t care. Wack

16. Tyme-N My Life

Well he goes from killing and slanging dope to being a kid…wow what variety…of course I’m being sarcastic. This track is so phoney and corny that it’s unintentionally hilarious. Awful way to end the album…oh well atleast it wasn’t an outro. Wack


All in all this gets a Wack rating. This was such an awful album! What happened here Richie Rich? Seasoned Vet was such a great album and this album The Game was one big stinky pile of horse feces. This had zero effort and was totally forced. Stay away from this album.

Richie Rich – Nixon Pryor Roundtree

Richie Rich - Nixon Pryor Roundtree1. Wake Up

Good song, it has a nice dark psychadelic type beat with nice funk bass. I’m glad Richie Rich didn’t do an intro, it has some nice voice samples including E-40’s. The chorus is just Richie Rich blurting “Wake Up” over and over. Good

2. How I Ride(Feat Justice)

We go from good to horrible. The beat is really sloppy and could cause seizures when listened to. Richie Rich can’t rap over fast beats, his voice just can’t match with the beat, he’s way too laid back and some rapper named Justice joins him who’s really annoying as he does the chorus. Really terrible. Wack

3. Say B*%*!(Feat Too Short)

Wow it’s my favorite guest Too Short, you know if someone could bring this album even more down it’s Too Short. I cannot stand the chorus as Too Short says “Say BEEEYIITCH” with Richie Rich’s monotone voice after it. Too Short with the usual. Wack

4. What It Do(Feat Replacement Killerz)

Bland track as the beat sounds like it was done on a Casio, Seasoned Veteran this is not. Replacement Killerz are annoying and really bland. Richie Rich raps unmotivated. Wack

5. Smoke N F**!

These track names are really horrible. All Richie Rich wants to do is “smoke n *****”….yea it’s that bad. With a beat so boring that it could put an insomniac asleep. You know if I was Richie Rich I’d be more worried about putting out a good album and making money instead of “smoking and *****ing”. Train Wreck

6. NPR(Feat DeeDee)

Richie Rich says he’s three faced(Huh?) in the beginning. The chorus amuses me for some reason but the beat is pretty basic. Richie Rich isn’t even trying on this song. Oh man this album is so bad and it’s only the 6th track. Wack track. Wack

7. Scrapers(Feat Stalin)

Decent track, the beat is all over the place but it isn’t bad. Richie Rich raps about riding in his car and all that bland and boring stuff I could care less about. Stalin is basic and sloppy, he tries though so I’ll give him points for effort unlike Richie Rich who could care less. Average

8. Betta Luv Ya B*%*!(Feat The Replacement Killerz)

Horrible track with an even worse track title. These edited curse words in the beginning annoy me. I can’t believe Richie Rich even made a track like this and the Killerz are horrible. Train Wreck

9. No Degreez(Feat PSD)

Beat is really goofy sounding and basic. Richie Rich starts it off dissing someone who he doesn’t say, funny thing is that the one who he is dissing has made a better album than this tripe. Wack

10. Thru With It

A track title that states my mindset about this album, but I have about 3 more after this. It’s the same topic that Richie Rich has been talking about and that’s “sex” is he trying to be Too Short junior? Wack track that has no redeeming qualities. Wack

11. Pretty B*%*!*s(My Anthem)

If this is his anthem then we are in big trouble, horrible track with a bastardized Carribean type track that sounds like it was rejected by the creators of the “Little Mermaid”. Wack

12. Still My N*%!@(Feat Harm)

Annoying chorus, man this is such a horrible track, I don’t even have words for this…well I do and they are none too good. Take a basic beat with a basic topic and mix it with an unmotivated Richie Rich and you have this track. Wack

13. NY 2 Da O(Feat Wayno)

This is suppose to test Richie Rich’s versatility I think but it doesn’t really work. Average track with Wayno giving an ok verse, actually Richie Rich doesn’t do too bad, if he rapped with this fire then he’d have a decent album, he picks the last track to get motivated, sounds like the same old Richie Rich, nothing ground breaking with an average beat but I’ll boost it since Richie Rich actually tries. Good


All in all a Wack rating. This is the worst album I have ever heard with tracks so bad that I cannot believe Richie Rich even put this out, the tracks didn’t even have humor quality, they were just boring and so horrendously cliche’d that you had to skip the tracks. Avoid this album like the plague.

Richie Rich – Seasoned Veteran

Richie Rich - Seasoned Veteran1. Intro(Skit) 

Just the intro.

2. Funk

Nice way to start off the album. Nice beat done by Richie Rich. This isn’t a groundbreaking song or anything but it’s good. Good

3. It’s On(Feat E-40) 

Now this what I’m talking about, very dope song. Nice to see E-40 and Rich collaborate. The beat was done by DJ Daryl and it’s pretty tight. DOPE!

4. Let’s Ride

I like the beginning alot with the singing and when the beat kicks in. Ali Malik produced a banging beat. DOPE!

5. 30 Minutes(Skit)

Just a skit.

6. Real Pimp

Funny beginning as Richie Rich breaks down what a real pimp is and what a fake one is. DJ Daryl produced a nice relaxing beat. Richie Rich just rides the beat all the way through talking about being a pimp. DOPE!

7. Guess Who’s Back

Lev Berlak produced a pretty good beat, but something’s missing. All in all a good song. Good

8. Fresh Out 

Pretty tight beat, they sample “For The Love Of Money” and it works pretty well. Richie Rich raps about just getting out of jail. Good

9. Niggas Done Changed(Feat 2 Pac)

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!! I love the beat by Ric Roc and Rich and Pac work well together on this track. Bay Area classic in my opinion. DOPE!

10. Pillow(Feat DeWayne Wiggins & Rame Royal)

Very very smooth track. Nice track to just kick back and relax to. Good

11. Check Em

Good beat by DJ Daryl, Richie Rich raps about checking people who play him. Good

12. Real Sh*t

Lev Berlak produces a banging beat and Richie Rich comes tight. Good

13. Questions(Feat Luniz)

My favorite track on the album. Luniz & Rich work well together and this shows it. Yukmouth just tears this track to pieces but Rich and Knum rip it as well. Man this is a perfect track. DOPE!

14. It’s Not About You 

Average track. Average

15. Do G’s Get To Go To Heaven

This is dedicated to 2 Pac and it’s done very well. I love the beat and Richie Rich comes with some dope emotional lyrics. Classic track right here. DOPE!

16. Touch Myself(Remix)(Feat T-Boz)

Pretty tight track, but I could do without Jermaine Dupri talking on the track. Good

All in all I’ll give this album a Good rating. Buy this if you’re a fan of the bay or just a fan of rap in general. This has good beats, lyrics, and guests.