Ras Kass – Rasassination

Ras Kass - RasassinationThis was Ras Kass´s second album. He dropped his critically acclaimed album “Soul On Ice” in 95. Lets see if this album lived up to the expectations.


1. Endtro (Intro)

2. Rasassination 

Ras is getting a good start with “Rasassination”. It’s a dope beat and Ras is dropping tight lyrics all over it. The hook is good too.

3. Ghetto fabulous feat Dr Dre & Mack 10 

I just love this beat. Not to mention the tight performance by Dre, Mack 10 and Rass kass. I wonder how a group with these three rappers would be like. Anyway, back on track to the track. Like I said, the beat is tight and I love the hook since it’s catchy. This is not only the best track on the album, it was also the first single of it. I don’t know why Ras didn’t blow up with this single.

4. LapDance feat R.C.

What the hell is this? Don’t tell me that Ras is trying to make a club song. If that’s the case then this is the worst club song ever. Nothing is good on this track.

5. (Skit)

6. Conceited bastard 

Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with Ras Kass’s ear – this beat is wack and boring. Since the beat is so wack you hardly get to the hook. That’s to bad since the hook is good. Wack track!

7. Ice age feat Kurupt & El Drex

“Ice age” has got another wack and boring beat. It’s to bad since Ras, Kurupt and El Drez are dropping dope lyrics. The hook is nothing special either.

8. (Skit)

9. H2oproof feat Saafir

Just as I started to lose hope, Ras Kass finally gets a tight beat. He don’t waste any time; he is spitting dope lyrics with frustration and a whole lot of energy. Ras even got a hip-hop quotable in “The Source Mag” for one of his verses. Tight track!

10. It is what it is feat Jazze Pha

The beginning of this track is funny. Then the laid-back beat kicks in and you get the feeling that it’s a serious track. The hook is RnB inspired and is very catchy. It’s a good track that could have been a good single.

11. Interview with a vampire feat God and Satan

This is a track that got a hard dope beat with matching lyrics. It’s a good concept by Ras Kass and it’s a very interesting track. He really pulled of a tight and original track with this one.

12. Wild pitch feat Xzibit, Jah Skillz & Phil Da Agony 

The beat on this track is not good but it’s not bad either. That doesn’t seem to matter tho since the rappers on the track are dropping tight lyrics over it. The hook is definitely good but it’s still an average track.

13. OohWee!

In the beginning of the track Ras is saying that he “doesn’t give a ***** about a beat” (like Snoop said In Doggfather). I believe Ras tho since this beat is wack. It’s to bad since his flow is on point and of course his lyrics are tight. The hook is very catchy too. If this track had a better beat it could have been a single.

14. All or nuthin´ feat Twista 

Twista start this track with an awesome verse. He is not the only one impressing me; Ras is really dropping tight lyrics too. Twista and Ras Kass are very good together and it’s definitely showing on this track. It don’t hurt that the beat is dope and the hook is good, too.

15. Grindin feat Bad Azz

It’s hard to describe this track. The beat and hook make it sound like a party track, but Ras complex rhyme style is making it sound like a battle track. Still it’s a good track, I just don’t get what crowd it’s aimed at.

16. I Ain’t *****ing with you 

Once again Ras gets a boring beat that is kinda laid back. I cant listen to this track for more then one minute. The hook is simple and boring and Ras is saying a few unnecessary racist comments too.

17. Get at me 

This track is better. It’s got a good, laid back beat that fits Rass Kass. The hook is very nicely done by a female singer and Ras is spitting good game.

18. The end feat Rza

Rza is starting the track off with an impressive verse over the good, laid back, beat. Ras is also dropping tight lyrics and it’s a good track, but it feels like it’s too late to save the album.


I must say that I’m very disappointed. Ras tried to go mainstream but failed. Most of the beats on this album are wack. The lyrics are tight but sometimes they don’t fit in with the theme of the track. I would only recommend this album to the true Ras Kass fans or maybe people who just care for the lyrics. I give it 3/5