Thug Law – Thug Life Outlawz: Chapter 1

Thug Law - Thug Life Outlawz: Chapter 1Thug Law: Thug Life Outlawz: Chapter 1 (VA)
Label: D-3 Entertainment
(October 23, 2001)

1. What
2. Shit Iz Real
3. Satellite Niggaz
4. ***** That
5. Don’t Make Me
6. Pay Day/Pay Day (Interlude)
7. No Time
8. South Bound
9. Who You Trust
10. I Am the Street
11. Do That
12. I Need A/I’m A (Interlude)
13. Hood Nigga
14. Casualtiez of War
15. Angelz Cried
16. Thug Cycosis/Real Table (Interlude)

Firstly don’t be fooled by the THUG LAW logo stuck on the front of the case- this is mostly Big Syke material! Being released under his label and as the head of productions you’d expect Syke to have the ODD appearance on the tracks (almost on every one!) So that makes it a Thug Life/Outlaw on the grounds that Syke is on 95% of the CD!

So, Syke decides to call up a couple of THUG LIFE members, a few Outlawz and a couple of new, young emcees to put together a collabo CD to make “THUG LAWZ.” Sounds good right? It’s debatable. Syke is a tight rapper. Pac’s roaddogg. Seasoned G. Respected man. He also got real banging productions, taking production credentials on several tracks, “What,” “Shit Iz Real,” and “No Time” are prime examples of what Syke is capable of. His appearances are mostly tight. Use of voice filters to make his voice even more ominous than it already is.

The CD begins good.

Stick it in and you’re blasted with “What,” a banger with Tha Outlawz featuring to a snared up beat. Get drunk and crunk to it… “Shit Iz Real” is the following Westcoast hard-hitter. Its real un*****wittable. The bass reverberations from this rattle windows at high volume. “Satellite Niggaz,” a cracking collaboration with Above The Law, some classic stuff you needed to hear and you did. However, past this point on the disc, things change as the rap group Swerv take verses on umpteen other tracks. The atmosphere of alot of the tracks also change to suit Swerv too, the productions end up sounding further South than the before songs. I also felt let down by “Pay Day.” Seeing Mack 10, Syke and Krayzie Bone (Noble Outlaw also joins them) on the same track seemed exciting until I heard it as I’m a fan of Krayzie but he’s relegated to taking the hook! The beat is also quite dull and I personally feel its one of Krayzie’s worst hooks/appearances. “South Bound” is another lame track from Swerv. “Do That” was suffered from too much of Swerv’s input and a horrible hook, although the appearance from Mopreme is a quality verse.

Mentionable tracks are “No Time” for a rapping back and forth between Syke and Tyme and a deep piano track and a nice flow from Sundae. “I Need A” is a tight collabo with Mac Mall, Mopreme and Sundae over a decent beat. “Hood Nigga” is also another good track over another good production. “Casualtiez of War” has the Outlawz over a stomping army-influenced, dramatic beat. I also feel Swerv’s “Angelz Cried” deserves a mention- only on the basis that its a deep remembrance track. “Thug Cycosis” is a complete ride on ’em type track and 100% tight with the original THUG LIFE lineup all on point over a riding beat. Syke closes the CD with an ad-libbed interlude about being a real thug and so forth… its all cool though.

Overall its tracks like “What,” “Satellite Niggaz,” “Casualtiez of War” and “Thug Cycosis” that form the best tracks, as they hold the OG rappers who got down with THUG LIFE connections in some way or another, and because their rappers are also just plain better!


Syke flows over this perfectly, in fact, his part is almost flawless- he was the executive producer after all. However, too many of Syke’s homies ruin the actual THUG LIFE-Outlaw concept. Perhaps bar a few guest appearances to do hooks (its guest appearances almost every track), this would have been much better suited if it stuck with the two original groups. The two interludes between the songs also confused me a little and threw me off the content of the CD as I had no clue about who the woman is! Its no classic by any means, I rate THUG-LAWS an underachieving


Further recommendations:
Big Syke : “Big Syke Daddy”
Thug Law: “Thug Life Outlawz: Chapter 2”

Outlawz – Novakane

51texvRvFrL._SL500_AA280_The Outlawz is the old group of Tupac Shakur. Right after Tupac was killed, Kadafi was also shot and killed a few months after. As if that wasn’t enough, Fatal also left the group. The remaining members are Young Noble, EDI, Kastro and Napoleon. The Outlawz were all over 2pac albums such as Me against the world, All eyez on me, and 7 day theory. They also released an album titled “Still I Rise” with 2pac, and a solo album called Ride wit us or collide wit us.

1. Intro.

2. Rize (feat. Big Syke)
Tight production, tight lyrics and Big Syke goes hard on this one. Definitely one of the better tracks on this album.

3. This Is The Life
This production is pretty wack if I may say so. The verses aren’t all that either. Young Noble’s chorus is pretty damn wack too…Some may call it hard tho.

4. Ghetto Gutta (EDI & Kastro)
Neat production with a lil piano roll. EDI and Kastro rap about 2pac as usual. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s been 6 years…

5. Our Life
Life seem to be very hard for the Outlawz after Pac and Yak died. And they make sure they say it. This track has tight production and is a nice, kinda slow jam.

6. Ya’ll Can’t Do
Simple production. Ya’ll can’t do it like the Lawz do it. That’s the message. Nice lyrics. 2pac and Yak is brought up in this track too, but then again it’s about what the Outlawz has done in the past.

7. Interlude 1.

8. Red Bull & Vodka
Tight production. Napoleon come out tight as always. I didn’t like this track first time I heard it, but after hearing it a few times I’d say it’s tight. It’ll definately make ya bang your head.

9. 2nd Hand Smoke
Slow jam. Nice guitar string.

10. Interlude 2.

11. Boxspring Boogie
Original and tight production on this track. This is pretty much a Young Noble solo track and he’s doing it well.

12. History
You gotta know where you’re from to know where you’re going. Simple production. I’d say it’s pretty neat tho. Not one of my favourite tracks on this album. And like most other tracks on this album, 2pac is brought up.

13. So many stories (feat. Hellraza)
Simple production. To simple. I do’t like it. Napoleon holds it down as usual tho. Some of you might like this slow jam, others will not like it.

14. World Wide Remix (feat. 2pac & T-Low)
Tight ass track. Tight production, tight verses by the lawz and by 2pac. Nice hook. Only thing that irritates me is that the handclaps realy don’t sound real. It’s still a banger tho!

15. Die if you wanna
This is pretty much a Napoleon solo track. And since he’s a very good rapper this is a very good track. Southern kinda beat drum.

16. Interlude 3.

17. Loyalty (feat. Ed Bone & Kamikaze)
Some say this is a diss to Fatal. It’s a tight track with good production and tight lyrics.

Overall this album is tight. If you’re an Outlawz fan you will definitely like it. The production could be better, but then again you can’t expect the top producers to appear on an album from an indie label. The Outlawz represent Pac and Yak A LOT. If you like that, you’ll LOVE this album. If you, like me, think it’s a lil to much, it may irritate you. It’s been 6 years and it’s time to let go atleast a lil bit. 2pac is mentioned in almost every track and Yak in most too. I understand that they’re representing their fallen soildierz tho. This is a tight album to be from an independent label and I give it a 3/5.