Necro – The Murder Murder Kill Kill Double EP – 7.6/10

Necro - The Murder Murder Kill Kill Double EPHard to admit sometimes but rap fans often are a conservative bunch. For all the ranting and raving against commercialized hip-hop, they don’t want an artist to rock the boat too hard and there are limits to how hardcore things should get. That pretty much sums up why Necro is condemned to cult status, which in the natural order of things goes with the territory when your whole steez is built around exploitation. But to pigeonhole Ron Braunstein as a one trick pony doesn’t do the man and his undeniable talent, both in the booth and behind the boards, justice. The initiated already know that the self-proclaimed Sexorcist is part of a lineage of rugged East Coast emcees like Kool G Rap, Tragedy Khadafi, Akinyele and Mobb Deep.

Enter the Murder Murder Kill Kill Double EP, somewhat of a stop-gap release and at the same time a defiant fuck you to all the critics that have labeled him one-dimensional his entire career. First thing you notice is the amazing album artwork, a nod to seventies horror flicks with a zombie like creature rocking a necklace made out of human heads, holding a bloody butcher knife in one hand and another decapitated head in the other.

The actual album is made up out of five sides: Thug Shit, Death Rap, Jewish Gangsters, Tabloid/Comedy/Random and The Sexorcist. Necro murder murder kill kills the 15 songs contained within, no matter what the subject matter is. The double EP offers a couple of sneak previews of upcoming collaborations. First with the legendary Kool G Rap, ‘The System’, and then Mr. Hyde, the track ‘GORE!’ which builds anticipation for their Gruesome Twosome project as they trade sadistic verses on the cut.

The production is vintage Necro, gritty basslines and eerie piano loops pop up throughout the proceedings. On the Jewish Gangsters side, perhaps the best part of the album, he revisits the Black Helicopters sound with great success. The only downside is that these songs, like most of the tracks on the album are too damn short considering how dope they are. ‘Tough Jew’ and ‘Rabbi Holding Guns’ are both one verse and that’s it. Even the aforementioned ‘The System’ doesn’t go beyond two verses. It makes you hope these songs won’t be abandoned and will appear in a more fully developed form on future Psycho+logical Records releases.

At the end of the day this double EP fulfills it’s purpose as it keeps the momentum from the outstanding DIE! album going while it serves as an appetizer for great things to come. In that regard in seems kind of unfair to fault the album for being a bit slight on songs, verses and polish. It also illustrates that after all these years Necro hasn’t run out of steam and has enough ideas in his warped mind for more than a few new full length LP’s down the line. This record could already have been that next great album. The concept was in place along with the beats and rhymes but because of it’s short length it ends up being one hell of a preview. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long for that G Rap & Necro Godfathers collabo.

Recommended: The System, GORE!, Tough Jew, For The Streets, Sharon’s Fetus


Necro – Death Rap

Necro - Death RapRonny Braunstein has come a long way since launching his own label late last millenium and releasing his debut album I Need Drugs on it. The lo-fi recording was a highly promising debut which garnered him a dedicated fanbase from jump and since then that promise seems to have come to fruition. From 2004 till 2005 Mr. Braunstein even went Master P on us by dropping solo albums by Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde, Goretex, Sabac and two of his own for good measure, his personal masterpiece The Pre-Fix for Death and the sleazy ode to pornography that was The Sexorcist.

Now Death Rap is upon us, Necro’s first album in over two years and the first Psycho+Logical release to be distributed by Koch records and Abstract records. In a lot of ways this is the most professional looking album in Necro’s catalog yet. Apart from the Death Metalesque artwork the album booklet also features all the lyrics to the songs, the credits and a seemingly endless barrage of thank you’s (by Necro’s standards anyway). Where the general tone used to be buy P+L product or DIE ! Necro now chooses to express both his gratitude for all the years of support and the love he has for all his fans. It’s a minor observation but it indicates the Sexorcist’s ambition to rise above his current cult status and attempt to reach out to a bigger audience, in that regard even Necro’s posing for the picture in the booklet seems deliberate. It’s just too bad that the actual album doesn’t share the same characeristics.

First things first : Death Rap is a very solid record, period.
The best songs on the record all share a common eighties horror movie feel thanks to the eerie ominous keys and/or effective sampling, two things which have become Necro trademarks over the years. It helps Death Rap get off to a very promising start in the form of the Charles Manson storytelling track that is Creepy Crawl and also lifts tracks likeKeep On Driving (which succesfully samples the movie Daddy’s Deadly Darling), Exploitation (featuring a barnburning verse by Mr. Hyde that manages to instantly create anticipation for his next solo release), the Ill Bill assisted As Deadly As Can Be and closing track Portrait of a Death Rapper above the rest and will guarantee themselves a place on any Necro fan’s ipod.

Also evident throughout Death Rap is Necro’s growth as an emcee. His flow has become more self-assured, especially compared to the I Need Drugs days, he has become a master of cadance and multi-syllabic rhyming and in a lot of ways the album is a showcase for those qualities. The only problem is that sometimes this also causes him to fall head first into abstract backpacker territory (‘artistically, sadictically, statistically, realistically, pistol whip thee’ on the hardcore influenced Suffocated To Death By God’s Shadow or ‘sanguinary, biochemistry, chemotherapy, chemical treatment, criminal cemetary, symmatry’ from the aformentioned Exploitation). His mastery of flow also dominates the hardcore track Suffocated where he keeps pace with the breakneck rhythm laid down by Mike Smith and Steve DiGiorgio. As a showing of his skills as an emcee it’s very impressive but on it’s own the track doesn’t really work and ends up being less than the sum of it’s parts, with such a star studded supporting cast you’d expect more, the musicianship is there and Necro pulls it all together on the third verse but the first two verses come of as a course in emceeing 101. The Harley Flanagan collaboration Belligerent Gangsters doesn’t fare any better as Flanagan delivers an underwhelming performance on the hook. Which leads to one of Death Rap’s biggest problems : the overall lack of decent choruses. There are virtually no hooks worth mentioning, which in itsself wouldn’t be too much of an issue if it weren’t for the fact that very few of the songs contain more than two verses or come close to the three minute mark. It gives the album somewhat of a glorified mixtape feel, which is enhanced by Necro’s non-stop barrage of freestyle rhyming as there are virtually no storytelling tracks like Dead Body Disposal or songs that come from the artists personal experience such as Reflection of Children Coming Up In The Grave. There are some hooks on the Metal inspired joints but to be honest they tend to fall more into Spinal Tap territory than anything else, especially Evil Rules which leads the images of Dave Ellefson getting stuck in his pod should they ever take this song out on the road.

The short running time of the album, a mere 37 minutes total, along with it’s pseudo-mixtape aesthetic are in stark contrast to the album’s packaging. Maybe a couple of more verses here or there wouldn’t have hurt, neither would some more efficient hooks but as it stands…

Conslusion : Death Rap is sure to please the Necro diehards and will no doubt find it’s place in their record collection. At the same time it’s hard to recommend this album to folks who are new to the Sexorcist’s brand of musical mayhem as they might be better off checking out Gory Days or the Pre-Fix instead. Still if you’re saving up your milkmoney to buy the new Ja Rule record I’d suggest you take a chance on Death Rap regardless, it’s not a bad album at all it just could’ve been so much more.


Necro – The Sexorcist

Necro - The SexorcistSince 1999 Necro has been creating an Underground Cult of Hip-hop fans since his first release “I Need Drugs”. Since then his group ‘Psycho+logical- records‘ signing many good rappers creating different vibes for each record. He now has decided to release something I’ve always liked about him and that is an album filled with Sex tracks.

“Who Ya Daddy” kicks starts the album and its dope from the word Yo. Using a very light bass and a drum loop with light moaning and groaning Necro creates a very simplistic, erotic and mellow beat. Here is where you really see Necro’s versatility when he is creating his masterpieces as this is not really what you expect from someone who creates the most darks beats ever to grace Hip hop. He has really tried to give it that music you find on porno or you find yourself making “love” too although if you played Necro lyrics while doing it she’ll probably put her clothes back on unless she one of many Necro’s crazed female fans you can find on his site. Necro really introduces himself and why he’ll be your daddy with the kinky/dirty things he’ll do. Just before the next song drops you hear one of the creepiest skits to ever be on a song which in all things Necro it is very perverted. The piano the way it’s been record or some atmosphere put on it is quite creepy itself I can’t really explain it. Anyway the beat is very sex track with the piano and light guitars which means Necro has done his research and he even chucked in the awful male singing you seem to get at the hook of these Sex tracks. Necro again saying what he’ll do in the sack although he aims it mainly at the vagina area why the song is called “Pu**y is my weakness” although he kinds of goes of topic. It’s a nice song lyrically and production but the hook lets it down but Necro has done this to create the awful sex track sound.“Wh*re” however has a very simple but effective catchy hook With woman groaning from excitement and it has something familiar to it. The beat is more Necro on this very dark with the up-tempo light piano and all of the arrangement of the beat. I don’t really need to tell you it’s about those women. “Edge play” has a very heavy metalish feel like his other hit “The Pre-fix for Death”. The heavy metalish bass is actually practically the same as the one mention but Necro as the genius he is makes It into something different. This has Ill Bill and Mr Hyde on this and they all come very dope although Ill Bill the most with the little story he spits. The songs about S + m you know the people who like to feel pain during sex and I don’t know if the hook is suppose to be ironic of symbolizing the pain but it’s so bad its like S + M itself. “Suckadelic” is a very up-tempo and has a nice 70’ vibe hinted by the name. With the rapid guitars and xylophone chimes create that vibe and it also reminds me of the music you would find in what you yanks called a mall or in a lift. It just reminds me of lift music! I feel Necro has created this beat due to their being a lot of free loving in the 70’s.

After that flash from the past without the awful haircuts we hear the first skit of many! Each skit has a famous pornstar bigging up Necro in some ways. Lets take Ron Jeremy he decides to write a little poem about Necro while the woman pornstars like Katsumi decide to scream out his name with Excitement while their “thinking” of all the stuff Necro could do to them. He has many appearances from Pornstars: Ron Jeremy, Katsumi, Brittany Andrews, Van Styles are just to name a few give a helping hand.

After a poem from Ron we jump back straight into the action with “B*tches Love To Get F*ucked In The A**”where like Pu**y Is My Weakness he concentrates on one point and that is the booty although again like the other one he kind of goes off topic. The beat again really shows Necro’s artistic side by understanding everything Sex wise. It sounds like something 50 cent would be spilling his corny sex raps to. It actually reminds me of Ski mask way the way it is beautifully composed and the grunting. And for once the hook steals the show on this one. The hook first has Necro singing in a very high pitched queer voice and then with a much more manly mucho voices. This is a obvious p!ss take of people like 50 cent where they’ll be bopping around singing like that on their sex tracks which shows even more of necro’s understanding. Talking about “P!ss” that is the next song title on this album. The song like you can guess is about water sports but yet it is very entertaining! The beat has a very nice mellow feel with a continuous sample of who I think is Marvin Gaye (due to Necro mentioning it at least once) saying P!ss. This is one of my favourites on this album especially due the quite racial slurs he as about the Chinese and so on I find them funny as they’re not to hard.“Out of Pocket” while it has a nice little simplistic piano looped beat the hook again kills the whole song. It has a pornstar with an electro/techno/robot voice singing a terrible hook. Like Senseless Violence this kills the whole song. And unlike most songs there is no logic or irony behind this terrible hook. “She’s got a great A–” again has what I believe is a nice electronic piano loop the hook (if you can call it that) kills this. Someone shouting abuse it seems like its Kid Joe’s replacement. Not even Bill can save this. “I Wanna F**k” is a remake of “I Wanna Rock” so it has a nice rock vibe. Jenny Krenwinkle..ughh is back once again I’m sorry to say although it isn’t that bad as she only seems to be saying one abusive word and hitting more correct notes. “We F**K Virgins” is next up and it is a nice song. Again he has a corny hook but with reasons this time as Antwon comes back for that corny awful male singer. The simplistic beat has outburst of instruments which gives it its entertaining side. Sabac also appears and has a nice little appearance and you can guess what they rap about. “Horny Honeys” has nothing new as it has a nice beat something Goretex would use which is handy as he appears and does well while the hook is awful. “I Remain Stiff”has a nice rugged beat while having groaning as a back drop. The hook rapped by “Manson Wh*re”?? is suppose to be one of those awful Female vs. Male songs which makes it good as it’s bad by purpose which means it ironic. No brownie points for guessing why its called that. “The Sexpert” is a refreshing as it has a nice little simplistic piano beat (again) while having outburst of some sort of horn. The hook supplied by Necro is nice as well is familiar from somewhere. “I Degrade you” again a very straight to the point song you know whats it about by the title. It has a nice organ loop on this and its good to hear it once in a while being used. “Vaginal Secretions” has a nice beat while Necro raps about eating pu**y and a nice way to end the album (excluding the outro).

In all this album gets a 4/5. Necro really understands what makes a sex track and really has done his research to create the sound so that why I would like to entitle him as something I don’t normally title many rappers/producers and that is a Artist! WHY? As well as the experimenting and creating the right sound for them well although most hooks where corny as f**k they suppose to be but not many will get this and put half of the good (ironic good) hooks in the wack pile. Now you are thinking what makes Necro different from other people who spit cringe worthy sex raps and that is Attitude. Unlike most Necro doesn’t grovel for his Pu**y like some. Necro isn’t interested in the women’s pleasure he rather get his and leave. Another Flaw a lot of idiots will complain he is too vulgar. WTF you idiots??? To quote another member on Acknee “What do you expect from Necro’s sex album?? Tiddywinks??”

Recommendation: Buy this album! Necro really has experimented with his beats creating that sex sound and unlike most he still the pants wearer or the rap game.

Necro – I Need Drugs

Necro - I Need DrugsComing from N.Y. A new Rapper/Producer merged in 2000. The album was of the Horrorcore genre. The album was solo produced by one man and was highly different from anything ever heard before. His name was Necro. Producing the most dark and eerie beats you ever likely to hear for his indy company Pyscho+logical- .


1.The Most Sadistic Featuring Ill Bill 

This one features his reallife brother Ill Bill. The beat is good.It’s a bass based track with a few keys in there of some sort. The lyrics are good and are really about people trying to take them on and how ruthless they are. They flow well especially necro. The hook is alright (4/5)

2.Hoe Blow 

A really eerie organ with bass and drum nicely put together.His lyrics are about sex. Yes i know before you start yawning this is new compared to people like cam’ron. Necro can pull this off as he doesn’t care about pleasing the ladies. His sexpet type of stuff. He gets his ***** if they want to give it or not and leaves. This track he slows down his flow to a really calm (for necro) and he sounds like his talking to a women. The hook is catchy and simple. (4/5)

3.I Need Drugs 

This is dope. This is the title track of the song. Using the beat from LL cool J’s I Need Love which in my opinion was bad Necro changes this into a storytelling type of track about a junkie and his addiction and how his moral have lowered due to his addictions. Necro can relate as his uncle (howie) is a crackhead and is on the cover. This shows skill as he can do a storytelling track.Also he makes a dead terrible song into a classic. His flow is like LL’s to add to the mockery. This is humerous stuff in hip-hop on a whole different level. (5/5)

4. Your *****in Head Split 

This is good too. Necro is really good with his basslines and is nicely put together with a guitar i believe. His lyrics are the usual Necro horrorcore sick lyrics, His flow on this is more more energetic and aggresive. The hook is quite catchy (4/5)

5.You’re Dead Feat Ill Bill 

This is dope. This again is featuring the underrated Ill Bill. If you dont think he is then after listenng to this you will. The beat is alright.Hard to explain but ain’t as good as the last havebeen. Really quite simple but works. Necro Verse is good and he flows pretty well. The hook is really simple. Alright so how can a standard verse beat and hook equal a 5. Well its Ill Bill my friend. Ill bills Verse is dope as *****. His Flow to begin with is insanely Crazy! The lyrics too are dope. (5/5)

6.Get On Your Knees 

This is dope. Using a sample of Dionne Warwick.. Like I need drugs he changes an innocent song into something preverted which dont get me wrong that is dope!. The lyrics are he sexpert type of stuff(perverted type) or his pornography.The lyrics are clever. The beat is good aswell.Its a more upbeat then the rest. He flows nice to this one. (5/5)

7. Rugged Shit 

This is great. There is a really dark bass and beat and some piano loop. Also theres a weird trumpet type of thing which is occasionaly played. Real nice but too wutangish and i like necro for his orignality, The lyrics are you guess it, Rugged Shit. His flow works with the beat which is slower than most of his stuff. Quite an addictive Hook (4/5)

8.Im Sick Of You 

This is surpose to be a secret diss towards Slim shady. He starts off by saying “All you ***** ass niggaz SHADY Muther*****ers” then subject matter is visious punches at him towards him being so depressed etc. If this is a diss than this a very sublimbal diss as he doesnt name mr shady once. Diss or not its dope. The beat is a dark yet uptempo beat. (5/5)


This is alright. The beat is standard drums but yet again the strange horn makes his appereance again at the intro and the middle. Then when Necro lays his verse the bass and drums gets faster and more aggrasive if that makes sense. Also Theres a spacey some distorted sound which i dont like that much and in the middle a sample is played and is Al Pacino Scarface. The Lyrics are about *****roaches. He flows nice (3.5/5)

10. ***** you to the Track 

The horn is back. The beat is alright. Also guess what the lyrics are about. He flows nice.Not much except its good (4/5)

11.Burn The Groove To Death 

This is alright. The bass is good like most of Necro songs and the drums are pretty standard.Occasional the spacey thing is one this. The lyrics are goodf like usual. He flows well. Not much excepts it above average. (3.5/5)

12. Underground 

This is dope.Beat wise this is proberly my fave track. The sample feels like a 50’s type of thing. The beat is the most upbeat. The beat is drums and chimes(xylophone if im not wrong) and what i think is violens which are perfectly put together. The lyrics are upto his standards. he goes on for about 5 mins which is pretty impressive. no hook just one long verse which he flows really well.


This beat is well simple and aint him. When Necro starts dropping a verse you think is this necro? He all nice and is talking romantic. he meet a girl and takes her home and when he starts ‘making love’ he turns into the aggressive Necro as she has a STD. This is a nice storytelling song. Again humour in hip hop on another level (4/5)

The last ones are Freestyles. There different types showing different skills. On 14 His showing he capable of doing a long one and even Mr Hyde drops a verse which i like better. !5 A Hilarous a consterversy freestyle about Christmas as he Jewish and mock everything about xmas. Very funny and clever. 16 shows he ability to flow to different tracks but they are off his own ones.


This album gets a 4.5 outta 5. It gets a overall 4 for the album but half a mark for originalitly.

Necro’s beats and lyrics are new and creavtive. One problem is he too offensive and most people will be offended but who gives a *****. Necro has a new personality. But his lyrics can bore you if you not a horrorcore fan. Necro so good im urged to buy anything by him or his company without hearing it.This Cd beat’s are hard to esplain so you’ll have to hear it to apperciate this review

Recommendation : BUY THIS!!!!! This is one of the best albums i heard in a while for hip-hop. If you are not ignorant as ***** then i recommend you try this. All of necro’s CD are tight and would recommend you buying any 3 but i wouldnt really go for Prefix for death as its trys to mix rock and hip hop which its does but theres one really bad song.

Necro – Brutality Part 1

Necro - Brutality Part 11. I’m Your Idol(Necro) 

Really dark beat here by Necro, it’s really good as well. This is one of my favorite Necro songs, it’s not that fruity type of rap, this is really angry rap and I love every minute of it. DOPE!

2. Dopesick(Goretex Feat Necro) 

Necro produces a good beat, it’s hard to describe, it has a slow kick to it. Necro helps on the chorus with Goretex. Goretex just shines on this track, I think he’s one of the most underrated rappers out. Great track! Good

3. Reign In Blood(Ill Bill & Necro) 

DOPE!!!!! This track is really amazing. Hard beat by Necro, it’s just heavy and hits harder than an old school Tyson fight. Ill Bill starts it off with an amazing verse, then Necro gives his best verse EVER!!!! Necro raps about being a killer cyborg that will not die, just an amazing verse. The chorus is great, Ill Bill is severly overlooked. Ill Bill has the third verse then Necro has the 4th verse. Simply amazing, you have to hear this track. DOPE!

4. Street Veteran(Mr. Hyde & Necro) 

Not the best track, good beat by Necro, nice piano beat mixed with horns. Hyde sounds a lot different on this track, he has improved greatly. Decent track. Good(Hyde tried and Necro did a good job)

5. Swordfish(Ill Bill) 

Nice beat by Necro, it has a nice Italian feel to it. Ill Bill rips the track. Great track as Ill Bill raps about conspiracies. Good

6. Anguish & Agression(Necro) 

Nice bouncy sinister piano beat by Necro. Nice Necro voice samples for the chorus. Necro raps about the usual here but does it in a way that it sounds dope. Good

7. The Big Sleep(Goretex) 

Pretty good beat by Necro, I can’t really describe it, you’re going to have to hear the track to get a sense of it. Goretex rips it as usual, some great lines here. Great track. Good

8. White Slavery(Ill Bill & Necro) 

This track is straight evil! Great dark piano beat by Necro. Necro does a great chorus. This track is about kidnapping women and no one finding them. Ill Bill starts it off with a very morbid and disturbing verse, if you listen to weak music then you’ll probably get offended by this verse and track in general. Necro with the second verse with a really good verse. Great track! Good

9. S*****bags(Goretex & Necro) 

DOPE! Great beat by Necro, it’s got an eerie feel to it. Necro does the chorus here and it’s one of the best choruses I have ever heard. Goretex & Necro rap about….well S*****bags and even include Uncle Howie, his girlfriend, fat people, and themselves. You need to hear this track! DOPE!

10. Frank Zito(Necro & Ill Bill) 

Dark beat by Necro, it hits hard. Necro starts it off with a pretty good verse, then Ill Bill has the second verse, Bill rips it and even mentions GG Allin(For you Punk fans out there). Good track! Good

11. Our Life(Necro & Ill Bill) 

A softer track here, great piano beat by Necro. Necro starts it off with a really good verse, then Ill Bill has the next verse and it’s easily the best on the track. Chorus is done by Ill Bill and it’s really good. You need to his this track! DOPE!

12. Morbid S**t(Necro) 

A funky pimp type beat by Necro, good little track as Necro raps about the usual. Good

13. Every Second Someone Dies(Necro) 

Great dark violin type beat by Necro, there’s even a saxophone thrown in there. This is Death Rap at its finest. Necro raps about…well death. Good track. Good

14. Fire(Necro) 

A sex track by Necro, nice bouncy beat. Necro raps about….well sex of course. Nice chorus as some girl sings it. Good stuff. Good

15. Talking S**t(Necro) 

Decent track, not my favorite or anything but it gets the job done. Pretty funny ending as Necro starts laughing really high, hilarious! Good

16. Watch Ya Toes(Necro) 

Really sleazy sounding beat here, this is Roseanne theme song sleazy, like walking downtown Las Vegas at 3 in the morning sleazy. Pretty good track though, I dig the chorus. Good

17. The Big Sleep(Remix)(Goretex) 

Just a remix to the original track, not as good as the original but good enough. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating. The best compilation I have ever heard, there were no bad songs and no average tracks, everything was on point. Psycho Logical remain the best group in Hip Hop. BUY IT!