Lord Finesse – Funky Technician

Lord Finesse - Funky TechnicianAlbum: Funky Technician
Artist: Lord Finesse
Label: Wild Pitch
Year: 1990

The funky technician, Lord Finesse is one of the most underrated rappers ever. A legend of underground rap, Lord Finesse did not get much commercial success. He had a legion of dedicated fans but aside from that, word about him went from person to person. A member of Diggin’ In The Crates [DITC], he managed to change underground rap. He even introduced Big L, the Harlem legend to the rap scene. He achieved great underground status and secured his spot as one of those, unheard of legends.

This album is on point. Finesse comes with sick lines although they don’t really hit the leisurely listener. One has to be on the look out for the lines, which just pop out in the midst of a song. His delivery may be difficult to get into, but it is because of this uniqueness that separates him from other rappers. His funky flow is matched only by the words that come out of his mouth. It’s as though he is simply freestyling through out the entire album.

The guest appearances fit perfectly. Andre the Giant [AG] and Finesse make a deadly combination. According to legend, Andre the Giant was the only man to come close to defeating Finesse in a head to head battle. It’s not hard to see because he comes correct although Finesse tends to dominate the tracks. Chocolate, fits in perfectly with Finesse. Grandpa Finesse does his thing on the introduction and final track. This album is dominated by the “slick brother with a fade and a half-moon” Never does he let the listener down. He says it best himself, “everyone, moving, but eager, to listen” The highlights to this terrific album are “Lesson To Be Taught” “Bad Mutha” “Track the Movement” and “Back to Back Rhyming” But in all of his songs he comes correct, never letting the listener down.

Lord Finesse’s Theme Song

Grandpa Finesse simply introduces the funky technician, the bad mutha, the slick brother with a fade and a half moon and Lord Finesse

Baby, You Nasty

A dope track! Starts off with great lyricism, which sets up the listener for something great in the album. His flow just keeps going and going. His delivery may seem a little high but the listener immediately get used to it. This track is a boastful one. He talks about how great he is in the most creative ways possible “Lord Finesse is the brother that you have to hear I flow smooth like clouds in the atmosphere”

Funky Technician 

The most honest track. The funky technician raps about so many different things on this one track. He is, again, boastful but that just adds to the track. His funkiness is incredible. He is probably one of the funkiest artists around, along with Main Source. “Lord Finesse in effect cause I rhyme hard Look good flow smooth yeah the whole nine yard”

Back To Back Rhyming 

Finesse speeds up his pace on this track. Andre the Giant showcases his skills for the first time. He too, has amazing lyricism. Together, they make a stunning combination. It’s no surprise that this cat came close to Lord Finesse. Lord Finesse still dominates the track though. The production is nice on this but some of the sampling was a bit off.” “Now when it comes to rhymes, I’ll drop a swift one I’m the rap senator, ake about ten of ya”

Here I Come 

The ultimate introduction. He shows all the new rappers that even though he has been around longer; he still hasn’t lost his touch. He drops the truth about himself on this incredible track. He never seems to tire “Lord Finesse is the brother who’s talking And this is somethin funky to pump in your walkman”

Slave To My Soundwave

Finesse is more aggressive on this track. Finesse is extremely different on this track. This is the only time he takes this aggressive stance on the album. The sampling on this song works quite well. “Hear the crowd, and get the stage set You still got time, so put a tape in your tape deck”

I Keep The Crowd Listening

This is no lie. With his incredible flow and unique delivery this is exactly what he does. There is a bit of sampling on this track but it is on point. “Alright, let me kick this fly intro Somethin that’s smooth but quite simple”

Bad Mutha 

He proves his point. He is the bad mutha. Another boastful track. His skills are undeniable. He keeps the track smooth and slow. His diversity is very different from the rest of DITC. He has his way with the mic, there is no denying it. The production is very nice on this album “Turn up the radio, better yet the phonograph And I’ma school the suckers who don’t know the half”

Keep It Flowing 

Andre the Giant is on top form on this track. He and Finesse completely rip apart the track, top to bottom. They completely tear it to shreds. This is one of the greatest tracks on the album. Production is perfect and everything works together. “A man thought he could test me and possess a better skill His man shook his head and his mother said “You’d better chill””

Lesson To Be Taught 

On this track Finesse chooses to educate the youngsters on the things to watch out for in life. This is easily the best track on the album. Finesse drops some major knowledge on this track. The lyrics are timeless. “Here we go, so pay attention to the teacher Here to preach a lesson to reach ya”

Just A Little Something 

Another fast paced song. The funky technician keeps going and going with some great lyricism. The production of the track matches his spectacular lyrics, courtesy of Showbiz “Now I’m the constabulary, great in vocabulary I’m no joke, when up against any adversary”

Strictly For The Ladies

Self-explanatory. This track is strictly for the ladies. He talks about basically how many girls he gets and how they can chill together. This track is basically explaining himself to the ladies “This is strictly for the ladies, no ifs ands or maybes We can chill together but hold on the babies”

Track The Movement 

The perfect ending to a classic album. This track is laid back and mellow. He keeps this track even and drops some of his best lyrics. After a wrap-up such as this, there is no denying his talent. “Finesse, now I’m smooth sensational Educational, here to awaken you”


The production on this album is fabulous. The album was produced by DJ Premier, Diamond D, Showbiz and, of course, Mike Smooth. It can’t possibly go wrong with some of the best producers. The combination of the excellent production with Lord Finesse is tremendous.

This slept on album is one of the finest to come out of the Bronx area. This is a classic underground album. Finesse is unstoppable. There are no weak points to this masterpiece.

Rating: 5/5