Keak Da Sneak – Copium

Keak Da Sneak - Copium1. Intro

Just an intro.

2. T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, & Nikes(Feat E-40)

Rick Rock produces a semi basic beat, nice and bouncy but it doesn’t really reach out and grab you. Keak carries this track as his flow is perfect over this beat. E-40 gives an average appearance. I like the chorus to this, it’s nothing mind blowing but it gets the job done. Good

3. Hi-Volume

Rick Rock produces a really boring beat, this sounds like a club beat but not nearly as catchy. Keak tries but this track is just boring. The chorus is all over the place. Skip it. Wack

4. Know What I’m Talkin Bout

EA Ski produced the beat so you know it’s tight. Keak flows perfectly over this beat. I dig the chorus as well. Great track. Good

5. Rappin My New Twist

EA Ski produced the beat and it’s basic but once the chorus kicks in it gets much better. Keak sounds comfortable over Ski’s beats which is dope because not only do we get to hear dope beats but we can hear dope rappers flowing over them. Good

6. Copium

EA Ski produced the beat(YES!!!) and it’s pretty good, a little wacky but Keak flows over it well and not out of control. Again the beat picks up during the chorus. Good track! Good

7. Hi Speed Specialist

EA Ski again produces the beat, this is my dream album right here ha! The beat is pretty dope, nice and bouncy with a hint of gangsta to it. Some people don’t like Keak’s flow and I say “You’re all idiots!”, Keak has one of the most original flows I have ever heard and is easily the most overlooked rapper in the Bay. Good track. Good

8. Freakalistic(Feat Rankin Scroo)

I was spoiled with the last tracks because this one is horrible. Rick Rock should be ashamed of himself for producing such a wack beat. Keak is wasted talent here. Wack

9. Set Up Shop(Feat Bra Hef, Big Scoot, & Whoday)

DJ Epik produced this beat and it’s pretty good. The Farm Boyz are on this song, oh yea and people who said the Farm Boyz album sucked, need to get their heads examined because that album was ownage. Good

10. What It Do(Feat Dola Ike)

Rick Rock produces a really good beat, this has a Neptunes flavor to it but still maintains that West vibe. Keak flows perfectly on this track. The chorus is a little goofy but still pretty good and it fits the vibe of the song. Dola Ike is dope. Good

11. I Don’t Wanna Go

D-Dre produces a semi sappy beat, it’s ok but this wasn’t needed. Some girl sings the chorus and it’s pretty good actually. Keak’s flow doesn’t fit on these kind of songs. Average track. Average

12. Raw

Good song, now this is the kind of beat Keak should flow over, he even throws a semi diss at 50 Cent. The chorus is really stupid but it actually fits with the song. Good

13. Love Da Kids

Weird sounding beat, it sounds like some videogame, it’s good though. Keak does a good job flowing over this beat. Good

14. Still Can’t Get Enough

I don’t like the beat much but Keak does a good job here as he carries the track and talks about getting his rap career started. Average

15. That Be Me(Feat Bra-Hef & Whoday)

Ea Ski produces a pretty good beat, mixture of South & West here. Everyone comes tight. Good

16. Think You Real

Nice bouncy beat with some Asian flavor to it. Keak flows viciously on this track, very dope stuff. Good

17. To Wicked

Bouncy basic beat, nice way to end the track with Keak flowing dopely over the beat.


All in all this gets a Good rating. Keak worked his ass off here and it shows, he went with the big producers and the final product was a certified slumper. Cop this album!!!!