Kaoz The Assassin – The Assassination Vol 1

Kaoz The Assassin - The Assassination Vol 11. The Assassination

Crazy 8 produced the beat and it’s good, nothing great but it gets the job done. Kaoz is a rapper who has a semi sloppy flow, he can get ahead of himself and he does that a couple of times on this song. Kaoz has some good lyrics here and comes vicious, good track. Good

2. Shittin On Da World

Sean T produces a really good beat here, it has some Hip Hop flavor to it. Kaoz flows very dope over this beat, he seems comfortable here and has some really good lyrics. I like the chorus, it’s simple and works with the song. Nay sayers should peep this song. Good

3. Get Em(Feat Young Droop)

YES! One of my favorite Westcoast rappers is featured on this song. J Doe produced the beat and it’s hard hitting. Kaoz starts it off with a good verse. Chorus is simple but is decent. YOUNG DROOP!!!!!! Has the second verse and rips it! He outshines Kaoz easily. People like Droop’s older flow better but I actually dig his yelling type flow. Kaoz with another verse, pretty good verse. Good

4. Dirty Deed’s

Hollis produced one smooth beat here, possibly his smoothest. Kaoz raps about women and the dirty deed’s they do. Subject matter wise this song is awful but for music? It owns! Good

5. United We Stand(Feat Messy Marv & Hollow Tip)

Eh I don’t care for the beat, I like Sean T’s production but this beat is basic and quite horrible. Kaoz raps first and has a good verse, doesn’t trip over his words which is good. Chorus is pretty good, gets to the point. Messy Marv with a decent verse, sorry but Marv is one of the most overrated rappers in the Bay. Hollow Tip with the best verse, pretty long verse as well. Average

6. Best Coast

Way Deep produced the track and it’s pretty good, it has a nice eerie type feel to it. Kaoz comes tight here. Good

7. Monsta Rappin(Feat Dutch)

Nice beat here, takes “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and tweaks it into a West beat. Kaoz starts it off with a sloppy verse, it’s a good verse but needed better delivery. Chorus is basic. Dutch with a pretty good verse, he most def outshines Kaoz here. Kaoz with the last verse and I take that back, Kaoz owned it here with this verse. Good track. Good

8. Potency(Feat Stone Kold)

Track is boring, beat is basic and Kaoz tries squeaking his voice during lines, very annoying. Stone Kold with a sloppy rapid verse. This track is the sominex. Wack

9. Whoridin

Sean T with a dope beat, has that West flavor to it. Kaoz brings the lyrics to make this a banging track. Good

10. Other Shit

Awkward, it’s not a bad track but the chant type beat that kicks in really doesn’t work, in fact it makes it very annoying. Kaoz is not one to carry a wack beat. Average

11. Un*****witable(Feat Baby Fluff)

Great beat here, it has that gangsta touch to it, very hard hitting and drives home the message, very abrasive but not to the point where it drives the listener away. Kaoz however is really sloppy here, his flow does not match the track. Baby Fluff’s voice is a bit low here, kind of hard to hear but still pretty dope. I’ll call it good. Good

12. I’m Ghetto(Feat T-Nutty)

Sean T produced the track and the beat is pretty tight, it’s upbeat and bouncy. Kaoz with a pretty good first verse. I do not like the chorus, the low voice is annoying. Kaoz with another good verse and then T-NUTTY!!!!!! Raps and outshines Kaoz. I’d like to hear T-Nutty & Droop try to outshine each other over the Dusted And Disgusted beat. Good

13. Y 2 Kaoz

Has a slower beat to it, really slow starting and again Kaoz doesn’t fit over this beat, slow it down just a little bit here. The chorus is annoying. Not a good track. Wack

14. Real Pimpin

Sean T produced the track and there’s 3 different beats going on here, works well though. Kaoz doesn’t have the charisma to pull off tracks like these, it just sounds overbearing to the listener. Average(For the beat)

15. Ride 2 Dis(Feat Myth)

I dig the beat here, it’s bouncy and upbeat and Myth rips the first verse. Chorus is a little odd but still good. Kaoz with a pretty good verse. Myth raps fast and comes off as sloppy but still decent. Good track. Good

16. Block Hittaz(Feat Trifflin, D Lo, & Dubble J)

Cluster*****, I’m lost on this track as they just go right into it without even an introduction. Wack


All in all this gets a Good rating. Good album but it tended to go off beat and not mesh together. Buy it if you’re a Kaoz fan.