Ghostface – The Pretty Toney Album

Ghostface - The Pretty Toney AlbumFormer Wu member Ghostface is back with his forth album, The Pretty Toney Album. After two dope album and the last being very disapointing he has alot on his plate for this record on a new label Def Jam. Since dropping the Killah from his name rumour started being told he had changed his production style too leaving the rza with only one slot.

1. Intro

This is a intro. Its him coming out a studio I think and the parazzi crowded around him asking about this record like the rumours and facts around this record.just a intro

2. Biscuits feat Trife (4.0)

This is dope. Its a great way to start the album. Over a soulful yet quite grimey beat made out of a mixture of a piano loop,bass and another thing, Ghostface spits some dope lyrics about things like the hood, violence and makes some iraq reference giving a quite policitial feel. Also his normal slang filled lyrics. But really Trife takes the light on this one line really. He spits “People ask me why i use the clock/Coz its 2004 I refuse to box” He then goes on to spit about robbing then about violence generally. The only flaw is the hook. It’s quite annoying, sung by Ghostface.Him and Trife flow well and as usual shows his usual unique personalitly.

3.Kunta Fly Shit (3.0)

Like the name this is weird. To tell the truth i never really felt this one. The beat is slow and simple. A Really heavy bass with a drum loop. Its about 1 min long and its sounds like a freestyle or a sit or even a interlude im not sure. He flows really slow and not very well.i skip this one

4.Beat the Clock (4/5)

This is good. A really uptempo,energetic track filled with sirens but is missing bass i think. Theres some sort of idea which i dont get. He says something about beating a clock and trying something new and someone (or ghost) telling him hes cheating and stuff. This beat sounds fimiliar. Solid lyricism and ghosts flows really well.

5.Metal Lungies Ft Sheek + Styles P (4.5/5)

This beat is still yet grimey. This is quite a slow track but works. Dont know much to say about this one. It’s featuring the two of the lox’s members and the topic is around gunplay. Ghosts keeps his solid lyricism. Styles P’s first few bars are weird but recovers. Sheek Ends this off. Not much to say about this except good


This is a skit. Isnt this just snoops doggystyle intro but with ghost

7.Save me dear (4/5)

A 50’s Soul sample based track. While the sample is played over Ghost flows really energetic over this one while the beats make up the rest of the beat really.This a love song really but ghost can pull this off with out being too corny.Solid lyricism.

8.It’s Over (5/5)

This is dope. This is a Nice storytelling story about Ghost being caught cheating by another bird to show more of Ghost’s skill. Solid lyricism. The Beat is real nice. A Dope piano over the nicely timed drum beat. In the middle it changes to another soul sample and changes the beat a bit by leaving out the keyboard. Nicely put together.

9.Keisha’s House Skit

Just one of those being ***** whipped skits by his bird. Some ***** complaining with a even more annoying voices. Ghost spits some stuff but not worth to be counted as a song.

10 Tush Feat Missy(2.0.)

This is clearly the worse song on this good new album. The mainstream really *****ed this song. The beat sucks.But the lyrics which really suck like any sh!tty club song. Missy delivers a alright hook bearable at the best of times. Then if this couldnt get worse Missy drops a verse. Typicial move that ass baby

11.Last Night Skit

ARRRH!!! Another skit.

12.Holla (4.0)

This is nice. A 70’s soul sampled based track feels really mellow and calm.Ghost’s lyricism is about the good old times.Solid lyricism. Undoubtedly, very few emcees have the personality or character to create something like this.

13. Ghostface.(3.0)

This beat reminds me of a superhero or more specific, flash gordon theme tune the way the women sing ‘Ghostface’. The beat is alright the beeping also reminds me of morse code. Ghost doesnt flow well on this one. Ghost’s lyrics are alright. I dont like the way he flows on this.pretty plain

14.Be This Way (4.5/5)

This song is underrated on this album. This is another soul (prob 50 or 60’s) based sampled song with a nice drum beat over it.Ghost’s lyrics are dope as usual. Flow real nice.Very nice

15. The letter Skit!

Wtf is this skit

16. Tooken Back Ft Jackie-o (3.5)

I dont like this as much as the other ones. The topic is relatable, when relationships break down. A alright story telling track. The beat is bad on this and would have been better.They flow well but it’s just plain.

17.Run (5/5)

This is dope. This is easily my fave track and proberly because RZA produced it.The lyrics are dope. A Storytelling track of the artist’s running away from the police. they paint a clear picture of the scenerio.The hook is catchy as well. They both drop dope verses. they flow really well but Ghost comes off better esecially with his energetic and quite paranoid delivery. The beat is made up of drums,violens and bass perfectly put together.

18 Love Ft K.Fox + Musiq (4/5) 

This is nice, very gospel like.The beat is a slow tempo mellow and heartfelt and he flows over it with a slow pased flow. He spits a heartfelt things wjhich he loves (people,family,events)Nice way to finish the album but i wouldnt have picked this one to end it.


Overall this gets a 4/5

This was one of ’04 best albums released but ’04 wasnt a good year for hip-hop. The production is new and risky for Wu fans as this aint the typical wu album. really its got only 2 tracks by RZA and no wu guest appearance. Ghostface shows skill as his adpated to a new type of cd. Tight lyrics like on all of ghostface albums and only one terrible songs. There is too many skits and that is another flaw on this great album. Ghost has more character then a person with multi-personalitly syndrome.Many heartfelt tracks.


Buy this album!! One of the best albums in ’04 You wont like this as much if you a wu member still stuck in the typical way. If you want a Ghost album tho i would pick Surpreme Clientele. Dope production nearly flawless.Ironman was pretty dope aswell i would buy that aswell if you like ghost. Bulletproof Wallets Sucked Bad.